"Your to late" Casey repeated to the General.

The group surrounded Chuck's lifeless body, Ilsa ran to Casey to help steady his weak body. He gave her a half smile when he saw her, she knew he was happy to see her but he just went through hell. Carina steadied his other side which received a weird look from Casey and a look of death from Ilsa. Carina didn't pay attention, she looked at Casey and then to Chuck with a small tear forming in her eye.

"He was a good kid, he seemed...he seemed like a good person to have as a friend" Carina said with a sad voice.

"He was a good friend." Casey whispered just loud enough for the two women to hear. They both looked at him then at each other with pain in their eyes. They knew if Casey said something like that he meant it and Chuck was special to him.

Lazlo circled Chuck's body examining it like a hawk. He didn't know how to react, he circled a few more times before going and whispering something in the General's ear. Whatever it was he said made the General think. She called over to the driver of one of the SUV's and told the men to load Mr. Bartowski's body in the SUV and transport it back to LA where he will be given a proper funeral. The men complied and as they picked up Chuck's body Casey turned away, he couldn't watch, instead he watched the General speak quietly to the driver then sent him on his way.

"How are you doing Sugar Bear?" Ilsa asked while she rubbed his chest to comfort him.

As Casey stood up straight, no longer needing the support of the two women he looked at the team surrounding him waiting for a response.

"I will be doing a lot better once I put a bullet in Bryce Larkin's head like I should have done the first time." He seethed.

Beckman walks up to the Major and hands him a pistol.

"Well let's go do that then...shall we!" She said smiling.

"Abso-fucking-loutly!!" he said with a grunt.

BAKER, California.

Ellie is on pins and needles when she hears the helicopter returning. Devon is next to her on the ground due to a hurt leg he received from one of the guards kicking him. Ellie tries to hop up to see out the window but isn't tall enough.

She sits back down until she hears the sounds of foot steps and the door unlocking and is back on her feet. A guard enters and pulls Devon out of the room saying their fun time is over. Ellie was about to fight him but another guard entered with a rather large gun that changed her mind.

As soon as Devon was out of the room, Bryce entered carrying the unconscious body of Sarah Walker over his shoulder. He was still pissed at her so he just shrugged her body off his shoulder causing her body to land hard on the floor.

"Oh my god Sarah" Ellie cried. "What is wrong with you? You could kill her!" she yelled at Bryce.

"Oh she will die soon, after I torture her for killing Chuck."

"WHAT??" she cried out.

"Sarah wouldn't give Chuck to me and he was about to walk away so she shot and killed him." Bryce explained.

"No...No...no, she wouldn't...she." Ellie was in shock.

"She would and she did Ellie. Sarah Walker is a cold blooded killer that will do anything for the job. Now if you will excuse me I have a beta intersect to steal." Bryce shut the door and locked it.

Ellie looked at Sarah's unconscious body with a million things going on in her mind at once. She wanted to go over and chock her till her heart stopped beating, but instead she huddled back into her corner and cried for her brother.

Bryce walked into a large open room that was set up with computers and severs the whole nine. At the head of the main computer was Special Agent Terry. The man that escorted Bryce in the helicopter.

Agent Terry: I don't see Mr. Bartowski, so I assume we are going to plan B?

Bryce: You are a real freakin genius sometimes, you know that!

Agent Terry: Hey don't get mad at me because your girl shot the dude. Are you sure it wasn't a trick?

Bryce: Yes I'm sure. I saw the blood and wound, I checked his pulse. He was dead, even if we got him to a hospital there would have been no way to save him.

There was silence for a moment while Bryce let out a long sigh.

Agent Terry: Well that sucks, plan B it is! We should be ready to steal the beta intersect by hacking the system in about an hour.

"Good, the sooner the better. I'm sure the NSA will looking for us." Bryce says as he walks away.

Las Vegas, Nevada...80 miles from Baker.

The team was trying to come up with a plan to pull off a full on attack of the compound. Lazlo suggested blowing the whole thing up and letting them all die. Casey grabbed the little punk by the throat and put him in the wall.

"Listen you little shit my partner and Chuck's family are in there and they will be coming out alive! Do you understand that gadget boy?"

Lazlo was gasping for air but was able to manage a yes. Casey dropped him and walked out of the room.

Mai Ling helped Lazlo up then slapped him upside the head.

"For a smart person you are really dumb sometimes!" Carina said.

Beckman: Enough. Mr. Lazlo get on the computer and find me a layout of the compound and the easiest ways in and out of there. Ilsa and Mai Ling, you two are going to extract Agent Walker and the other hostages and take them to a safe location. Carina, Casey and I have a score to settle with Bryce Larkin.

The group shake their head in agreement and decide to leave in an hour. Casey is in his room taking a shower to wash off all the sand and blood from the day's events. The warm water did little to relax his aching muscles or help him forget the losses he suffered. Casey would never admit it to anyone but himself but Chuck and Sarah meant a lot to him, more so than he ever imagined. It hurt that he didn't figure that out till they were both gone. He was determined to get Sarah back as well as Ellie and Devon, not for his sake but for Chuck.

He let a lonely tear run down his face and mix with the running shower water. His body slumped when he felt hands on his shoulders and a body pressing into him. He turned and saw Ilsa and fell into her arms trying to fight back sobs because he thought it showed weakness, but she shushed him and ran a hand down the back of his head and neck, comforting him.

"I am here...I am here Casey. Just let it out."

He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her as tight as he could.

"Mmm there's my Sugar Bear." she said with half a laugh when Casey noticed how hard he was hugging her.

"Why are you here? Why did you accept this mission?" he asked as he ran his hand over her cheek.

"Why do you think you big goof?" she said smiling at him. "I came for you."

Casey couldn't find the words to say, which was ok because Ilsa didn't need to hear them, she pressed her lips to his and hugged him tightly.

"How long do we have?" He finally said.

Ilsa picked her head up to look at his eyes. "A little less than an hour."

"Ok then, no more wasting time!" he said pulling her back into him and kissing her passionately. He wanted to be with her, he didn't want to miss out on the chance of being with her again. He no longer wanted to live with regret when it came to his emotions.

Baker, California.

Sarah turned on the floor, she was fighting to become conscious. Her body rolled around until she rolled over her wrist that was still hurting from being held, her eyes snapped open and hand went immediately to her head where Bryce pistol whipped her. She screeched in pain, till the sad reality took over the pain and she began to cry for her actions.

She didn't even know Ellie was in the room hiding in a corner, Ellie watched as Sarah curled up into a ball crying profusely and calling out Chuck's name.

She couldn't help it, Ellie began to cry as well and went over to Sarah and grabbed her shoulder. Sarah didn't even move she just curled into a tighter ball and cried. Ellie clinch Sarah's arm tightly and sobbed.

"Sarah...how could you...why...WHY did you kill my brother!!" yelled the very hurt and grieving sister.

Sarah stopped crying for a moment and listened to the angry Ellie vent her anger towards her. She sat up and looked at Ellie trying her best to compose herself.

"I...I shot him in the chest to fool Bryce. C...Casey and I told him to go put on a vest...and I thought he had it on and I..." She broke down again, Ellie looked enraged. "He told me he couldn't run anymore he wanted to be with you and his friends and me."

"Why would he want to be with a killer like you, you just used him for your government pet project. You never liked him, you just...you just...aaaahhhh god why?"

"Your wrong...I tried to protect him. That's why he was never put in an underground facility and why I stayed assign to him. I feel in love even though I tried so hard not to. I wish...I wish Bryce would have just killed me, I can't live with this pain in my heart." Sarah cried.

Ellie didn't know if she should be mad or sad or… something? Her emotions were everywhere, she found herself holding onto Sarah as they both tried to comfort the other, and when they had calmed a little Ellie asked her to explain everything from the beginning.

Agent Terry: Sir, Mr. Williams is on his way here. He said he didn't want anything else to go wrong and wants the beta intersect downloaded to his brain.

Bryce kicked a chair in anger. "Stupid ass, power hungry politicians! Fine when he gets here just keep him occupied."

Las Vegas, Nevada

Casey and Ilsa entered the Generals room where the rest of the team had congregated. Carina looks them both over seeing their wet hair and glowing expressions, she grunts and continues to act like she is working.

Beckman: Ok listen up people, I have acquired us a semi to take to Baker. The town is a main stopping post for trucks so it won't look suspicious. The container in the back will be outfitted with an armory and computers for Mr. Lazlo. This is going to be quick people, there will be no room for mistakes or failure.

Just as she finishes her cell phone rings. She listens very carefully to what is being said to her and has a somewhat happy expression on her face. When she ends the call she turns back to the team and says "it's time to end this!"

Baker, California

Ellie was in Aw. The things Sarah had told her about her brother and all of the things they had been through. Everything made perfect sense now, Chucks attitude changes, the lying (even though it was for her own good.) Ellie was still angry there was no way she couldn't be, the whole situation was fucked up, and it was eating away at Sarah more than her. The only comfort Ellie found is that Chuck died knowing that Sarah loved him and not everything in his life was a lie or cover.

Bryce watched the two's interactions though the window, he felt sad for all of half a second before continuing on with his assignment. Bryce walked to the end of the hall and opened two double doors and welcomes senator Williams to his humble abode. The senator just grunts and follows Bryce to the computer area where Agent Terry had already hacked into the NSA system and was downloading the Beta version of the intersect without being detected...or so he thought.

Right in the middle of Baker sits the worlds largest thermometer, a couple of feet away from that sat a semi truck with Casey, Ilsa, Carina, Mai ling and General Beckman prepping for the mission. Lazlo sat at the computer and was monitoring Fulcrums hacking, little did fulcrum know that Lazlo and the general had a little surprise waiting for them when the download was complete!

"Sir we are 75 complete." Agent Terry called out to Bryce.

Bryce and Senator Williams went and hovered over Agent Terry watching the last few items download into the system.

Lazlo: General 85.

Beckman: that's good enough move in now. (She ordered the team)

Casey was the first one out of the truck in full gear ready to meet his maker and take a couple of Bastard traitors with him. Sarah and Ellie's ears perked at the sound of yelling and gunfire. Sarah went to look out the window but Ellie assured her it was too high. Sarah didn't listen and jumped up grabbing hold of the bars that covered the window. Ellie looked at her like she was on crack.

"Its Casey...they came for us!" Sarah said excitedly.

"Oh thank god, I hope they don't get hurt." Ellie said sounding worried.

Sarah jumped down from the window and said they needed to stay against the wall and out of the way so they don't get shot on accident when they get here.

Bryce heard the shots and locked the door, he was expecting an attack just not this soon.

"Hurry up Terry!" Bryce yelled.

"97" the agent yelled back.

"I hope you have a good way out of here, because there is a wave of pissed off people coming for us!" Bryce told the senator.

"Bryce, you incompetent piece of shit, if you would have just brought Bartowski in the first time instead of playing all these games, we wouldn't be in this mess." the senator yelled.

"You know what...I am done with this ." Bryce said as he took out his gun and shot the senator in the head.

"Good job...now what?" asked the stunned agent.

Bryce: We watch the intersect information then destroy it, they won't risk the chance of losing all of their data.

"NICE" the agent exclaimed.

They heard the gun fire getting closer, Casey and his team were moving in fast. An explosion was heard at the main entrance and the team split up, Ilsa and Mai ling broke off to find the hostages while the others went after Bryce.

"Sir...We are at 100" Agent Terry yelled.

Bryce ran to the computer and told the agent to play the file.

In the semi trailer Lazlo is playing on the computer and loading his special file in place of the intersect file. As soon as they hit enter to play the file, a virus will be launched and destroy all of the information and cause the entire system to crash.

Bryce: Play the fucking file!!

Shots are being fired at the entrance to the room. Agent Terry freaks out and smashes the enter key. Images begin to flash over the screen but after about 4 or 5, the images appear to be faulty

Then after the 8th picture the screen goes blank and the sever and processor burn out.

"NO!! What the fuck...What the hell happened?" Bryce yelled freaking out.

Lazlo was seen in the semi laughing at his very well done job.

Bryce was about to pull his hair out when the door was kicked in by a very pissed of Casey. Bryce started unloading rounds in that direction while Agent Terry ran for the other door. He almost made it but was met by a high kick from Carina.

"Your surrounded Bryce...Surrender now or eat lead." Beckman commanded.

"Fuck you General!" Bryce laughed.

Casey had it. "Fuck this I hate long goodbyes." he drew both weapons and walked out heading straight for Bryce. Shots are fired; both are pulling the trigger as fast as they can. Bryce takes a few hits as well as Casey. Bryce fires his last round and it hits Casey in the leg but Casey stays up and fires his last round hitting Bryce dead in the forehead. The bullet entered through a small hole it created in the front and exited through a larger hole it created in the back.

Casey watched Bryce's body hit the ground.

"I don't think your coming back from that one you fucking prick!"

As he turned he saw Sarah with tears in her eyes as well as Ellie and Devon. Sarah ran to Casey and wrapped her arms around him, he didn't fight it he hugged her back and told her he was glad she was alright. Ilsa joined them followed by Ellie and Devon. The General walked up to Ellie and apologized for everything...Chuck, being held hostage, everything. Ellie just looked at the general and walked over to Sarah and Devon and hugged them both.

"What now? Casey asked.

"Nothing...the alpha and beta intersect have been destroyed. Fulcrum is dead. Its over." The General replied.

"Good! Let's go home, I need a vacation." Casey said as he put his arm around Ilsa.

They were all silent for a moment think about everything that had happened in the past 4 days. No one knew what to say so they sit there a little bit longer till Sarah takes Ellie and Devon by the hand and says "Lets go home."

Starting over.

It has been a few weeks since Chuck's death and the Beta intersect was destroyed. Casey was on a long vacation and Sarah was reassigned to Interrogation. She wasn't in the right state of mind to do undercover work anymore but had enough built up rage and anger to scare the shit out of anyone that was withholding information.

They all attended Chucks funeral and on a regular basis you can find a tall blonde standing by his headstone.

Sarah decided to stay in LA; she liked it there and had found it to hard to leave. After a very long and painful month Sarah found herself crying again. Not because she missed Chuck, but because she was a few weeks late on her period. She made an appointment at the doctors and they confirmed she was 6 weeks pregnant.

She didn't know if she should be happy or sad. She had a part of Chuck growing inside her, something their love for another had created, but she was sad that he would never know any of it.

She went right over o Ellies and told her the news. She shared the same feelings Sarah did. And they sat there thinking about how happy and freaked out chuck would be.

2 weeks later Sarah received a new assignment down in Baja, talking to a possible contact on terrorist information. She didn't want to go but the NSA requested she do it. She called Ellie and told her she would be back in a few weeks because she had to go away on assignment. Ellie understood and told Sarah to call her when she returned.

The next day Sarah was in Baja, the beaches were beautiful and the weather was perfect. She heard it was a nice place for a vacation but she rarely had one of those. She got in a rental car and proceeded to the address given to her. It lead her down a vacant road all the way to the end where a house sat on the beach. She surveyed the area and saw no one. She walked in the house and proceeded to look around for signs of life...no one. She walked into the living room heading for the back porch when she saw it. Her heart cried out when she did. It was the picture of her and Chuck from Halloween sitting on the table in the living room next to the recliner. She looked around and saw DVD's and an Xbox on the floor. She became hysterical. Where was he?? She looked out the back porch and saw a tall skinny man emerge in the water. Her eyes watered as she let out a happy laugh.

She had no control of her body but it knew what to do, she was running to the water yelling his name. He turned and surprised laugh escaped his mouth. Sarah dove into the water and they met each other half way. She swung her arms around him and held him close afraid to let him go.

"How is this possible?" She asked.

He laughed and held her tighter.

"Thank our buddy Lazlo for creating a flesh color vest with blood pouches inside to make it look like you were shot!"

"But your pulse... You didn't have one-"

Chuck puts a finger over her mouth to stop her from speaking.

"Ssshhh, the vest had a chemical that stops your heart till you can be revived, Beckman and them got to me in time and I was revived on my way back to LA. She told me to stay put down here till everything was clear then I could have part of my life back."

"God this is so crazy I still don't understand how I am here holding you."

Chuck smiled his infectious smile and placed his hand on her stomach.

"This is the life I get to have back. You, me and our child."

"How did you know?" Sarah said surprised and happy.

"I still have my ways...Casey and Ilsa say hi by the way, they came last week and were married right here on the beach.. and Casey also retired, something about not wanting to be a robot anymore."

"Casey knew before I did?? The woman you love and the mother of your child!?" Sarah said a little angry.

"Oh shut up and kiss me!" he said laughing.

They embrace for a long overdue kiss and when they break Chucks smile has turned devious. He wraps his arms around her waist and dunks her in the water, she screams and laughs when they resurface. He spins her in the water, happy and laughing, kissing and hugging.

"So…Sarah Walker, do you think you could suffer through spending the rest of your life with me?" He asks with a grin.

Sarah smiled back and kissed him deeply. "I do."

Thanks everyone for reading, I hope you enjoyed the story. Special thanks to Canadian Chucky and Bill at Work and anyone else that I am forgetting at the moment.