Alright! Well here it is! I know that alot of people don't know this pairing but some of my loyal fans who are AMAZING said that they wanted to read it and they would if I put in foot notes. Well I'm putting them at the top! SO READ UP HERE IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU ARE READING ABOUT THIS COUPLE OR A SILENT HILL 4 FIC!!

1. Eileen is Henry's next door neighbor who gets sucked into Walter's dimension. She follows Henry everywhere and it seems like she has a crush on henry. When she was a child she showed Walter kindness by giving him a doll. The adult Walter tries to kill her in the game but the "child" Walter stopped him. He later possesses her in the game.

2. Walter has two different personalities. One is seen as a child who wants to see his mother but other than that is innocent. The second one is the adult who murders people to "wake up" his mother. He believes that the apartment 302 actually is his mother.

3. Henry lives in apartment 302. In the game he suddenly wakes up and his font door is chained shut from the inside and the windows won't break. He is trapped there until the wall opens up and he goes to Walter's dimension.

4. Walter has to do a ritual to wake up his mother by killing people. There are special names for each of his victims and Henry's is the "reciever of wisdom." Walter plans on and tries to kill Henry many times in the game.

5. There are different worlds in silent hill 4. They are the apartment world that is an apartment. The hospital world. The water prison world and the forst world. I think that's it.

6. All of the monsters have were made in Walter's reaction to something. The monster I describe below was made to show how Walter viewed men. Their official name is Gum head. Please enjoy!

The murderer smirked a sadistic smirk as he looked down at Eileen. That poor little pawn. The female looked blankly up from her sitting position on the cold floor. They were in the water prison dimension again. In all truth it wasn't her fault, Walter knew that, but she had to get out of his way. Walter smirked again as she ran his hands through his dirty blond locks as if he was considering something. It had been so simple. All he had to do was possess her and she came right to him. Only this time that whore wouldn't get away. And her precious Henry wouldn't be there to save her. Walter had made sure to send some of his minions to keep the receiver of wisdom busy.

The woman sat there. Her pink stripped shirt stained with dirt and blood. He skin was pale from the blood loss. She had dark bags under her eyes from crying and not sleeping, not to mention the possession. But now she was just a doll. Walter believe it or not had a heart. Eileen was the first person to ever show him kindness, so he would let her stay numb as she died. Still though the kindness wasn't enough to stop the rage from coming up as he swung his foot into the blond lady's face. A grunted breath exited her.

"Stupid whore. You thought that you could steal what was MINE did you?" Walter calmly asked the rhetorical question as he pulled out a knife from his pocket. Walter teasingly ran the knife over her skin before he ruthlessly slid it into her cheek. Once again the broken lady didn't make a sound as the flesh was being cut. The walls seemed to cry out as if they were alive, which in all honesty they were for Eileen's blood. He continued this until the flesh was loosely hanging off her body. She looked like some horrible deformed Halloween decoration only instead of plastic this was real. He smirked as he went down to her arms and gave all of her limbs the exact same treatment.

Walter hated this lady. She had an affection toward his receiver of wisdom. She was trying to steal Mother's gift away from him. But no, that would be her last mistake. His "good" side had intervened last time but not now. That stupid whore would never think about touching what was his again.

She should have known better than to try to come onto HIS Henry. His Henry who mother had chosen. Precious Henry. Walter didn't know how his obsession had started but he soon began to realize that the receiver of wisdom and him weren't that different. Maybe it was when he was chasing after Henry when he began to notice how strong the apartment 302 tenant was when he lifted that lead pipe over his head when he was crushing his minions. Especially those that his mind created to represent men. Those decaying ape like people who walked on all fours and then would jump to attack. How strong and perfect that Henry was. He truly was fitting of the title "receiver of wisdom".

Walter always hated men, but for some reason Henry seemed to be the exception. Henry lived with Mother. Therefore Henry must be good. The murderer liked to think that maybe Henry was a gift from Mother for his undying devotion to her. Henry was perfect. He was slim and courageous. Mother had chosen well for him. It had been seen with the way Mother kept Henry locked up just waiting for Walter to come and claim him.

And He would soon.

It was something primal that just screamed for Walter to claim Henry as his own. The murderer had never felt like that in his life. The strange emotion that completely overwhelmed him. Mother wouldn't mind, he was sure. Besides Mother had chosen this perfect person as his.

The murderer stared down at the woman and scoffed. The murderer slid the bloodied knife back into his pocket. He hoped his precious had been able to take the monsters that he had sent. If not then he would save him. Plain and simple. That was the other thing he loved about his Henry. The room 302 owner was introverted, most likely a virgin and while Henry was brave he also had a vulnerability about him. He was Walter's. The hippie looking man smiled as he though how much fun his Henry would be. How his Henry would feel. That thought sent shivers down the murder's spine. Mother's gift might not be willing at first but he would before this was over.

Well it was time to make this a reality.

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