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Ok! Well here we have the end of this little fic. Truthfully I originally planned for a terrible twist at the end filled with suicide and angst……but…..It didn't flow that way and the cuteness factor got me again! Thank you to all my reviewers! All three of them. You guys ROCK so hard!! My "planned" ending was to have Henry see Eileen, burn down the apartment, and ultimately make Walter choose between him and his mother (the apartment), then Walter would save Henry and the two would live in misery for eternity. Not a very happy ending! I like this one better! Tell me what you think!

Footnotes on top!

1.Remember how I mentioned the pictures before? Well the pictures show the way Walter's mind frame is. Also don't forget in the god's dimension everything happens in a reaction to something. Umm….I actually think this is all.

A slow groan could be heard in the room as Henry awoke. His body ached as the brunette rose to face the morning. A sharp pain shooting up his spine was all that was needed to remind him of what had transpired last night. A sense of dread entered the photographer at how he reacted in the situation. Sure when he woke up and Walter was tearing up his face he was scared for his life. But after that.….Henry couldn't stop the blush that rose to his face as he thought about the sex. It had been nothing like he had expected for his first time. Of course Walter was anything but predictable.

Henry had always thought that he would be the dominant one laying down a sweet lady on the bed making slow gentle love. Never in his life would he have imagined something like last night. He had been dominated. It had been rough. It had been wild. And dear god he loved every second of it. When he remembered the marks that the murderer had placed on him. The brunette's hand instantly went to his face. It felt smooth but the ridges were raised like a scar. Then he looked down at his hand. On there the numbers "21121" were tattooed to his hand in red. So Walter had completed the assumption. Does that mean he was stuck here?

A moan came from the god he was sleeping besides. The murderer's dirty blond hair was mussed. Walter was stretched out like a cat soundly sleeping. Did he love this man? Looking back on the things he said he not only told the god that he loved him but he also begged to stay with him. And the scary thing was that he meant every word of it. He should hate this man for what he did to Eileen. Instead he relished in the murderer's body and most likely fell into a trap. But did any of that matter anymore? Eileen was dead. She couldn't come to get him. His line with the "real" world had more or less been cut. It really didn't matter any more.

The photographer quietly got up off the bed and walked down the hall. For some reason some of the rust was cleared. The air felt cleaner and ironically the apartment was giving off a calm loving aura. It was strange. Henry went into the living room. Something just felt off….and then he looked at the pictures. Where before they would be of the different sceneries and people he had found interesting over the years now they held a different image. All of the pictures had him and Walter in it.

There was on with Henry sitting awkwardly on the murderer's lap while the god gave him a hungry look. Then there was one of an informal setting with Henry playing with Little Walter on the living room floor. He was calm in the picture and the child's eyes lit up in wonder. Then there was the big one above the coffee table. It showed Henry, Walter, and Little Walter in a formal family picture. They were all smiling….well more of a smirk in the god's case and looking completely at ease with each other. The other thing that the brunette noticed was that his face held a smooth scar with four gash marks on his face. He assumed that's what he looked like now.

But something hit him. This apartment had the aura and the makings of a home. Henry knew that the murderer didn't have a family. He also knew that everything in this dimension represented the god's mind. So maybe he could help Walter?

The photographer knew that he couldn't change the assumption but he could perhaps make Walter have peace. Little Walter was sleeping on the couch. The child hadn't done anything wrong and Little Walter deserved a good home. Maybe he could make this work? It wasn't like he was doing anything else for all eternity.

A small smile rose to his face as he turned around and went back to the room feeling oddly empowered. Maybe it wasn't heaven. But it sure wasn't hell. Maybe the right term would be a Heavenly Hell. And Henry was going to make the most out of it. The photographer slipped back into bed next to the god and couldn't help the smirk that rose to his face as the murderer instinctively slung his arm over the brunette's waist.

Henry wouldn't mind waking up like this everyday now that he knew he was doing some real and making a difference. Little Walter would remain innocent and the god would start to heal. It looked like the start of a beautiful future. Or as much as a future as one could have in this place…….

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