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So heres what happens if Roger met Mark on that night and not Mimi

A/N: Singing is In Italic

(knock knock knock)

Roger: Whatcha Forget?

Mark: Got Some Gloves?

Roger: Gloves?

Mark: Yes Gloves.

Roger: I know you...Your...Your Shaking!

Mark: It's nothing they turned off my heat and now it's just as cold inside as it is outside...Would you spare some gloves?

Roger: (Gives him some gloves that were on the table)

Mark:What are you staring at?

Roger: Nothing Your glasses...They Shine in the moonlight

Mark: (Starts to walk and almost falls)

Roger: Can ya make it?

Mark: Yeah I just skipped Breakfast Today...And Lunch...Well at least the room stop spinning Finally!...What?

Roger: Nothing Your smile reminded me of...

Mark: I always remind people of...Who is he?

Roger: Actually it was a she...

Mark: Oh...it was a she...Wait did you say WAS?

Roger: Yeah...She Died Her name was April

Mark: (Drops the gloves on the floor and kicks them under the table) I lost the Gloves...Sorry about your friend...Would you Spare some Glooooovvveess?

Roger: Yeah sure. (Finds another pair of gloves on the counter in the kitchen) These Ok?

Mark: Yeah they fit great...I like them in my pa--

Roger: POCKET! I figured... Well Goodnight.

(knock knock knock)

Roger: You lost them again?

Mark: No I think that I dropped my Camera!

Roger: Yeah I dunno about that Cameras are pretty fucking huge! I think we would have seen that!

Mark: Yeah...Well It's a really small camera...

Roger: Hey I think I seen you out and about when I used to go out...Your Gloves fell out...

Mark: Eh I'm just living! but I know that I had that camera when I walked in the door! It was an older model which made it pure! Is it on the floor?

Roger: The Floor? I mean seriously! If it's an older camera it's HUGE so I doubt it's on the floor

Mark: They say that I have the best ass below 14th street is it true?

Roger: Huh?

Mark: Your staring again!

Roger: No...I mean ya do...Have a nice ass...I mean you look familar!

Mark: Like your dead girlfriend?

Roger: Yeah ya both got that redish and blondish hair thing going on...and you both have an amazing smile.

Mark: Thanks. Do You go to blockbuster? That's where I work...It's my job to rewind

Roger: YES! you used to stock shelfs!

Mark: I got Demoted

Roger: I diden't reconize you without the nametag and vest!

Mark: We could put on the gloves! Oh won't you help me find the gloves?

Roger: Man you sure lose gloves alot! Why don't you forget them? You look like your warm enough now!

Mark: I'm still freezing! But I'd bet I'll be warm if I stay here

Roger: I used to Freeze like that...Then I bought some Leg Warmers!

Mark: I gotta cold! It makes this situation worse!

Roger: Sure...

Mark: I need to find it!

Roger: Oh here...(Roger finds the camera and puts it behind his back)

Mark: What's that? Did ya find it?

Roger: Nope just a Candy Bar Wrapper...

Mark: We could stay warm! oh won't you spare some gloves? (Looks behind Rogers back to find nothing)

Roger: (Puts the camera inside the couch)

Mark: Oh what did ya do to my Camera? (He then sits on Rogers lap)

Roger: That was my last pair...

Mark: Alright so we'll thank god for the body heat

Roger: Baby it's the body heat at all...I hear Spike lee's shooting down the street Ya know? Giant lights...They make everything seem hot

Mark: Bah Hum Bug...Bah Hum Bug...

Roger: Cold Hands...

Mark: Gee I wonder why Maybe if someone diden't steal my Camera and Gloves...But your hands are Big Like my Fathers.

Roger: Is that an insult or compliment?

Mark: Hey Wanna Dance?

Roger: With you?

Mark: Nah I was just gonna call my father over and ask you to dance with him...Duh with me!

Roger: I'm Roger

Mark: They Call me They Call me Mark (Mark then Grabs his Camera and gloves from the couch and waves them in rogers face then leaves)

Roger: God he was hot!