I'm Inside WHO!

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Takes place after Eclipse and before the wedding. Just some fun and sexual tension at its best! Please Enjoy


Its a good thing we are getting married or this would be weird. Hi am Bella Swan and I have woken up to being in my future husbands body.

Where we left off:

I woke up the next morning on the complete opposite side of the bed with my throat as dry as a desert. I stared at the ceiling try to figure out how I moved to this side of the bed when Edward spoke. " Good morning Bella." I tried getting up but failed. I must still be tired. " Umm Bella I think you should wake up we have a bit of a problem" Oh no This was not what I wanted to her this early in the morning. I got up and looked toward where the voice was coming from and I saw myself?? " Hi Bella" Said the voice of Edward from the look alike me. Darkness took over.

I woke up dazed and confused. What happened and Grr why does my throat hurt so bad? I looked around the room and saw that the door was opening.

" Bella please try not to freak out." said Alice who was followed in by Jasper an instant wave of clam came over me " Alice whats going on?" It must be something big if Jasper is here. " Well umm maybe I should just show you." and with that "I" walked into the room. " Very funny guys. Did you clone me while I was asleep and wheres Edward?"

" I'm right here Bella." exclaimed myself and then Alice brought me a mirror. " See for yourself." I looked into the mirror and saw a 17 year old boy with bronze hair and topaz eyes staring back at me. This is me right? " What is going on!"

" Bella does your throat burn?" asked the me that was Edward.

" Bella," Alice started " It seems that you and Edward have switched places."


I walked over to "Edward" I didn't trip like I usually would. I felt as if a was as gracefully as a feather. I also seemed to walk faster. " Edward, is it really you in there."

"I would kiss you but then I would be kissing myself and that doesn't seem right." he paused " Plus you might attack the me that is you." he finished with a smile. Yep its Edward. If I wasn't confused before I sure am now. " Only you could make something complicated more complicated Edward." I teased

" Thanks, it's a gift but really Bella why aren't you eating me for breakfast?" asked Edward. I could tell he was worried but how was I supposed to know??Might as well have a little fun with him.

" Well, I thought you wanted to wait until the wedding but..." he cut me off and Emmett came in and gave me a high five and it didn't hurt like it usually did! " Woot Bella is in control now." It finally hit me. Edwards right I can't kiss myself it would be to weird. Well I guess that talk with the girls is no use to me now. Edward must have realized my thoughts cause he just gave me this look that said " I win."

Well as annoyed as I was he did have a point. Why wasn't I attacking him well my body anyways. I wonder how Edward feels having this burning sensation all the time. I'm about ready to punch a baby. Ugh my head hurts now

Inside Bella/Edwards Brain

I wonder how Bella's doing? -Jasper

Hi! Bella can you hear me!!Well can you... -Alice

Lucky Bastard! I want to be human! - Rose

Oh Dear - Esme

Ruber Ducky your the one! You make bath time lots of fun... - Emmett

SHUT UP!! I screamed I couldn't take it anymore

Oh shit she can hear us – everyone

" Its to quite I can actually hear myself think Hello me !" explained Edward

And so the say went on with a screaming Bella ( not in that way pervs) a comfortable Edward. Perverted Emmett and Jealous Rose. Alice and Jasper seemed pretty normal well as normal as they can get. But then night time came...


That was short I know but the next chapter is really long I'm typing it now! Its like 6 pages lol lets hope its as long as I think!! The horrors of night time await our favorite couple who knows that this insane author has planed!

In the words of Light Yagami JUST AS PLANNED!