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Bella's POV

All I remember was Edward was sitting next to me on my bed, quietly humming my lullaby. He sang it three times before I was overcome by sleep. As my dreams flashed in front of me, I became more tired than the minute. My dreams were fast becoming reality.

Edward is my husband. I, becoming a vampire on the other hand was something I couldn't resist dreaming of. Despite the pain, the outcome was worth it. Durability and the love of my life are two things worth getting out of three days' pain.

I smiled, knowing that out there in the physical world; Edward is there, watching me. Then, suddenly my whole Dream Vision 2D went black. It felt like my dreams drained down into a black hole. Deep inside my head, I felt that half my memories were being drained down too.

I was horrified, but I couldn't do anything about it. I was asleep. Heck, this could be just another dream. But it couldn't be. It felt all too real. Then, it hit me. The pain was horrible – it was like I was shrinking forcefully. I couldn't move my body. I wanted to scream, to warn Edward of what was happening. However, my smile, the stupid and false smile was plastered on my face.

What if this horrible fate was also shared by Edward? I wish I could open my eyes, but I couldn't – it's as if it was stuck together with super glue. I stood still in my dream, letting the pain seep through my body and weave its way around. Tears did not come to my aid and soon, my mind became numb to the pain. I continued to sleep, though not as peacefully as before.

Finally, after so long, the chamber of my dreams opened up. I was free. After a couple of tries, my eyes opened and I could see the bright light of the window. The sun's rays felt warm to my skin. I felt that my face was wet – I had been crying. I grumbled as I realized I was wearing my boots to bed, my green froggy boots.

I heard an inaudible gasp beside me. I turned to look, expecting either Charlie or Renee. But instead, I was face to face with a beautiful stranger, whose eyes were golden. I blinked, confused. Who was this stranger?

I tried to open my mouth, but my throat was parched dry. Was he a babysitter? Possibly. But Renee had quit getting me babysitters a long time ago – after all, I could take of myself better than she can to herself.

The stranger continued to look at me. He didn't look mad, but he looked absolutely surprised. Then, he lifted his hand to stroke my face. I immediately moved back, afraid of his touch. I didn't know him… yet he feels so familiar. Maybe he was Charlie's distant cousin… He couldn't be, he was too gorgeous. He looked like the people I see on TV, the people Renee would chastise on those magazines…

"Bella?" he asked, silently, "Bella, don't be scared. It's me, Edward."

He motioned for me to sit on his lap. I did not move. Actor or not, he was a stranger. And I think Renee's taught me enough to know better than go on a stranger's lap, even if he was in my house.

"W-who are you?" I asked, frowning, "what're you doing in my house? Did Renee hire you as a babysitter?" I would obviously need to clear up things again with Renee. I was old enough now to not need those sitters – some of them were more useless than a lazy scumbag.

The stranger's eyes widened in shock. He didn't speak, but his position became rigid. Then, his eyes softened in sadness. I could see it clearly. His face dropped to a frown. He leaned backwards, away from me.

"You don't remember me?" he asked, his voice soft and musical.

I shook my head. I wouldn't even try lying – Renee told me I was not born to be a liar, that I'm really terrible at it.

Suddenly, his phone rang and he grabbed it – really fast. He answered in less than a second. I was amazed. It was like he had superspeed.

"Alice!" he growled, "What happened? Tell me everything…"

I continued to watch this stranger as he conversed with 'Alice' until I felt sleepiness seep into my system again, dragging me down in the dark chambers of my mind once again.

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