Chapter 8- Destruction

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(partly lemon)

"What are you doing?" She screamed and the tray clattered to the floor. But before she could rush over Gideon grabbed her. She squealed and looked up at his bright blue eyes. "P-please lemme go…"

Lies popped his jaw and shook his head. "I would hate to, Beauty…but I must let go…"

Amun stood by Sabin and groaned; he could see that the girl did not know. He turned to Sabin, it shone in his eyes and Doubt, cursed, then nodded. He turned to Kane, ignoring the struggling girl. "Release the animal, she doesn't know where it is, but she will remain here while we search her room…. wait…" He turned back to the girl. "Where did you live before you came here?"

Mah-ron scowled and gave Sabin the dirtiest look she could muster, what with Gideon holding tight to her, and her sweet innocent pet's life on the line. "In Cali, you bastard…"

She watched as Sabin frowned, considering, if she didn't have it here it would be there, wouldn't it? Then he saw the girl smile. She was lying, or at least, not telling the whole truth. He turned to look at Amun. The silent man frowned and held up ten fingers but mouthed the word 'more.' Shit. So the little brat had traveled, she was smarter than he had thought, and if he had to search all those places it would only be like searching for the ancient items of the gods. And just as infuriating. He then grinned back at the girl. "Well, my dear, if you think that's funny, maybe you'll get a chuckle out of this?" He gave the signal to Kane, but Disaster shook his head, however, as he did, the lamp nearest to him, slammed into his back, making him drop the weight. On the rabbit.

There was a horrid squeal, then silence. Mah-ron stared at where Cream was, well his body now. Hot tears poured down her face and blackness shrouded her vision. In a shift movement, she nailed Gideon behind her, turned, slashed him almost in half with the knife she had been concealing and lunged at Sabin.

He was ready this time, but when he saw the skeletal mask, the one that had donned on Baden's face so long ago. He got distracted. That was all the opportunity Mah-ron needed. She pounced, landing in front of him, spun and shoved him forward, onto the hilt of her knife, right where his heart was. He fell to the floor.

With Distrust still in control, and the whole room gawking at her and their fallen leader, minus Lucien, Mah-ron carefully moved the weight and picked up Cream. She sniffed and shuddered; almost putting him down again but merely walked into the hall and disappeared outside.

"So…she 'killed' Sabin? Tell me again Lucien…" Aeron was beside himself, still shocked, and as what he could tell from the others, they were too.

Lucien growled, his hand tangling through his curled hair. "Sabin set up an interrogation, he must have seen something in the girl's mind…he told Kane to kill her bunny, he wasn't going to but a lamp hit him and he dropped the weight. Then she let Distrust take over, cut Gideon and then stabbed Sabin." He turned to Torin, who was the palest of his listeners. "Did she come back in yet? From burying her rabbit?" The blonde angel nodded. Then Death's eyes turned ceiling-ward. "Well, I doubt he's going to let it rest…he'll be adamant about this, obviously, he's persevered this long…" He thought again. With Torin as lookout, watching Mah-ron, the men had gone through all her things and had found no box. They told Kane this and he promised to try and convince Sabin. Strider would try to help too.

He tried to think of anything he had missed. Then he noticed that Paris was holding a dark brown teddy bear. " that?" His eyes narrowed.

Promiscuity frowned at Death. "A gift…a woman gave it to me as a ploy to take her again and when I said no, she insisted I keep it." To remember our time together, she had said. "I never really had a need for it, until now. Mah-ron can have it, this one won't die…" His voice was earnest and Lucien was about to answer when-

The room grew very quiet and he turned to see Mah-ron, now in clean clothes but with very puffy eyes and a sullen expression. She looked around, ignoring everyone and ran straight for Aeron, tackling him and crying anew.

Wrath, wide-eyed, held the trembling girl to him and murmured softly, hoping it would calm her. When she did not, her shoulders only shaking worse, he growled but gave Paris an imploring look. The tall man walked over and slowly moved Mah-ron so she was open to him. She sniffed and frowned until her eyes caught on the bear. Paris made it dance and she giggled and reached for it. He pulled it back. A heart-wrenching whine came from the girl. Even Paris shuddered and he handed the bear over. "His name is Chocolate, take care of him for me?"

Without warning, Mah-ron pounced Paris and kissed his cheek. "Thank you, big brother!"

He laughed and then moved to study the small girl in his arms, who now cuddled her new friend tightly, if it were living, it would have been gagging for air. "Gentle with him, little one…" He tapped her nose. "And why did you call me big brother?"

Mah-ron instantly did as told and blinked up at Paris, dark eyes meeting ocean blue. "Because you're nice to me and look out for me. And that's what big brothers do. And since you know women so well, you can be nothing else to me but a big brother…" She gave him a tight hug; oblivious to his confused but content expression. "Wuv you…" She jumped down and alighted onto Aeron as if it were something she did everyday. She began to play with Chocolate and no more tears came.

But Paris was now in a daze. He sat and stared at her for a moment. No one had ever said those words to him before. And the more he thought about it, the more he believed she was right. He would protect her and Ashlyn (like he had failed to protect Sienna) and any other woman who came to join his family. Family. The word stuck in his head. That was what they really were becoming, and their family was growing and flourishing.

Aeron smiled down at his woman. She had fallen asleep and was now nibbling on her new teddy's ear in her sleep. But then he saw something red on her throat. He frowned and, without waking her, moved her hair and shirt. Several angry bite marks appeared, hours old and yet still sensitive. Mah-ron inhaled and turned toward him. But he could hardly see for the red haze that had taken possession of his vision.

"Aw hell, look at his face. I thought she calmed you…" Came Paris' voice. Aeron turned to him and pointed to her neck.

But he held up his hands as soon as he saw the marks. "Hey, I'm 'big brother' now. I don't play that. Besides, I was in the city…"

Wrath could only nod, slowly inhaling her scent so as not to attack anyone. "Then…who?" He just barely heard someone rise up and try to shuffle out of the room. He turned to see a guilty looking Reyes who caught his eye. His expression said that he wasn't running away but awaiting due punishment.

Without a word, Aeron handed Mah-ron and her companion to Paris and followed Pain out of the room. Lucien got up too, sighing because he knew he'd have to play referee in this spat.

Aeron followed Reyes down the hall, blood boiling hot. He knew Reyes like a brother too, his friend and he did love him, and he was trying to think of any possible reason that would have made him do what he did. He could think of none. Then he felt Lucien's hand on his shoulder, and the scent of roses chilled him.

When Pain finally walked into one of the rarely used rooms, he turned to his fate. But Death stood between them, closet to Aeron. "Care to explain, Reyes?" He asked in his stoic voice.

Reyes took a deep breath, fingers working the taut muscles of his neck. "Well…she had come to me, she said she and Aeron were fighting and that before that he had wanted her to learn how to fight so that she could fend off Sabin." He looked up at Lucien when he got to the hard part. "But when I was showing her how to handle a sword…. it was like she knew already. I asked her if she was a Hunter, I was really upset. She said no, but by then she had cut me up pretty bad and I was…on top of her and…she was hitting me…. I lost it…." He growled and Pain was whining too, but only for the girl. He wanted it to stop. "Can you forgive me? Aeron, my friend…."

Wrath growled and he was only vaguely aware of the fact that he was clenching and unclenching his fists. Inside, his mind was being ripped to shreds in possessiveness and yet… He took a deep breath and thought of Mah-ron. She would want him to forgive, and to love. He nodded, though his jaw ached from the strain. "Yes, I forgive you, Reyes…. but never again, is that understood?"

Pain nodded and waited, watching both Wrath and Death carefully. But no lashing came. "Thank you but…you're not going to hit me?"

Aeron raised an eyebrow. "I would...want to, but you'd only enjoy it…how is that punishment?" He heard Lucien sigh next to him, out of relief?

Reyes could only then smile and clap his friend on the arm. "Well then, you better go get her before big brother thinks to play doctor, his restraint can only go so far…" But Aeron had already gone.

He then turned to Lucien who was deep in thought. "What is it now? No more bad news I hope, we've had more than our fill…"

Death blinked at him and shook his head. "No I was only thinking that if she knew how to fight then she must still be under the influence of Distrust. Of course it would know be aware of how to preserve it's host body."

Heavy breathing. Warm breath across her face. Masculine and hungry. Mah-ron moaned and blinked, eyes blurred.

Aeron smirked, hair tickling Mah-ron's cheeks. "Hey there…sleep well?" His voice was hungry and his hands were underneath Mah-ron's skirt.

The tiny girl blushed and shivered, she could only nod and try to move his hands. She wasn't sure if the heat there was caused by him or her. And she wasn't sure if she wanted to find that out just yet.

But Wrath merely smiled and pressed gentle kisses onto her face and neck, satisfied with the soft moans as his fingers hooked around soaked panties. He tugged them off and caught her hand when she tried to stop him again. "Please…. I need you so much. I need to take you… to claim you as mine…." His voice was honest and husky.

Mah-ron blinked up at him, heart caught between stopped and hammering out of her completely. He was so close his touch burned as much as his breath, such a simple small thing and she caught fire, all of her consumed. Blushing, she reached up with a shaky hand, biting her lip at the violet eyes piercing her. "Aeron…"

Aeron caught her hand, pressing it to his face and nipping lightly at her flesh, watching her squirm. "Is that a yes?"

She could only nod, but it was as if he hadn't even waited for her to answer. He began stripping her of her clothes, he himself was only wearing jeans. She squealed at the light cold breeze and then the heat silenced her again.

Aeron smirked as his woman's hands smoothed over him. He groaned and did the same until he heard a gasp, and felt her still. "What's wrong, love?"

Mah-ron whimpered softly, one hand on the menacing butterfly tattoo, the other on a dragon, who was blinking at her. "You're tattoos are alive….t-they won't hurt me will they?" Her voice was part afraid, but also wondrous.

He couldn't believe it. She was in awe of him. Both he and Wrath purred at the delicious thought of finding someone who accepted him so completely. It was a miracle. "No love, they won't. They adore you. Every part of me does and I only wish to show you that." He watched her expression, it did not change but she smoothed her hands over him again, light and careful and looked up again, question in her eyes. He laughed. "They live because they are magic, like the rest of me. I can command them….to leave my body, attack and return to me…."

Mah-ron's eyes widened and she leaned in and bite the butterfly mark. Aeron instantly growled and tugged her close to him, leaving a wet trail behind. Kissing his woman deep, he stretched and prodded her.

Gasping, little Mah-ron gripped his shoulders and arched into him, her essence soaking his hand and the bed as she rode his fingers, soft pants in his ear. Aeron was entranced, loving the feel the heat and the sounds of his woman. He growled, making new marks along her neck and moving so his scent was all over her.

Little Mah-ron trembled and whined, easing backward from him. He frowned until he noticed where her eyes lingered. His shaft. He smirked. "Ready for me then?" He watched as he cheeks reddened and suddenly remembered his promise to wait. He also noticed her recoiling from him. He sighed. "Perhaps later then…"

With a whine, Mah-ron pounced Aeron. "No! But…I…" She nibbled on her lip in an adorable insecure manner. "Will it…I mean I'm not…but you're so…" She looked down again and her face flushed bright red, making him laugh.

"I'll be gentle, I promise you…I only wish to share pleasure with you…." He took her by the hand and pulled her closer to him, until he could feel her warmth and the fast pace of her heartbeat. A shiver rocked the tiny girl and he began to pet.

Mah-ron closed her eyes and purred. She curled around Aeron and inhaled deep. Sultry fire and heat, pure masculinity and need. She moaned, soaking the sheets more. She blinked as she felt something raised against her cheek and turned to see the menacing butterfly tattoo. Menacing? Mah-ron touched and studied it gently, it was a face! The wings were the eyes and cheekbones, it looked like a mask, of red-hot hate, it did look angry. Without thinking, Mah-ron leaned over and started to trace it with her tongue.

Aeron growled and shudders, hands on Mah-ron's shoulder. He had once hated that damned mark that changed him from immortal to demon possessed. And yet now, it was so responsive to her. Wrath purred within him and yet whined for control. It wanted her just as bad as Aeron himself did. His hand went to her hair as his head dropped back. Then he jerked in surprise.

With a soft amused giggle, Mah-ron smirked and laved downward. Aeron looked down and growled, he grabbed her arms and tugged her up. "No…you don't have to do that…" His voice was husky and Wrath growled at him. But he barely noticed. It was the look on her face.

Mah-ron's bottom lip trembled and her wide eyes looked hurt. "You don't want me to because…? That's not fair, you got to taste me…and I only wanted to please you back…" Her voice was quiet but steady, though her cheeks heated with each word.

Aeron laughed. "So tell me this. What if your pleasure is my pleasure? Then what?"

The tiny girl smiled and leaned close. "Then I say bring it on, Ink. There's nothing I can't handle…. but…" Before he could protest she laved at him, biting the underside of his shaft gently and lightly sucked the tip, looking up as she slowly took him in, swallowing every inch to the hilt and sucking lightly. The immortal howled and shuddered.

And then a voice, one that both protected her but also caused her to hate with a passionate fire so big, it often burned others close to her as well as herself. You would trust him. Please him? Let him use and destroy you…your heart is already damaged. One more to finish you off then? You do have a death wish…

Mah-ron froze in her loving assault of her man and her eyes widened, then stung. She looked up in shock and without warning, she shoved Aeron from the bed.

The poor immortal had been enjoying but, of course, easily distracted, fell onto the floor with a grunt and a curse/ He flew upward, body still humming with pleasure and pain. "What was that...for?" His words slowed at his woman's horrified expression. She was both crying and tugging fistfuls of her hair in an effort to silence the voice in her head. But nothing helped. She began to cry in desperation, hot furious, helpless tears.

And Aeron vowed then and there that this woman before him would only know pleasure and his touch. He scooped her up and rocked her until she fell asleep. He could guess what Distrust told her. Not to allow him to have her completely, or not to let him touch, because he wanted only her body. Or was she truly fearful of him? He had thought she adored him. But, of course, he wanted more. He wanted what Maddox had with Ashlyn.

Was he supposed to make it special? Was he supposed to as Paris would say, "go all out?" He was sure she was worth it, and maybe it would prove once and for all, he was hers and she was his, no questions asked, no doubts raised. Or was it her safety she feared? That if he took her he would not be able to or care to protect her? He felt his jaw tighten at the thought. All of it angered him. How could she doubt him like that? When he was right here in front of her. A quiet groan of pain brought Aeron back and he saw that he was squishing Mah-ron. He instantly thought to do something nice for her. And it would be the best present she had ever gotten. He swore it.

Danika panted, just outside the fortress and trying, in vain to find a way in without being detected. The blonde, Torin, though not exactly an angel to her, surely had the place rigged with cameras and traps. She had learned that when she had tried to get back up the mountain with the one called Kane. For one of them, he had pushed her out of the way of a random landslide. Taking the worst for himself while she had only minor injuries. That earned him brownie points true, but he was not her Reyes.

Slowly. Watch that limb. Was there a land mine there? Dainka talked to herself as she felt her way up to the hill and the looming fortress in front of her. It was dark and daunting as always, and yet it seemed different. More inviting? No that can't be it. And yet, leaning close to the door, it was clearly open. Well, today's my lucky day….

Sabin ground his teeth in irritation. Of course Cameo was absent from their meeting. She'd been more and more absent and he was beginning to wonder. But he never interfered with his colleagues as long as they never shirked their duties. And she never did. He glimpsed at Amun, who signed to him. No, he hadn't seen the girl. Sabin cursed. It was as he feared. He knew the damage one person to do to his make-shift family, had feared it for years, and here it was.

Who could have known, one tiny, literally, little girl could mess up the half life he had made for himself? Yes, his life was war. Yes, he would rather not have a demon melded to his mind. And yes, people had tried to kill him, will until either he dies, which won't happen, or he wins. Which he would.

He refused to let Mah-ron win. She had the box, maybe wasn't even aware. Maybe Distrust had found it and hid that fact from Mah-ron. But it was still her fault, she was the only Lord to seem to allow the demon complete control. Did she never fight it? How weak of her. Weak. She had weaknesses, he should exploit them. "What do we know about the girl? She's a human whom Distrust inhabits, she bears the same mark as ours, but instead of a tattoo, it's a birthmark, she'd been born with it. But with that knowledge, we have no idea if her bond is different from ours…."

"She's very introverted….she also cuts herself, though now with Aeron, he most likely won't allow it. You know how he is…" Strider commented.

Amun signed that she did indeed have a secret, and was also gifted with other abilities. Should they ask Aeron what her powers were?

"She's not infatuated with Kane and can't kick your ass for a little girl…" Gideon snorted and Kane receded. But not enough out of sight.

Sabin slowly turned to him, a wicked grin across his normally gaunt face. "Complete your assignment. Gain her trust again, she won't come near me, unless in anger. Only you can. "

"No…." Kane's voice was stubborn and a light bulb exploded, casting the room in darkness.

Mah-ron slept fitfully, pain and pleasure warred within her and then she bolted awake. "Just a nightmare…." Then she paused, she smelled….cherry?

"Hey there, you can certainly sleep… Cronus could catch up with me in the time it takes you to wake…" A blonde goddess chuckled to herself, amused by the sight before her. The girl was strange, no wonder she found this place, found solace in it. It was clearly her home. In such a way like Anya wanted to belong. To anywhere, but not to anyone. Lucien. He was hers. Her mind skewed to his rosy scent and she sighed headily. Focus girly, you have a plan remember? "You know what I'm talking about, don't you?" She leaned against the wall and smirked at the girl on the bed.

Tiny Mah-ron thought herself dazed. She couldn't possibly see the blonde woman before her. Surely, she was still dreaming. So why not tell the truth if she was? "Sorta….there's this freaky jewelry box that's been in my family at least since 1850.…my several great grandma found it in a lake when she was traveling and kept it ever since. It's only been given to the girls in my family. The ones who have the same birthmark as me…." She stood, as if in a trance and moved the mattress, there was a slit, and from it she pulled a tiny and worn box, that looked manufactured from bones and presented it. "None of us could open it…and after a while, she just stopped trying."

Anya raised a delicate eyebrow. This is easier than I thought, I could have saved Lucien a lot of stress if I had not waited… she thought to herself and then smiled sweetly. Roses! "Well sugar pop, you'll have to hand that over to me now. You do know that's Pandora's Box, right? And if you don't want anything to happen to your 'Awin,' you'll do as I say. It'll save him, I promise."

Danika crept through the halls. She recalled that Torin had every hallway on surveillance but since she wasn't assaulted by a cold angelic voice she figured he either wasn't watching or was completely absent. She would have thought the latter was strange, if she wasn't seething with anger that shook her very core. She had long since reconciled with being the All-seeing Eye. For once, it was working in her favor, to protect what was hers. Reyes.

Aeron was finally finished. He looked at his work and smiled, flowers and petals everywhere, candles that made the room hazy and calm, lazy flames flickering. The bed was full of pillows and silks, everything soft the thought she might like. He hoped he hadn't missed anything. He'd cleaned and re-cleaned, almost obsessive. And thankfully, the thought of Mah-ron had silenced Wrath into the back of his mind. He laughed to himself, happy, like Maddox, he had found his one. The one he'd always wanted and needed.

His woman, badly shaken but not yet completely broken. He would help her, heal her. To not take her would be a personal hell onto himself.

Mah-ron slowly tucked the box behind her. "I don't know who you are. How do I know you're not a Hunter everyone talks about?" But then again, if she was, she would be human and would not have known as much as she did. As she concluded this, the goddess spoke.

"I'm Anya, goddess of Anarchy. I love to stir up fun and these men? Elicit a lot of fun and piss of the new gods. So why not add fuel to the pyre?!" She laughed and then smirked. "But seriously, caramel-cake, hand it over so I can give it to Lucien and he'll love me and invite me into his bed. Oh, and not die by the Hunter's hands or anyone else's."

Mah-ron frowned at the scantily-clad blonde and shook her head. "Family heirloom. Plus if I was to give it to them, I would give it to Aeron."

The goddess snorted. "The one you trust only after Kane? A.K.A. Disaster? Please….I know you. You won't do any such thing."

Red engulfed the smaller girl's face and she looked about to cry. Anya then sighed and walked over to her, sitting on the bed with a gentle plop and hugging the girl. "I know you're lost and then you're in a strange place and finally figured out at least partly why you are the way you are. But if you don't give me the dimOuniak you and your boo die. It's what I see and what I know. But the details are hazy. And that's because it's what you pick that make sit a sure thing…makes sense buttercup?" She popped her cherry sucker into her mouth and slurped, leg swishing as she waited for the human to pick.

No choice. "Okay….but only if you promise I can stay with Aeron for as long as I want, no matter what else happens…." She looked up and presented the box. "Deal?"

Anya laughed and patted the girl on the head. "Sure thing! I needed to make a deal to make this work anyway, and that makes it perfect!" She gingerly took the box from the girl and studied it. It was quite ugly, she could see the bones from Kandace, Goddess of Oppression. It made Anya cringe, as much as she loved carnage, she had known Kandace. She smiled at Mah-ron. "Thank you. Now let's go see Lucien!"

But just as the both of them rose, Anya, happily, and Mah-ron, solemnly, Danika entered. "You…." She hissed as soon as she saw Mah-ron. The smaller girl blinked, lost but palmed a blade. So it's not a dream after all. She thought. But Danika was ready, she wasn't the girl who got kidnapped months ago. She was stronger, faster, smarter now. She palmed her gun and aimed right at Mah-ron's temple. "You stay away from Reyes, he's mine. You can have the others but not him."

Mah-ron paused and then snorted. "The man who cuts himself…oh and can't keep his hands from MY body?" She didn't flinch when a bullet just missed grazing her cheek. She was used to guns so she wasn't so easily phased or threatened, at least not by metal.

Danika was shaking with anger, and Anya was very amused as she watched the both of them. This is getting good...what else will happen? She thought to herself. As Anarchy, she was beside herself with the treat of the day.

The two girls circled, Mah-ron edging closer with her knife, and Danika ready to squeeze the trigger when she get close enough. She wanted blood, her blood. Mah-ron just wanted to defeat the girl and go back to her quiet peace she had had in her room, before the weird blonde had showed up. But neither would get there wish.

At that moment, Aeron had sniffed out Mah-ron. He froze, gawking at the scene. There stood his woman, knife drawn, face hazy, blurred behind Distrust. Danika, Reyes's infatuation before Mah-ron, with a .45 millimeter aimed at his woman. And the oddly cherry-scented goddess that had spoken to him earlier. He had never seen her, but he knew her scent right away. Anya knew it was time to go. "Toodles!" She waved, winked and then vanished into mist. But Wrath was hardly aware of anything else.

He instantly stood in-between the two remaining women. "Enough, what has she clearly done to you?" Aeron did not know that Danika had seen exactly what Mah-ron had done...with Reyes. Even further still, she had refused him afterward.

She popped her jaw. "I'll kill her. Reyes is mine. And he wants that box that she has too." She hissed and fired, right at Aeron and almost through his chest but he didn't move for fear of putting Mah-ron in danger. He didn't even feel the bullet. Instead, he felt her words. Mah-ron truly had the box?

Mah-ron screamed and then knelt next to Aeron, easing his fall, he was much heaiver than she thought he would be but she managed to ease him downward and lean him into her. "Oh, Aeron…" She cried, forgetting that firstly, he could heal, secondly, he was simply in shock.

Aeron sighed and then looked up at her. "Give it to me, please, my beauty. I will keep it safe for you." He held out a blodd-stained hand as he felt, with an annoying pang, the wound start to close and heal. She sniffed, nodded and reached to do so only to find Danika reaching for it in their distraction. Without warning, she flicked a knife just above her hand and the blonde petite recoiled and glared. Mah-ron rose and retrieved the box and handed it to Aeron. But, they were not alone.

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