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Lucky Break

Prologue: She's Not Human.


Mello had lost everything he ever had. A best friend, a life, half of his face in an explosion that could have that should have killed him. He lost his dignity, he lost everything. Yet he gained a love life, a friend, a person that would always be by his side, even though she would turn around and laugh, saying that her side was her own. She wouldn't admit it.

Mello and the girl both knew that he didn't love her. Yet he was willing to try to love her, try to be her boyfriend, just trying. He would flat out tell her anything, as long as it wasn't too personal, or too awkward. He wouldn't tell her any lies, even if they were suppose to be nice ones. The ones that gained confidence were the ones that hurt the most.

He lost everything and gained just a few things in return. He never beat Near, but he got more information then him. He never caught Light Yagami, yet he was allowed to watch him suffer. He never thought that Matt was going to die, yet he was able to bury his best friend with a memory and with the intention to visit when he could, when he can.

He thought that this was his life now. Waiting until something better came along. Oh did that something come along in the most weirdest way.


He stared, the last time he last seen her was the will to never live again. The last time he seen her, there was fear etched forever in her eyes. Now there she was, walking down the street. Never looking behind her. Walking, innocently. Not understanding that what he did was the most kindness that he could have done. She would never get it.

He walked by her.

"Hello Mello."

He stopped short but didn't turn around. He could feel her eyes on his back. He could feel her sadness. He didn't regret what he did, but he did feel remorse.


"Not going to add my last name?" The girl asked teasingly.

"Glad to see your well."

"Is that a lie?"

Mello turned around glaring at the girl. Her long brown hair, or used to be long, was short to her shoulders. Her brown eyes that were once filled with fear and wanting to go home were now hidden. All of the emotions she once displayed, were gone. Hidden forever.

"Is that a joke?" He responded back.

"How's life treating you?" Sayu's eyes traveled to his scar. But no emotion, not even a spark.

He was used to seeing such dead eyes. But not from a girl who didn't understand how dangerous he was until too late. "Fairly well. Considering." He said.

"That's good. I saw what happened to Matt." The girl stopped, thinking she gone to far.

Mello shook his head and then said, "That's his fault. He didn't know the dangers that came with it."

"I think he did. I just don't think its what you intended to happen." Sayu paused and then said. "So, who was Kira?"

She didn't know? "I don't know. I lost to Near the damn bastard."

"He's L's successor?"

So Sayu was smart enough to know that her brother was the false L. Either that, or she was smart enough to know that L was dead. And that it was just a title. Mello smirked inwardly. This girl had some good observation skills. "Yeah. Still is."

"I would have thought you beat him the minute you got your hands on the notebook." She saw the horrors, she knew that Mello wasn't joking. It was some notebook, and she didn't think that she would be able to have the guts to use. She wouldn't use it.

Mello laughed and then said, "That's what happens when plans go awry."

"Who leaked the information to you? Or did Matt hack into that?" Sayu pressed.

Mello looked at her amused. "Since when were you a detective Miss-Fear-of-Blood."

Sayu's mouth dropped open to shout something to him, but she closed it. It looked like that she learned when and when not to use her voice. Even though, Mello would give anything, anything to know that she was still the same Sayu and not the one he broke.

He knew he broke her, he knew he did.

"Sorry, it wasn't my place to ask such questions." She said. "Of coarse you would get suspicious. You used to be a Mafia Boss after all."

"Amazing you didn't write down my name into the notebook with what I looked like." Mello mused.

"You honestly think that I would tell Kira, whoever he was, about who you looked like?" Sayu gasped.

"It would be in your right state of mind." Mello shrugged.

"You really have little faith in me." Sayu coughed.

The last he heard about Sayu was that she was unable to walk, she was mentally scared, mentally damaged, all from his threats, all from his shots, all for his desire to get the notebook.

"Start acting like a normal teenager once in a while. Or at least human. Geeze." Mello shook his head. "Good day." He turned on his heel and left her in the crowd, possibly for the last time. Hopefully for the last time. He needed it to be the last time.