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Dustin was caught, and Sayu was recovering in a hospital. She only needed minor surgery and a few stitches and blood transfusion. Nothing life threatening. Mello agreed to work as Coil since he really had no intention of being two people. After all, the third should have been Matt's place.

Neither Mello or Sayu could come up with a believable story about who Mile was. Mello had a feeling he knew, but he didn't tell Sayu.

Misa tried a few times to talk them into marrying while she was visiting. Mello plainly refused saying that weddings weren't his style.

Right now, Mello was standing at a grave so very familiar to him. Its been two days and a few weeks and Sayu was ready to be discharged around two. Mello sighed, "Mile was you wasn't it? Mail, Mile, same pronunciation you dumbass. Did you really think I wouldn't notice? Be fucking lucky that I didn't say a word about this to Misa." He paused. "Thanks. I owe you a big one."

"Ok, since you 'owe' me and everything here's an idea. Marry Sayu."

Mello blinked and turned around the eight year old that helped him. He had a large smirk in place. His brown eyes, green.

"Hell no." Mello answered.

"Then that's the last time I help you then." The boy frowned. "Oh come on, you love her."

"Not enough, and more then enough not to marry." Mello sighed. "Look, I don't need a piece of fucking paper telling me I love her. I don't need a ring to prove that she belongs to me."

"You love her enough to trust her?" Mile demanded.

"I guess."


Mello rubbed his forehead. "Annoying brat."

"Yeah well this 'annoying brat' saved your ass and Sayu's. Give me some credit!"

"When I die."

"Mel! That's not fair!"


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