Title: Wash It All Away

Title: Wash It All Away

Author: breathe4her

Disclaimer: I do not own SoN characters. All disclaimers go to Tom Lynch and The-N. Other original characters belong to me. (Please do not steal.)

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Pairings: This is a love story between Spencer and Ashley. However, it involves Spaiden. Helps my storyline. Trust me.

Rating: R – (NC-17 maybe later on – warning will be posted)

Summary: High school can be hard on one's heart, but the heart can potentially destroy the very thing you've been working towards.

Opening Intro – Carlin's Confusion

"Happy Birthday!"

I jumped out of my skin as I walked into my home after hockey practice. I didn't know that anyone really remembered my birthday, why would they? My parents liked to forget. Of course being a middle child, my older brother and younger sister always had some sort of attention before me.

Yet there I was, standing in the middle of the foyer, sweaty from my earlier activities and my friends and family were jumping up and down throwing confetti. I think I walked into a twilight zone.

"Spencer!" My best friend jumped over to me and hugged me. She looked like she had way too much sugar. "Surprise!"

I laughed and patted her head as I couldn't help but smile at the people looking at me in wander. "Okay Kyla, who put you up to this?" I whispered in her ear.

"Spence," she stepped back in mock annoyance, "I planned this just for you. Me!" She stomped her foot. She was a little bit much when it comes to drama. An exaggerator if you will.

"Oh thank you!" I smiled and hugged her once more. I was being surrounded by my friends and family as someone turned on some music.

Now when I say family, I don't mean my parents. They must've stepped out during this time and my younger sister didn't even look like he wanted to be there. My older brother of course, wanted to be there because he found my friends hot. He would be your typical jock freshman in college. Checking out the seniors in high school.

"Spencer, now you know why I couldn't watch you practice. I was helping Kyla with the setting up." Aiden, my boyfriend, grinned. We were dating for almost a year and although he was a very sweet guy who knew when I needed space, there was still something missing. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

Until my seventeenth birthday of course; she walked in with her dark chestnut hair flowing behind her, her skin so smooth looking, eyes as dark as ebony and lips that were so plush I couldn't help wondering what they'd feel like. That's when I had to back my thought process up. Was I really thinking about kissing another girl?

"Spencer?" A hand waved in front of me. Was I staring?

"Huh?" I blinked and cleared my throat, finding myself face to face with this girl that had caught my attention.

"Where did you go?" Aiden asked me, smiling slightly.

"I guess I'm just in so much happy shock about this birthday surprise." I lied. Badly may I add? Aiden looked at me funny but I just shrugged. "What were you saying?" I asked him.

"This is my cousin from B.C." Aiden smiled and pushed the bronze girl forward. "Ashley, this is my girlfriend and birthday girl, Spencer, Spence, Ashley."

She shook my hand. Her lips pressed together in a sultry smile. I couldn't help but return it. "I've heard all about you." She said.

"Oh?" I looked up at Aiden, who nodded proudly. "I don't think he's mentioned you," I frowned and gave him a dirty look. Why not talk about your beautiful cousin? I wanted to ask him that.

"Yea well, no one finds me worth mentioning," she waved her hand and smiled sadly.

My heart broke. I reached for her hand and squeezed it. "I know how you feel." I smiled and stepped back a bit. "Well, you're more than welcome to stay, you are wanted here."

Aiden grinned and winked at me. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me close. He was a tall guy for his age; 6'3". He was a Varsity basketball player for our rival school. He and I didn't go to the same school, we met at a party the year before and things started out great.

"So you play hockey?" Ashley followed me into the other room, where Glen, my older brother, was flirting with a few of my friends.

"She sucks but she tries." Glen laughed as he walked up to us. "I'm Glen, the good looking one in the family." He shook Ashley's hand and looked her up and down. Of course he'd notice the tattoo on her lower abdomen and the tight denim jeans she was wearing. If I did, he sure as hell did.

"Is this how you try and pick up girls?" Ashley laughed and looked at me. "I find this Carlin more intriguing." She winked at me as we continued walking towards my bedroom. I needed to change. I wanted to shower, but I couldn't with a house full of guests. Too weird. Plus, this was a birthday that my best friend had thrown me. Couldn't let them wait, now could I?

"So this is your bedroom?" Ashley asked me, studying all the old movie posters on my wall, from Dirty Dancing to Satisfaction. She ran her fingers over the medals I have won since I started hockey when I was 5. "You must be really good," she smiled.

I shrugged. "I just like playing for the fun of it. Don't get me wrong, winning a game really gets my blood pumping but if I'm not in it for the fun, then I don't want to be a part of it."

"Modest, I see." Ashley smiled at me, sending a slight shiver through me. "Aiden really knows how to pick them."

I briefly wondered what she meant about that but found myself not caring. "So what made you want to come to a birthday party of a girl you've never even met me before?"

I watched Ashley shrug and smile at me. "Aiden really wanted me to meet you. He's head over heels in love with you and I thought it'd be nice to see who won the heart of my favourite cousin." She arched her eyebrow and I swear she looked me up and down, like she approved.

"Spencer?" Kyla came running into my room with Aiden right behind her. "After we hang out here for a bit, did you want to go to the movies?"

Before I nodded my head, I looked at Ashley, who nodded for me. "That should be fun!" I smiled and shooed everyone out so I could change. Aiden wanted to stay and 'help' me change, but I wasn't in the mood for any kind of foreplay that he was thinking about. Most girls at school would love to have Aiden whip it out for them, but I guess I was different. Was the guy a good kisser? Yes. Was he decent in bed? Sure, not that I can compare it to anyone, he's the only person I've ever slept with. Does he make a good best friend? Definitely. Do I love him? After meeting Ashley, I was beginning to doubt my love for Aiden. Was I really in love with him?

I guess I should have introduced myself. My name is Spencer Carlin. I was a Senior at Southwood High and was on the best co-op hockey team out there in Southern Ontario. I had a boyfriend who would worship the ground I walked on, and a thing on the side with someone he was very close too.

Somewhere down the road, the life that I craved to have, quickly crumbled beneath my feet. When you're seventeen, people say you're too young to know what loss and love feels like.

I'd like to disagree. I found out all too well what both feel like and how it affected me.

Here's my story of how it all happened and how it changed my life.

- - - -