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"You're impossible"

I muttered, I sighed out trying to avoid the headache, it was useless I could already feel a pression against my skull. I opened my eyes just to see my mother dancing gracefully around the living room as she packed anything that got in her way, she turned around and smiled widely at my comment and stopped her dancing, carefully placing her hands in her hips, her lips twitched slowly.

"Be nice Bells." she said as she gestured towards the blonde guy that was standing on a corner of the room. "Jasper why don't you take Bells to the meeting with your brothers? I'm sure Carlise and I will join you later." she smiled charmingly again and it took me a second to notice that Jasper's smile matched.

I stormed out of the house, I could hear Jasper's steps close behind me, he picked up my pace quickly because I tend to walk slowly, just to prevent accidents, like falling down. I always end up with my face in the floor anyway. I felt the sun burning my skin through the cotton of my shirt, the heat was consuming me. I wanted this summer from hell to end already, this endless nightmare to freaking end, but it never did. Before I could even blink Jasper was standing besides me grinning. I felt the sudden urge to punch him in the middle of the face, I curled my fingers, just to prevent an accident.

"You don't have to be nervous." he leaned closer to whisper this and I immedeatly stopped..

"I'm not nervous, damn it." I was pretty sure my teeth were clenching

"Okay, don't bite me. The restaurant is a block from here, but you look kind of ditzy, want me to carry you?" and he flashed his perfect pearly teeth at me, was it everyone in Dr. Cullen's family prettier than me? I looked so insignificant compared to them, my mother of course fitted the picture perfectly with her flawless happiness, at least she fitted perfectly with Dr. Cullen and Jasper I hadn't met the two other kids yet. But both of them seemed delighted by the fact that Esme Platt was about to join their little perfect family. The line of my thoughts was interrupted yet again by Jasper's hand pulling at my jacket. I guess he had forgot he could actually tell me we were there. I walked into the salon and an enourmous guy approached me, he stopped in front of me and picked me up and hugged me. I was sure every bone in my tiny body was broken.

"Hello little sister! I've been wanting to meet you for so long!"

"I...can't...breathe..." the words stumbled out of my mouth, it sounded like I was being choked.

He laughed and Jasper laughed along, when he finally let me down I couldn't help but to notice that he was completly perfect too. Unlike Jasper he was a brunette with curly hair, and a cheeky childish smile. And he was huge, he was bigger than Jasper. He looked more like a grizzly bear than an actual human. But still he was perfect. Flawless. God where did this people come from?

"Let's go and sit down." I said dryly, and I started walking towards one of the tables, I noticed Jasper and Emmett were following me and so was our waitress, who seemed much more intrested in my so-called step brothers than me. I sat down and rolled my eyes at her lame attemp to flirth, flipping her hair? Ugh. "I'll have a water please, thank you." I gave her the best sour look I could manage and she walked away, whispering something, probably insulting me, Jasper and Emmett laughed.

"So lil' sis it's a bitch, huh?" Emmett winked at me and Jasper coughed to hide his laughter. I rolled my eyes, this was going to be a disaster. It wasn't bad enough that I had to move in with this people and watch as my mother got married but now I had to bond with them? Ugh. "Edward's gonna love it, he has a thing for girls like you." I rolled my eyes "Didn't you meet him at the wedding reharsal?"

"Wedding reharsal?" I arched my eyebrow, they both looked surprised by the look in my face "Wait? What?"

"Yes...Edward's going to be the best man and your mom said you were going to be the bridesmaid."

I felt a lump forming in my throat and like someone had dropped a wall on me. "Bridesmaid?" The words stumbled out of my mouth slowly and I noticed that my vision was getting blurry, I had to get out of there, I needed some air, my legs were shaking, this was too much for my poor brain to take, after seventeen years of me and my mother I couldn't deal with a whole new family all of a sudden. I couldn't be someone little sister. In my desperation to get out of the restaurant I crashed into our waitress and as soon as I did she dropped everything that was in her hands and not onto me but onto the guy that was standing behind her. Great, now tears were coming to my eyes, tears of embarrasment because everyone in there was staring at me, I continued running and as soon as I got out of there and tried to stop I fell to the floor, I couldn't care less, I closed my eyes and concentrated on my crying, I needed it to stop. Suddenly I felt something pulling me up from the floor, it was the guy from the restaurant, the one the waitress had dropped all her stuff on.

"Are you okay?"

"Why would you care?" I tried to clean myself up, the floor was definitly dirty, and I didn't even look at the guy as I turned around and pulled my cellphone out of my pocket "Hi Alice? Can you meet me? Yes, exactly. Thank you."


"Cookie I'm so sorry this went so bad." Alice wrapped her tiny arms around my body, it scared at me at first because I was sitting on the beach and she came from behind completly unexpected, she pulled me tightly into her embrace and then sat beside me and started wipping my tears "We can go back there now if you want, they're probably worried about you, and besides now you've got me on your side, I can kick their skinny asses if they bother you." she winked at me and I laughed, Emmett himself was ten times her size "C'mon baby, let's go." she smiled at me and offered me her hand, I could never say no to my best friend I got up and she wrapped her arm around my shoulders. "You're strong Cookie, you'll get through this."

How much I wished that was true. That was just what I wanted to do. To get through this without a scratch. Without any alteration.

I just wanted to get through this.


"Bella you're here!" Jasper's worried tone surprised me "We were worried about you. Where'd you go? Don't ever do that again." I walked right by him, what the hell did he think that he was my mother?, and sat down in the table again. When Alice passed by him, he stopped her grabbing her by the arm "Excuse me?" he arched his eyebrow and Alice grinned fiercely at him.

"Mary Alice Brandon." she said cordially, every word that ever came out of her mouth always sounded like music, Alice was like a china doll, as flawless as one too. Emmett smiled at her and then at me.

"Edward should be here in any minute, he would be here by now but some moron crashed into the waitress and made her drop all the drinks she was holding on him, he was pissed as hell, besides it seems like the little bitch..."

"Enough, Emmett." a velvety and strangely familiar voice interrupted him, he looked up and smiled, I was guessing he was Edward. But why did he seem so familiar to me? Who was...oh wait...oh no. Shit. He was the guy who had followed me outside the restaurant. Oh crap. I felt the blush creeping up my cheeks quickly. "Isabella..." he said smiling as he sat down "A pleasure."

I bit my lip shyly and looked away, Alice rolled her eyes and started talking to Edward, they actually seemed to have a lot in common. And of course I didn't miss the way that Jasper was staring at her. Of course he would like her, everyone liked Alice. I sighed out and closed my eyes, resting my head in my hands, a second later I felt something poking my back, I turned around and my mother was there.

"Baby, you couldn't hold up half an hour without Alice?" she whispered in my ear when she hugged me and I laughed. "Alice you can leave if you want to."

"Well I don't want to, but I must...my mom was texting me." she smiled as she got up and gave me a quick hug "It was awesome to meet you all, Jasper, Edward, Emmett." and my three step brothers turned around to look at her in a state of awe. Everyone liked Alice. She walked away dancing in a way that was ballerina worthy. "I'll call you, Cookie!"

Edward laughed at my nickname and I was suddenly caught up in the way his green eyes sparkled when he laughed. I pulled myself out of that state, it was probably just me being overly emotional and noticing things I shouldn't. I ran my fingers through my hair and excused myself saying I needed some air. I walked away slowly trying not to trip over anything and made it out of the restaurant succesfully. I stopped in the sidewalk and wrapped my own arms around me. It was getting cold. Once again, someone was poking my back, I turned around ready to start another fight, only to find Edward standing there, his arms folded over his chest and a huge grin was spread across his face.

"You're utterly absurd." he said, I was feeling like punching him again, why did the Cullen boys had this effect on me? "Really? Some air? We're sitting on the deck Isabella, you have all the air you can get."

"It's Bella." I hated when people called me Isabella.

"Oh I don't think so, Isabella." he grinned again and I bit my lip in frustration "Sorry, you're just funny when you're mad."

"Well I'm glad you find my anger amusing. Now if you excuse me..." I started walking away but he pulled me by the jacket "Let me go!"

"You're coming back in." he wouldn't let me go and he was clearly stronger than me. "God, you're a stubborn one, huh? I guess we'll have a rocky relationship sis."

"Can you just leave me alone! Damn it! What's so amusing about me? Don't you have someone else to annoy? I mean you don't even know me." He started laughing when I finished rambling and that just got me even more frustrated.

"Well you got me covered in soda, don't you think I should get my revenge?" I pushed him away, this guy was Mr. Jerk is was starting to annoy me. How was I suppoused to live with him?

"No. I think you should just leave me alone."

I think he laughed as I walked away. I rolled my eyes, I was sure I was about to explode.

Just stay the hell away from me.