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"Why did we listen to Emmett again?"

He sighed, running his fingers through his perfect bronze hair. Of course he didn't have an answer to that, neither of us did. We should have thought about it earlier when Emmett had proposed to do 'the party of the century' using as an excuse that if we didn't throw a party while our parents were out we would be the shame of school. No one really cared for his idiotic excuses of course, the only thing I cared about was that it was three a.m and I wanted to sleep, and so did Edward and Jasper. I sighed, wondering if we would ever get out of this closet. This had been such a bad idea. I blew my hair and pouted like a three year old. Thinking that Alice was out there, that she had arrived and I wasn't there with her. Shit. She would probably pounce Jasper when she saw him. Edward's voice pulled me out of my thoughts of Alice fighting Jasper. His voice was rough, if velvet could be and he said it as he looked me directly in the eyes.

"It was three a.m."


12 hours earlier

"Emmett! Let me sleep...go back to bed please!" I begged in a desperate attempt to calm my brother.

"But Bella! C'mon I just thought about it! We could throw a party it would be amazing! The whole school could come, and there would be lots of...fun."

"Emmett I'm going to pounce you in minus ten seconds if you are still here. And it's gonna hurt." He laughed

"Please do. I want to see your moves."

"God Emmett can't you just let me sleep for three hours? Wait for the sunrise to annoy me? Please?"

"Okay. But say you agree! Just say you agree!"

"I agree...now leave!"

And he did.


"God how long will this last?"

I could still hear the music from outside, we were so far away from the garden, where the party was taking place. We could die here and no one would ever notice. Well they would eventually.

"Obviously you have never been to one of Emmett's parties. This could last until tomorrow night if he wanted to." he flashed me a perfect smile, showing me his white pearls "Nobody walks out of a party hosted by the Cullens. You have to ask people to leave."

I rolled my eyes. Could this guy be any more full of it? He was a complete jackass. Of course in my school I had heard about the legendary Cullen parties, they usually talked about the three amazingly gorgeous brothers who hosted parties that were riots of alcohol,sex and fun. I guess. I licked my lips and bit my tongue trying to suppress the 'I've heard about them' that was trying to come out. That would only stroke his ego a little bit more. And boy, he had an ego, there was almost not room for me in this closet. I rolled my eyes again and when I lifted my head I caught him staring at me.

"What?" Okay, that came out a little bit rude, I'll admit, he arched his eyebrow "Sorry but why are you staring at me?"

"I love watching you debate in your mind. Your expressions are so...intense." I could tell that I was blushing from head to toes.

"Well I wasn't debating anything...just thinking how full of it you are." He chuckled at my come back and crawled towards me, resting his weight on his elbows. His face was just in front of me, his breath making it hard to think again.

"Full of what exactly?" he muttered

In my last attempt to remain sane and to save my dignity I rested my hand on his chest and pushed him away. With fresh air my head, well a little bit, it was easier to think something to say to his cocky ass before he started talking again, blowing his sweet breath on my face, trying to distract me. I sighed and when I looked back into his eyes, the green was on fire, sparkling. What had he asked?

"Full of shit Edward." I finally spoke, my voice was thick just like the air around us. He got closer, and pressed his cheek against mine, his lips resting on my ear lobe. Oh God.

"I hardly believe you think that about me Bella..."

I chickened. I got up and pressed my face against the door, pretending I had heard something. I knew he knew I hadn't really, I was the worst liar ever and besides this part of the house was a silent as a cemetery. If someone decided to wonder inside the Cullen's mansion we would hear them. I sighed and turned my face to the other side just so I didn't have to stare at him. He was probably shaking trying to hold back his laughter by now, I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them he was in front of me. Before I could react, he turned me around so I was pressed against the door, I was trapped between the wood and his body. I couldn't move an inch, God he was indeed very strong. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Trying to keep it cool.

"What now?"

"As I was saying before you interrupted me...I hardly believe you think that about me..." he ran his finger up and down my bare arm "In fact...I think you don't feel so strongly repulsed by me..." he slowly lifted me, my feet not longer touching the floor, my hands immediately landed on his shoulders, I knew that if I didn't find support I would fall. "I think you might even..."

"Even what...?" I hated myself for asking that. For playing his stupid game. I hated him. I hated him.

"You might even like me..." he smiled at me in a way that took my breath away I could...punch him. I'd punch him so hard right now.

"Right. That's exactly why I don't like you. You are so full of yourself. You are not the centre of the universe."

"Ah ah ah..." he laughed at me but I ignored him and continued rambling.

"You are so cool playing the 'I'm a ladies man' I bet you know nothing about woman. In fact I bet you haven't ever been in a relationship. I bet you haven't even relate to any woman yet."

"Oh Bella, little naive Bella..." he grinned at me and leaned down pressing his lips against my ear lobe again "Bella...I can make a woman, any woman, cum just by kissing her." And with that his tongue darted out of his mouth licking my ear lobe.

My breathing stopped

He was smiling obviously pleased with the situation but there was something else. Something about the way the situation made me feel.

There was something about the way he was pressing me against the wall, the dim light of the closet, the way our bodies were touching that was completely erotic. I would never admit but this was probably the most erotic moment of my life. His eyes were sparkling, the green was deep, captivating. I felt his hands on my back, holding me up and his face was so close to mine I could breathe the air he was breathing out. It smelled like him, sweet and intoxicating. He leaned closer resting his forehead on mine and I could almost touch the anticipation. I wanted him to kiss me, even if all of my senses were screaming that it was wrong. I wanted his lips on mine. I wanted him kissing me. I needed it.

What the hell had he done to me?

My breath was out of control and so was my heartbeat, I could feel every beat pushing against my ribcage and I was sure he could feel it too. Being so close to me, his chest pressed against mine, shit. I was sure that my boobs were falling out of the ridiculously small dress Alice had made me wore. His hand ran down the exposed skin of my leg and grabbed my ankle and hitched it around his waist.

That was when I heard it.

A chord of giggles that was coming down the hallway interrupting the...whatever it was that I was having with Edward. I unwrapped my leg and pushed him away lightly, my feet touching the floor again, of course I almost fell, the high heels weren't helping much. I grabbed the handle and started shouting hysterically at the door hoping someone would hear us.

"Bella? Is that you?"

Alice? Alice was here? Who was she with? Oh please God if you love me don't let her run into Jasper. She'll kill him. She'll go to jail. Death sentence. NO! My best friend...

"Bella?" she asked as she pulled the door open "What are you...Edward?" she looked back and forth between us "What are you doing here? Why were you...locked?"

"Long story, let me out please I need some fresh air." when I walked out the closet was when I noticed that Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were standing outside of the closet. Great. Did I kill someone on my previous life or something? "What are you all doing here? Aren't you supposed to be down stairs in a party?"

"Well yes..." Jasper smiled at me "But Alice noticed you were gone and she kind of freaked out and asked us to look for you.."

"I did not freak out." She rolled her eyes at him "I was just worried, I know how clumsy Bella can be."

"Afraid I had drowned in the bath tub?" I asked trying to hold back the sarcasm

"Kind of..." she paused "So what were you two doing in there?"

"Nothing." I blurted out quickly, maybe too quickly.

"Why are you so nervous Bella?" Rosalie asked all of a sudden.

"I'm not."

"Enough." Edward walked out of the closet running his fingers through his hair "We kind of got...accidentally, locked up here...Emmett why are you carrying tequila and salt?"

"We were about to get started with the body shots..." he stopped for a minute "Hey Bells...how do you feel about body shots?"


Why the hell had I agreed to this? God I hate Emmett, I can't believe he convinced me to give a public show of...licking..and drinking. In front of the whole school! I sighed as I continued watching Emmett explaining to the crowd what we were going to do. Rosalie was giggling and Alice was just rolling her eyes but I didn't miss her casual staring towards Jasper. I bit my lip as Emmett turned around to tell me who the hell was the 'lucky guy' who was going to lick my neck, he was chuckling.

"So Bella...do you want to take a guess?" he laugh louder as I rolled my eyes "Don't worry, I'll never leave a stranger to do this...so Edward's going to do it."

"WHAT? Emmett are you nuts? He is my step brother! We are practically related."

"Bella just because our parents are doing it doesn't mean we can't have some fun."

"EW" mental picture go away. " Emmett that was too much information, I don't want to. Please Emmie, let me go..." I pleaded but he just laughed

"No way little sis. Edward had never done something like this before. I can't wait to see! Jasper is recording it."

"Emmett...I hate you."

"I love you too Bells. Now lay down and let the magic begin."

I would hardly call spreading salt over my collar bone and have a guy, who happened to be my soon-to-be step-brother, magic but well Emmett had a different perspective obviously. I closed my eyes trying to relax, the music wasn't helping either. I opened my eyes just to find Edward's face inches from mine, he was smiling at me, what the hell did he find so funny?

"C'mon Bella, just think we are back in that closet..." I was sure now I was blushing like a tomato. "You didn't seem to mind back there..." he grabbed the salt and started to spread it over my collar bone, after some minutes I realized he was still doing it, I arched my eyebrow "I like...a lot of salt."

"Right-y. Get started already, the sooner the better." I muttered

And he did.

He leaned down as I took a sharp intake of breath before he pressed his lips to my throat, I cursed the tequila that Emmett had forced down my throat before I got out here, damn convincing alcohol. I could tell that people were talking but I couldn't hear them, I couldn't help but to think how wrong it was that I was enjoying while my step brother kissed me in such a...private way. I shut my eyes closed as I heard Emmett's words over and over in my head 'We all have done it Bella. There's no big deal that he's your soon-to-be-step-brother. Jessica Stanley did it with her blood brother. It's just salt' The Orange County rich-brat-I-lick-salt-off-my-family style of live obviously didn't fit me. But then Edward's tongue darted out of his mouth and I lost all train of thought. This was wrong. Utterly, completely wrong. I was going to hell. I was going to..God. Every spot of my skin he licked was burning. It was like I was suddenly on fire and he was just like gasoline, feeding the flame. He licked the last bit of salt that was resting on my skin and finally when he finished, without anyone noticing, he bit me.

Oh Jesus. He bit me.

He lifted his head slightly and got the glass, pouring the shot down his throat. I opened my eyes as I heard the people clapping, Edward offered me his hand and got me up and people carried on clapping. I blushed, from head to toe and slowly got off the 'stage'. After all the last thing I needed was to trip. I saw Jasper standing by the bar...and was that...Alice? Was she...?


The Cullens surely knew how to throw a party.