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AN I'm probably super naughty for writing this… But I can't help but think the pairing is just so unbelievably intriguing and hott…! And I don't think I'm the only one… if you clicked on this link as well. LOL! Welcome to the joys of the dark side! You knew it was going to happen SOME time.

Summary: Everything bad seems to occur to poor Uzumaki Naruto. God must really hate him. But he soon finds that being slingshot to the past is by far the least of his worries, especially when one enamoured Namikaze Minato is vying for his attentions. But how do you tell your teenage father that it's so wrong cause you're his son without revealing your secrets?

Semi-Alternated Universe
Eventual MinatoNaruto. Very one-sided for the most part.
Slash. MM. Shounen-ai. (Nothing steamy to scar you forever, though)
ANBU Captain!Minato, Jounin!Naruto


It was in the ungodly early hours of the morning. Outside, crickets chirped an eerie midnight song and an owl hooted. A short, slender teen in a standard jounin outfit yawned widely as he stretched on a rickety wooden chair before shaking his head vigorously in an attempt to clear the sudden onset of weariness. Focus, Naruto, focus! He scolded himself mentally as he ran a hand through his unkempt vibrant blonde locks, mussing it up further in his frustration. He straightened up and tried to blink the sleep out of his azure blue eyes, focusing on the fine prints etched upon the tattered, browning scroll.

He had been searching through some of the oldest scrolls in the library for months, and he was no closer as the first day he had set foot upon this place in finding a way to get back home to his time. It was infuriating, and it made his stomach churn unpleasantly at the possibility that he wouldn't ever be able to go back.

The very idea of time travel was so inconceivable that it simply wasn't possible!

Well, that was what he used to think, anyway. He was proved wrong when two different jutsus had hit him at the same time, and all that he saw after that was a veil of endless, crimson red.

Blood red.

The colour of the Kyuubi's chakra.

After replaying the scenario over and over in his head, Naruto deduced that in an act of self-preservation, the fox had hastily tried to save itself - and inadvertently, its host - from instant death and was somehow also connected to the mess that he was in right now. Don't get him wrong, he was thankful that he wasn't six feet under already. But, why couldn't the demon simply resort to casting some barrier jutsu instead of using one that ended up clashing with the other two jutsus and hurling him to the past? Although, he supposed that it wasn't entirely the nine-tailed demon's fault... surely the fox couldn't have possibly known that it would have such a strange backfiring effect.

His right hand carefully made it way down to where the cursed seal normally lay and he kept his hand there, dimly noting the warmth that seeped from his hand and onto his covered stomach. The fox hadn't so much as stirred since they had arrived. He wondered if the time travel to the past had affected it somehow.

The past…

Where Namikaze Minato, his father, still walked the very streets of Konoha. Very much alive and breathing and was seventeen years of age.

His age.

Honestly, what kind of freakish coincidence was that?

Naruto groaned in exasperation, briefly recalling his initial meeting with the older-by-months teenage ANBU captain. He had felt a huge spike in someone's chakra signature only moments after his arrival and had immediately tracked its source down, curious. To say he was surprised at what he found at the end of the trail would be quite the understatement. Curiosity had almost killed this inquisitive cat.

Speaking of chakra presences…


His name was spoken softly - almost carefully - gently carrying over the empty library as if the owner was afraid Naruto would suddenly bolt.

Well, would you look at that. Speak of the devil himself.

Naruto looked up from the dim, dancing ember of the candle and offered a wan smile of greeting to the newcomer, whose cloaked body was silhouetted mysteriously against the silvery glow of the full moon outside the windows. The ANBU captain slipped skilfully through the open gap that Naruto himself had used to enter the library at this late hours and landed without a sound.

He pushed his hood off his head and stealthily strode over to the desk full of scrolls that Naruto sat in front of, hand moving to take the white mask off his face. The removal of the porcelain white animal mask allowed the soft caress of the pale, orange-yellow light of the candle to reveal the handsome features of a young seventeen year old. His sapphire blue eyes darker than Naruto's own, and his hair taking on a darker golden hue in comparison to that of Naruto's bright sunshine locks.

"Good evening, Minato. Or should that be 'good morning'?" Naruto greeted his teenage father amicably with an impish grin that revealed his pearly whites, forgetting his tiredness momentarily. He was reluctant to admit it, but he loved seeing Minato. There was just something about seeing your father while he was still alive and kicking. Ignoring the fact that he was your age, anyway. Naruto partly wanted to utilize this opportunity of being in a time period different from his own - which was a curse at times, but a blessing in others - to learn a bit more about Minato. And perhaps spend some father-son time that he had missed out on, if the situation allowed for it. Although, Minato wouldn't know that, of course. The only problem he had was getting too attached to certain people in this time. "How come you're not in bed yet? I would expect that you would be tired from that mission."

"Sensed your presence nearby." The other admitted with a sheepish shrug, eyes refusing to meet his own. "Thought I'd come keep you of trouble before I went home." Minato finally looked at him and smiled as he pulled over a chair to sit next to the smaller blonde. "Do tell, why are you still up so late? And what's this you're researching so frantically that it can't possibly wait until after dawn?" Curiously, the ANBU captain reached over and plucked one of the many scrolls off the table, opening it and reading several lines with keen interest.

"Ah!" Naruto panicked and was startled into action, kicking himself mentally. He was a complete idiot! He did this late at night because he wanted to make sure that Minato or anyone else wouldn't find out what he was researching. It could cause suspicions or provide the necessary clues as to why he suddenly made a strange appearance as a Konoha shinobi of jounin rank despite the fact that no one had ever seen him before.

A soft hum of interest was drawn out from his companion, "Time travel?" Minato's eyebrow rose delicately as he caught the gist of the content that lay within as he continued to peruse the scroll.

"Go ahead, laugh." Naruto gloomily muttered, attempting to snatch the scroll back, heart beating fast. Minato wasn't stupid, he'd probably realize sooner or later. "You already know that I have a general interest in it... and I forgot the time as I read through them." He tacked on the lie lamely, keeping his face straight.

Minato's lip twitched slightly in amusement, and his faster reflexes pulled the document away from Naruto's sudden swipe just in the nick time, holding it out to his other side so that the jounin would have to reach across him if he wanted to get it.

Scowling, Naruto took a firm grip of Minato's right shoulder with his left hand and dove for the scroll held hostage on the left side of his mischievous father, right hand outstretched. He uncaringly and shamelessly allowed himself to go sprawling all over the other teen's lap. He couldn't help but take note that perhaps he may have inherited his playful streak from his father's side.

Shocked at the unexpected move, Minato's grip on the scroll loosened, allowing Naruto to victoriously seize it back with a cry of 'Hah!' and bare minimal effort. A pink, demure blush dusted the ANBU captain's fairer skin as the blonde jounin pulled back, the warmth that his body had provided only mere seconds ago receding away quickly and leaving Minato rather disappointed. He swallowed thickly and forced a cough, turning his blushing face away in order to regain his composure. Thankfully, Naruto was focused on collecting all the scrolls littering the table in order to replace them in their shelves and containers.

It was a moment later that Minato started to help his friend pack up, his fair skin its normal healthy hue.

"Would you like me to accompany you home?" Minato offered kindly as he slipped through the open window pane and landed on the grass below it, next to the waiting jounin.

Naruto couldn't stop the laughter that bubbled up, "No, I'm not a toddler, I can find my way back home in the dark without getting lost, dad." He froze at his slip up and his wide eyes slid over to his companion cautiously to guage the slightly older teen's reaction.

Minato, however, had his face turned away from him. "Oh, shut up. I'm sorry if it's such a crime that I just want to make sure you get home safely." He muttered lowly, rubbing the back of his head, fingers tracking through his own mat of blonde hair. It was a seemingly-unconcious habit that Naruto noticed Minato do often enough that he had come to associate it as his father's way of signalling that he was feeling a little tense or awkward. He had been doing it an awful lot recently, and it came to the point where Naruto hardly ever found the source of the other's discomfort. Perhaps he had upgraded it into a full time habit.

The shorter blonde smiled at the reply, by now he understood it when kids rolled their eyes and exclaimed, 'Jeez, parents.', "Ah, you insult me, Minato. Both you and I know I'm perfectly capable of handling myself." He teased good-naturedly, playfully nudging the taller shinobi. How could anyone forget that awesome time he had miraculously caught the ANBU captain off-guard during one of their sparring matches? It was one that Minato had been teased over for weeks!

Naruto waited with a bated breath for Minato to scowl and retort with something witty to defend his manly pride, but he instead just sighed and pulled off his ANBU cloak, turning slightly to face the jounin so that he could drape the material over the smaller boy's shoulders. The expression within his eyes was unreadable, but something had flickered within their depths. Naruto frowned slightly, wondering if he had imagined it. "At least take my cloak so that you don't catch a cold… idiot." Before Naruto could collect his thoughts together, the young captain had already disappeared, melding fluidly into the darkness with a soft, "Goodnight, Naruto."

"...Goodnight…" Naruto responded belatedly. A little confused about what had just transpired, he clutched the cloak that still held much of its owner's previous warmth, subconciously relishing the added heat that toned down the chilly wind. Heh. Parents, indeed. He shook his head in mild amusement before making his way back home.

AN That actually wrote itself a lot better than I had expected it to. One-sided MinaNaru, especially at the start. Cause one-sided comedy romance would be especially funny for this pairing. Especially if Teenage!Minato is after oblivious Naruto. Imagine the chaos...

"Can you stop staring at me like that? It's a little unnerving." Naruto shifts edgily away from a rather intense stare of one virgin teenage ANBU captain, who just happens to be his future dad.
"I was just thinking it would be nice to spend quality time together. Just you and me. Uh… Training…"
Naruto perks up, ignoring the odd way that the last word is drawn out very slowly, "You mean like father and son?"
"Hmn, not quite… guess again." Wait… was, was that a leer?
Naruto cringes, taking a step back. "Ah… I don't think that's right…. Not a good idea."
"Care to give me a reason why?" Gulp. Did… did he just let out a purring sound? Shiver.
"…" He wondered nervously just how far and how long he'd be able to run if he was running from Konoha's famous Yellow Flash to save his ass. Literally.


I'm just joking!

LOL! I won't make Minato a perv, but be reminded that he is a virgin teenager. Hehehe. Don't worry, there will be eventual MinaNaru which will last… until Naruto needs to go back home, that is. Oh, the drama! Well, not really, cause this is humour-romance.

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