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Tara sighed deeply causing Spike to chuckle.

"You know love, we really don't need to breath, all that sighing…"

"I'm feeling thoughtful and when I do I tend to sigh. I've been human a lot longer than I've been a vampire. Deal." She lightly bit the end of his nose.

"What are you so thoughtful about?" He asked quietly. Spike had heard one side of her conversation with Willow the night before and was waiting for her to tell him about it.

"I was thinking about Willow, I really hope she can find some happiness." She turned in his arms to face him. "Oz contacted her and she invited him to see her, spend some time, get reacquainted. I hope she doesn't use him unfairly, he's a really sweet guy."

"Is it Oz your worried about? Or is it Willow?" Spike searched her face for any signs of regret.

Tara's face was blank for a moment, realization suddenly dawning on her.

"Oh Spike! You really are so sweet, but I have no desire to be with Willow. She's my past, granted a big part of my past, but a past that's over. You, my sweet man, you are my future for what may be a very long time." She pulled away to straddle his hips and look closely into his eyes.

"Are you prepared to spend god only knows how many centuries with me?" Her voice held humor.

"Gods Tara, you are everything. But you didn't choose this, it was chosen for you. I was chosen for you…" He couldn't continue.

"Sweetie, I never knew just how much I needed you, but now that I do I am so excited at the prospects we have. And all the time we have to do it all in. Together." She lifted her hips and impaled herself on Spike's ever-ready shaft.

Tara moaned deeply. "Do you doubt me? Doubt my commitment? Doubt my love?"

"I'm sorry baby, never, never again." Spike rolled until Tara was under him and kissed her deeply. "Never again."

Buffy bit her bottom lip at the sight that greeted her in the kitchen. Spike had his arm over Tara's shoulder as they drank breakfast and conversed with Dawn.. The slayer had to chuckle at how sweet they looked together. Across from them, her sister was bottle feeding Connor as she spoke to him in incoherent murmurs and carried on a conversation with her two best friends. And Conner, his face filled with awe as he looked up at his beautiful 'auntie'.

Cordelia and Wes were arguing over what type of scale they should use to charge clients, Cordelia winning, which should've have never been doubted by the ex-watcher.

Fred and Gunn were finishing up the preparation of edible breakfast items and laying plates in the center of the table. And Angel, her Angel was watching her, a look of contentment filling his face.

Sighing, she turned and retreated to the lobby, Angel fast on her heels.

Angel caught up to her and pulled her to him.

"So wife, what's with the grim face?" He felt her shrug and sigh.

"It's all so perfect, you know? I mean, look at us, we're a family. It scares me Angel." Buffy voice was low so only he could hear her. "It's as close to perfection as I could've ever imagined. Can it be real? Can it last?" Her voice, almost a whisper now.

"Baby, we'll do our best. Keep fighting the good fight and live this life we have fought so fucking hard for. I will not give up any of it without a fight and I know you won't either. We are a family now. A strong family. I honestly don't think the powers would've let us come this far and then take it all away." He kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer.

"We have it all baby, and everyday I'll give thanks to every god and goddess, to every power, and everyday I'll see you and know that I am finally with my soul-mate." Angel nuzzled her neck.

"I'll age Angel, you'll stay young and Connor and I, we'll age…" Buffy stifled a sob.

He sat down and pulled Buffy onto his lap.

"We have time sweetheart. This isn't something we need to get into right now." Angel kisses her softly.

Buffy pulled away and looked into his eyes. "Angel?"

"Like I said, we have time." He smiled and kissed her again. Angel knew he would have to eventually turn her, the thought of a life without her was unthinkable. And given time he knew she would feel the same way.

He felt her hesitate, knowing what her lover had in mind, but unable to acknowledge it yet.

"Don't even go there now Buffy. Like I said, we have time. Let's just enjoy what we have now. Let's enjoy each other and Connor and Dawnie. Everyone." He stood up and set her on the ground.

"Now, are you ready for some breakfast?" He asked with that intoxicating smile that got to her every time.

She smiled as he threw his arm over her shoulder and led her back into the kitchen. "Yeah, I guess I'm pretty hungry."