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"His name is Claw. He is the newest member of the clan and his coming of age hunt is due. He has been fully equipped and endured the bonding ceremony honorably. His last test is now due, do you deem him satisfactory?"

Claw stood in the center of a council of elders, baring his head proudly, knowing that fear does not exist in the heart of a predator. His training master, Wolf, stood, presenting him to the council. The last thing standing in the way of him and his first hunt was their approval. He had been trained as long as his memory went back, and if he passed this last test of skill, he would be deemed a predator and would be allowed to hunt on his own. They studied him intently for a time, looking him over to see that he was properly equipped, but more so that his physical build attested to his endurance. The fact that he had already endured the bonding process of not one, but two sets of blades, one on each arm without showing a single sign of pain surely would help him to earn the elders approval. The leader of the clan stood, a large, veteran hunter that had been to more worlds than any of the others had even seen. His trophy room was filled with skulls from the most dangerous creatures that were known to their kind, Including the crest of a fully grown xzenomorph female.

"The council approves, he may go." Now his real test began.

The moment Claw was given the councils approval, Wolf pressed a button he was near and Claw felt himself get transported to the planet below. He had received training in combat and physical conditioning, but had received little insight on what was on the planet where his first hunt was to take place. This was part of the challenge, he was equipped with certain weapons and tools, but he had to figure out the lay of the land, and what will be useful. Once he had been beamed down, he fitted his helmet into place and looked around. He was in the center of a place with many, many colorful plants. He could hear countless animals moving through the brush and the air was pleasantly warm and steamy. At first the waves of warm air made his natural infrared vision clouded and confusing, but once he had his mask in place he was able to set it to a less confusing vision mode.

He knew that the first thing to do was to find and study his prey, watching its habits and learn about the native creatures and land. That meant that he would be in camouflage for the first few days. He activated his camouflage and set off, mostly staying in the trees as he knew that the xzenomorphs preferred to stay on the ground. He also spent most of the daylight hours studying the terrain and creatures that were native, determining which were a threat and which were not. The night hours were used for looking for his pre determined prey, as the xzenomorphs preferred the dark, wet areas. By the third day of his search he spotted several face huggers clinging to sheltered rocks near a waterfall, waiting for night fall to look for a host. By the fourth day, he spotted several young xzenomorphs in the jungle, hunting and eating by night and hiding by day. He stayed in the trees, observing the creatures of the forest, and by the fifth day he had a good understanding of the dangerous and benign species, and knew the terrain almost as well as his home planet. He had eaten only once in that time, due to the fact that he was expending little energy in his observation mode, though he covered several miles worth of the forest each day. By the sixth day he decided that he had studied his prey long enough, he would eat and sleep during that day, but that night, he would begin the hunt in earnest.

The night he determined to finally attack his prey came swiftly, and he was already on the move by sundown. He followed the signs he had learned to spot that showed where his prey would be, a special mode of vision set on his helmet as xzenomorphs were completely cold and didn't give off a heat signature. He found the usual signs along his tracking, mangled carcasses, strange slashing marks on trees and plants and the distinctive saliva that glowed blue under his xzenomorph vision.

After tracking his prey for an hour, he found two xzenomorphs drinking out of a stream that ran under several palm trees and large ferns. He activated his camouflage and crept down from the tree he was in, looking carefully at the xzenomorphs behavior to see if they heard him. The two finished their drink and were about to run off into the brush when he attacked the larger one with his now extended wrist blades. He had leapt on top of the alien, one foot on it's spine, the other under its neck, the surprised creature hissed, throwing glowing saliva onto Claw's face mask as it whipped its head to face him. His camouflage had deactivated when he had attacked, so the creatures companion quickly joined the brawl, lashing its barbed tail at Claw's neck. Claw was able to doge the attack, but it forced him to jump from his enemy's back. The two turned quickly to face him, lashing their tails as they leapt to try and pin him to the ground. He again jumped out of their way, but one cut a deep gash into his back with its tail, spilling glowing green blood from the wound. As he turned to face them again, one climbed a tree, looking for an advantage, while the other continued to attack him on the ground. Claw had seen the other xzenomorph climb the tree but was too busy with the one on the ground to do any thing at the moment. The one facing him twisted its body, circling around him as he threw a bladed disc at its tail. Despite the speed with which the xzenomorph tried to dodge the attack, the blade sliced the barbed part of its tail, sending a spray of acidic blood toward Claw. The creature roared and hissed in fury, still flicking its wounded tail back and forth, leaving a trail of acid eaten plants. Claw jumped toward the enraged creature, blades bared. With a swift stroke, he delivered a double killing blow through the xzynomorphs head, and with a last roar and snap of its tongue, it fell to the ground. Claw quickly remembered the other xzenomorph and turned his head upwards in time to see it leap from it's tree towards him, its barbed tail aimed at his heart. He jumped to the left of the attack, its tail catching the armor on his shoulder. He sliced towards the tail as it flicked across his helmet, leaving four deep gashes in the right side of the metal. As it circled around for another attack, he aimed his blaster at it and dispatched it.

As is customary for a predator's first kill, he took off his helmet and picked up the barbed tail of the first xzenomorph that he had killed, marking a customary symbol on his left brow with its blood. He did the same to his helmet. Then, he took the skull from the same alien and proceeded to clean it in the river, washing away the acidic blood so that he could handle it safely. Once the blood was gone, he took a bleaching solution from his belt and bleached it clean, removing all but the bone from the skull. He would have to wait until the ship picked him up to finish cleaning the skull and polish it. As his first kill, he also took the very tip of the barbed tail and one of its foot claws, cleaning and polishing them carefully, then stringing them onto a piece of wire and onto his belt. He stood proudly, baring his head in victory toward the ship that was orbiting the planet, waiting for him to complete his task, or die trying.

Once he had finished dispatching the rest of the xzenomorphs on the planet with him, the ship landed to pick him up. The elders and Wolf came to receive him, and he was no longer treated with the scrutiny that he was before the hunt. On the trip back to the home planet he retold his tale with some of the other newly appointed predators, comparing his trophies with theirs. Once he got back, he went to his appointed trophy wall in the building that housed his clans trophy, mounting the skull in its place.

200 years later………….

Claw woke from his dream, surprised that he was awake at all. His battle with the many xzenomorphs that had over run his clan had wounded him mortally, leaving him, the leader as the only one left. A month ago the xzenomorphs had attacked the predators home planet in countless numbers, overrunning and killing everyone there. Claw's clan had been one of the few clans that were left in the final stand against the invasion, and every predator had fought to his last breath. Many had detonated their wrist bombs in their last moments, taking many of the aliens with them, but the numbers were far to great to overcome. Claw had received many slice and stab wounds, and nearly all of his armor was eaten away by xzenomorph blood. The last few members of his clan, believing him to be dead, had put him into a small ship and laid him in state, sending it away into space so that the aliens couldn't dishonor their leaders body. Now all he could do was lay there, waiting to die from his many wounds. He had no strength to try and heal himself with what little was left of his medical kit, or to put himself out of his own misery. He closed his eyes, breathing in gasps, feeling hot blood running down his face and into his mouth. He couldn't tell, but it felt like he was bleeding internally as well, though he had no strength to cough either. It wasn't much longer until he passed out, knowing that it wouldn't be long before the predators would be extinct.