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Chapter 1: It All Started With A Bet

"Nyaa!! Have you guys ever wondered if buchou has ever fallen in love?" asked Eiji with a grin that almost reached the edges of his face. It was after practice, and only a few of the regulars were still on the court, namely Eiji, Fuji, Oishi and Momoshiro. The rest have already left for the reasons that they had something else to do, they were in a hurry or they feared the stampede of love-struck fangirls.

"Dunno. I doubt he ever could anyway." Momo said as he started packing his things.

"Then again, he IS human. I guess he still has the ability to do that anyway…" commented Fuji with his usual sadistic smile. He looked up at the gray and cloudy sky while waiting for those two to finish. 'Hmm…seems like it's gonna rain soon…' he thought and looked back at the others. "Okay!! I'm done!! Let's go then." they said.

They slowly headed to the gate leading back to the school. "Up until now I've noticed that he hasn't shown any signs of interest for any of the girls he's met..." Oishi remarked as he looked over to his companions "What do you think?"

"Yeah that's true..." Eiji closed his eyes "But who knows? Maybe a girl could come at anytime and sweep ol' sempai off his feet. Then maybe he'd be nicer and he'd go easier on us!!" He said while trying to picture a happy-go-lucky laughing Tezuka in his mind.

"Nah…I doubt that...Wishful thinking, Eiji, wishful thinking…" Fuji sighed

They walked in silence, thinking of all the things they'd said and heard just then. Finally they reached the school door.

"Well I have to go now, I've got something to do." said Oishi to the others. "Right then, Ja!" he shouted and ran into the school ahead.

"Wow he sure was in a hurry…"remarked Eiji, surprised.

He looked back at the other two, expecting a comment, but there was only silence.

"Well then, let's have a bet!" he exclaimed happily. "You guys bet that buchou will not fall in love this year and never will—"

"Oi!! I didn't say that he'll NEVER fall in love—"Momo shouted.

"Yeah, I didn't say that either." said Fuji.

"Eh?" Eiji looked at both of them and sighed. "Fine then nyaa you guys bet that buchou will NOT fall in love this year, and I bet that he WILL fall in love this year." Eiji crossed his arms over his chest and grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

"What's the prize then? Or, should I say the consequence for losing this bet?" Momoshiro asked Eiji. All three of them looked at each other in silence as a breeze blew the leaves of the trees, making the scene more intense.

"Ah…I know…" the two looked at Fuji as his smile grew more sadistic. "The losers have to do whatever the winner says for an entire month, without any complaints."

"Eh!? AN ENTIRE MONTH!?" Eiji and Momo paused for a moment

"Fine then." said Momo,

"Sounds fun nyaa!" said a very excited Eiji.

"Just don't cry if you lose." said Fuji to both of them.

"Yeah, yeah. So I guess we should head back to class now?" said Momo, opening the door.

"NYAA!?" Eiji's scream made all of them jump. "SHOOT! WE FORGOT ALL ABOUT CLASSES!!" "EH!? YOU'RE RIGHT!!" And with that, they all sped back into the school.

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