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Upon waking, the first thing Yuffie pondered was why she was so comfortable. She'd spent three long days sitting in the hard chair by Vincent's bed and her butt had become quite sore. The ninja didn't think the chair would be any better to sleep in. Next, she wondered why she was so warm. This wasn't the type of warmth that came from a blanket. This was much better and there was a comfort inherent in the sensation. Curiosity had Yuffie opening her eyes to observe her surroundings.

It only took about two seconds for the princess to realize that she was so comfortable because she slept in a bed. It took almost three more seconds for Yuffie to realize that the warmth was coming from another body. One second after that she realized that she was nestled in bed next to a sleeping Vincent.

Blushing, Yuffie jerked into a sitting position, coloring further when she became aware that she had been sleeping with her head pillowed on Vincent's shoulder. How did I get here?

The ninja was pleased to see that some hints of color had returned to Vincent's pale features. Also, the pinched looked had eased from his face and it now appeared that Vincent slept peacefully in a healing sleep.

"You're going to be okay, Vinnie," Yuffie murmured quietly. The girl attempted to get out of the bed but froze when Vincent's crimson eyes fluttered open.

The gunman looked blearily around the room for a moment before finding the disturbance that had awoken him. "Yuffie."

"Vinnie you're awake!" Yuffie cried joyously. In her ecstatic relief Yuffie forgot her embarrassment and nearly pounced on him wrapping him in as much of a hug as she could accomplish while Vincent was laying down.

Vincent winced slightly at her exuberance as his body was still sore but couldn't repress the small, affectionate smile that tugged at the corners of his lips. Vincent even allowed himself to slip his human arm around her shoulders to return the hug as best he could. After all she'd done for him, and how much worry he'd obviously caused her, he really couldn't refuse the girl a mere hug. He would not admit, not even to himself, how much he enjoyed that hug.

Eventually, Yuffie seemed to remember where she was and what she was doing. Blushing furiously, the girl pulled back, and sat up. "Sorry about that," she said sheepishly.

"There is no need to be sorry," Vincent told her. Tentatively easing himself into a sitting position Vincent blushed slightly himself when Yuffie quickly assisted him and propped the pillows up so he could rest comfortably against them.

Deciding to remain on the bed, Yuffie shifted into a cross legged position a broad smile lighting up her pretty face. "You look a lot better, Vince. You were in really bad shape there."

"Yes," Vincent acknowledged remembering the pain he had experienced after his confrontation with Omega. "I am still weak but I will recover." Shyly, Vincent glanced over at the ninja, "Tifa told me that you haven't left my side the past three days."

Yuffie blushed again but answered, "Well, duh, Vinnie, I promised you that I wouldn't leave you."

"I should never have asked such a thing from you," Vincent replied, "It is too much."

"Vincent," Yuffie snapped, "Don't you dare feel bad because I kept a promise that I wanted to make. We're friends. I said I wouldn't leave you so I didn't. My choice. End of story. And if you start to get all broody, Leviathan help me, as soon as you're healed I'll kick your ass!"

"Yes, Yuffie," Vincent said with mock submissiveness.

Yuffie giggled at this rare proof that Vincent Valentine did in fact have a sense of humor.

"How did I get in bed with you, Vinnie?" Yuffie asked, blushing again.

Vincent too, seemed to turn the slightest bit red, "Well, you were exhausted . . . and that chair couldn't have been comfortable. After all you've done for me it was the least I could do."

Yuffie's smile was blinding. "Aw, Vinnie, that's sweet!"

Vincent was saved from further embarrassment by the arrival of a nurse with a tray of food. The gunslinger dutifully ate all of it knowing he needed it to regain his strength. Of course, he doubted he had much of a choice. Yuffie watched him intently and would have probably have attempted to force feed him if necessary.

Soon after Vincent ate, Cloud, Tifa, Cid, and Barrett returned along with Marlene and Denzel. Marlene fussed a great deal over him and even Denzel seemed relieved at seeing first hand that Vincent would be well.

"Where's Reeve?" Yuffie asked, sitting on the edge of the bed, legs swinging.

"He had some WRO business to take care of," Tifa explained, "Reeve said he'd be by tomorrow for sure."

By this time, Vincent was becoming tired and Cloud began to herd the others out of the room. When Yuffie hesitated, Vincent gave her a stern look.

"You need your rest too, Yuffie," he scolded, "I would not wish you to become ill because you did not take care of yourself. I will be fine."

Yuffie smiled and hopped off the bed, "Only if you're sure."

"I'm sure," Vincent assured her, "Go home and get some rest."

"Okay," Yuffie agreed, "But I'll be back first thing in the morning!"

Yuffie was true to her word. The first thing Vincent saw when he opened his eyes was Yuffie's smiling face.

It was another week before Vincent was released from the hospital. Though his friends visited regularly, Yuffie was there every single day. Vincent found his gaze on her often and feelings he'd thought dead began to stir in his heart. Yuffie's energetic light kept the shadow's of his past at bay. This was only made more complete by the knowledge that Chaos had returned to the planet and would plague him no longer.

On the day that Vincent was released, Yuffie came to get him. The two had been invited to stay with Cloud and Tifa until Vincent was well enough to be on his own again though Tifa had hinted that Vincent was quite welcome for a prolonged stay. Cloud had said that Marlene was thrilled that "Uncle Vincent" was going to be staying with them.

Despite Vincent's protests, Yuffie helped him carry his meager belongings up to his room. "We don't want you overdoing it, Vinnie," she chirped.

Setting his bag down on the floor, Yuffie turned to go. "I guess I'll let you get settled in."

Gathering his courage Vincent said, "Wait."

Turning back, Yuffie tilted her head curiously, "What is it, Vince?"

"Yuffie . . . I . . ." Unable to find the words, Vincent took drastic measures. Pulling the slender ninja into his arms, Vincent lowered his lips onto hers. Yuffie jerked in surprise and thinking his advances were unwelcome Vincent was about to pull back when Yuffie wrapped her arm around his neck and returned his kiss.

When the kiss broke, they stayed in each other's arms, both were a little breathless.

"Vincent?" Yuffie questioned.

"Stay with me," Vincent said with a soft smile.

Laughing joyfully, Yuffie pressed another quick kiss to the guman's lips. "I'm promise, Vinnie. I'll never leave you."