-No Good Deed Goes Unpunished-

A .hack//G.U. Fanfic by Digitaldreamer

Chapter 6: In which Sephant continued this fic, YAY



Digitaldreamer here. In case you didn't gather, I quit. I know you're sad. But it is alright, because the oh-so-wonderful Sephant has decided to take this monstrosity off of my hands and finish it. This means you guys get to see an ending and get to stop crying, yay.

So right, miss Sephant will be taking the first four chapters of this fic and from there she'll be continuing it. Do head over to her account and check it out. I gave her the plot so the fic should be progressing as I originally planned, just not written by me. Hopefully you will all be pleased with the results.

I know you're thrilled. Enjoy, give Sephant lots of reviews and love, and leave this version of the fic alone. Have a nice day guys.