Kathryn perched on the edge of her seat at the table in the fancy restaurant, watching the waiters weave between tables and deliver exquisite dishes to the customers who were obviously well off financially.

"Kath," Sephiroth reached over and tapped the back of her hand, "what do you want?"

"Oh, sweet tea and an extra glass of water," she replied easily, turning her attention to the menu finally. Though she was aware that both Sephiroth and the waiter were looking at her. She lifted her head, "What? Did I do something wrong?" she asked nervously, her eyes wide.

Sephiroth began to chuckle softly and shook his head, waving the waiter away with one hand.

The room was decorated with deep red carpeting and cream-verging on yellow painted walls, though that was only a faint hint. There were many potted plants around, real ones, not just plastic, set on half walls that separated some of the tables from the others. Expensive and antique paintings were hung on the walls every so often in an eloquent spacing, rather than the cluttered and almost gaudy way the walls were decorated in more posh restaurants.

He watched silently as Kathryn played with various things on the table and her ring and her necklace... Finally, he reached out and placed his hands over hers. "What are you so nervous about?"

"Oh.." she blushed faintly for no apparent reason.

"Are you not enjoying this?" he asked, his eyes half-lidded as he gazed at her.

Quickly, she shook her head, "Oh, no, that's not it at all!" she smiled at him. "I'm just thinking about other things." Sephiroth felt her foot slowly rubbing his leg and he let go of her hands to lean back in his seat once more, accepting her answer. "Thank you," she said, almost randomly, causing him to return his gaze from whatever he was looking at up near the far corner of the room.

"For what?" was his absent reply, he had a good idea as to what she was thanking him for, he wasn't sure though. Kathryn's mind had always worked in strange ways that he could never figure out.

"For choosing me," she stated. "I've never been so happy in my life."

Sephiroth snorted, "And how could I have made you happy? You know my problems..." he said in return, feeling a darker mood come over him.

Kathryn didn't feel it, she reached across the table to his left hand where it lay on the table, fingers tapping. "You made me happy because you come home to me every day. You talk to me about stuff, even though I'm sure you find most of it inane. Our wedding may have been a complete disaster, but I think it was better that that be a disaster rather than our marriage."

Once more, he snorted, though his fingers curled around hers in response to her words. The waiter returned to find Sephiroth lounging in his chair and Kathryn sitting forward in hers, one elbow on the table, their left hands linked and both looking bored. Nervously, he placed their drinks on the table and cleared his throat when it seemed that neither of the two had noticed him. He was dressed, like all the waiters, in a black and white tux with a white towel draped over one arm.

Kathryn seemed to come out of her trance and smiled at the waiter, "I'll have the spaghetti," she said.

"Same," Sephiroth joined, though he was still watching some far corner of the room.

The waiter left nervously and Kathryn sniggered, "So what's so interesting up there?" she asked as she turned to look up at that corner, finding nothing.

"A camera." Kathryn replaced her elbow on the table and put her forehead into her palm, laughing softly. Sephiroth moved his gaze to her. "What?"

"Nothing.. nothing at all dearest."

Sephiroth didn't twitch, but said calmly. "Don't call me that in public."

Kathryn smirked, "Yes dearest," she replied and the great warrior suffered himself to be called `Dearest' in public. Their hands were still linked in the middle of the table.

"What about `Scott'?" Sephiroth asked out of the blue, his eyes gazing toward the hidden security camera on the other side of the room, a convenient place to gaze while he thought.

She blinked, lifting her face from her hand and looking at him. "What what about Scott? Do we know him??" She watched as Sephiroth's blank expression cracked and he tried his hardest not to laugh too loudly at her.

After a moment, he regained his composure, "As a name.. if it's a boy." His tone seemed to suggest that he was quite sure it would be.

Kathryn smirked, "Well, I don't know. I might decide to have a girl," she stated and he eyed her.

"You don't like that name, do you?" he finally said.

"You're jumping to conclusions," she stated in return and smiled at him, her hand squeezing his gently. "Actually, I just wasn't expecting something so normal... that's all. Scott's fine if you really like it. Though my vote is for Glen-"

Sephiroth was shaking his head, "You want our son to be a pansy?"

Kathryn would have snatched her hand back from Sephiroth if he hadn't kept her from doing so. "Glen is not a pansy name!" Her husband gave her a long look. "It's a cute name," she stated defensively. "Something a young man who's very classy and polite would be named."

"And you really think that just by naming him `Glen' he would become this supposed lady-killer?" he replied.

Kathryn eyed and retorted, "And you think that just by naming him that would make him a fruitcake?"

Sephiroth raised his brows at her, she'd gotten him again. "Scott is far more manly anyway," he replied, unable to refute her point and retreated to the original name as a base.

She snorted, "and you think that just by naming him Scott he'll be manly?" Her shot was rewarded with an eyebrow twitch. "And what if it's a girl?"

"We're having a son," he stated firmly.

Kathryn smirked at him, "I'm going to get a sonogram just to prove you wrong!"

"And if YOU'RE wrong?" he asked.

"If you're right than we'll name him Scott."

"But I don't like Scott," he replied causing Kathryn to try her hardest not to throw something at him. "I think I like Glen now."

For a very brief moment Kathryn was about to say something like `but you just said Glen was a pansy name', instead, she closed her mouth and thought about that for a moment. "Fine," she replied finally and Sephiroth was left with nothing with which to make a comeback. Kathryn vs. Sephiroth; 3:0.

"What do you get if I'm wrong?" he asked finally, his hand still holding hers, though her arm had relaxed again now that she'd realized he was just arguing with her for fun- and that she was winning once again.

"If it's a girl, she'll be named..." Kathryn thought about it. "Wookie!"

Sephiroth's eye twitched, "Hell no!" he stated firmly.

"Then just hope that it's a boy," she smirked at him.

He drew himself up to say something, but he was interrupted by the waiter returning with their dinners. He released her hand and took a sip of his drink to have another excuse not to answer her. Kathryn; 5:0. The waiter left once more and he watched as she worked on cutting her dinner with the edge of her fork.

"I think I like that name," he finally replied, using one of her tactics against her.

"I'm glad," she gave him a bright smile, "Then it's settled, she'll be named Wookie." He sulked for a moment and ate his dinner while she preened across the table at him over her victory.