Title: Love Bites

Rating: M

Author: darkalbino

Summary: Sasuke, a promiscuous, selfish young heir, becomes engaged to Sakura, a girl he couldn't care less for, and begins lusting uncontrollably after her attractive servant, Naruto, who is supposedly in love with Sasuke's fiance. Throughout his advances, Sasuke slowly begins to fall for the servant, making Naruto's rejections more and more painful for him to the point where his desires blur moral boundaries, and lead him to do something many deem an unforgivable act. Truly sorry for what he's done, Sasuke gradually begins to change as a person, and desperately tries to earn Naruto's forgiveness while denying that he is falling deeper and deeper in love with him.

Naruto, an emotionally abused servant of the Haruno household, finds Sasuke's engagement to the youngest Haruno a strikingly painful blow to himself. He cannot stand Sasuke, and after a forced meeting in the bathroom hallway, truly comes to hate him. Naruto knows he is hated by the Harunos due to a secret kept in their past, and feels it would be pointless to reveal Sasuke's actions to them, as they would not believe him. Broken and confused after one regretfully pleasuring night with Sasuke, Naruto does everything in his power to keep the Uchiha away from himself. Though he cannot help how his body craves for contact from another person, after so long having been denied any kind touch. His emotions begin to spiral when Sasuke suddenly changes, seeming like an entirely different person, a person who wants Naruto's forgiveness and wants him to see that he deserves so much more than what he has and how he's treated. And Naruto becomes torn between his wants, his morals, and his loyalty to his adopted sister, Sakura Haruno.

Warnings: Language, SasuNaru, Citrus Fruits, NaruSaku (one-sided), SasuSaku (one-sided), rape.

Disclaimer: do not own

Note: I do not know Sakura's parents' names. So I got some for them. Her mother's name will be "Ruka" which means "bright blue flower" and her father will be "Akio" which means "bright man."

xxxLove Bitesxxx

Chapter 1: False Love

"So what do you think, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked, lowering herself into a plush, red arm chair. She brought a glass of wine to her lips, tipping the drink as she looked up at the boy.

Sasuke glanced at her, one hand in the pocket of black slacks and the other curled under a wine glass of his own. The red liquid sloshed in the womb of the cup as he turned to examine the room they were in.

The lights were off, darkness broken only by the crackling flames within a fireplace that caused the walls of shadows to gradually expand and shrink back in size.

Behind him was a large rectangular table, carved from a fine wood that was a deep mahogany and smooth to the touch. It stood low on the ground. The four legs that supported it curved outward and sank into the soft, maroon carpeting.

Beside the table was a small loveseat in the shape of a "U", its edges curling out and adorned with dark red pillows that lay against its back. It was made of the same velvet material that covered Sakura's chair.

Sasuke emitted a quiet "hn" and took his seat in the matching chair beside the girl's, about three feet of empty space left between them. Sasuke crossed his legs and drank his wine, eyes averted from Sakura and staring straight ahead at a large bookcase that covered the wall.

Sakura smiled, not deterred at all by the fact that she hadn't received a straight answer. She stood up and walked to the boy with a smile, then promptly made a seat of his lap and wound her arms about his neck, crossing her legs.

Sasuke, who had his elbow on the armrest of the chair and two fingertips against his temple, stared uninterestedly as the girl's black dress rode up her thigh. He felt her squeeze her shoulders in, making her cleavage more prominent and causing the strap of her dress to fall off her shoulder. He closed his eyes with a smirk, finding her flashy attempts amusing. "This isn't very lady-like. Are you putting up a facade of elegance in front of our peers?" he asked her evenly, showing that what she was trying to do was pointless.

But Sakura, smart as she may be, tended to become an oblivious, gushing wreck when it came to Sasuke. So of course, she wouldn't notice the way he tried to shift her off or the fact that he wasn't even opening his eyes to look at her. She grinned and leaned in further, her dress sliding higher as she placed her lips at his cheek. "C'mon Sasuke-kun, no one's watching," she coaxed.

"Your fiancé is right, Sakura. Would you behave so loosely in front of your friends?"

Both heads snapped to the door, where Sakura's father stood with his own red-liquid glass.

She hung her head with a slight smile. "Gomen, Otosan, I don't know what came over me," was murmured before she slid off Sasuke's lap and returned to her chair.

Sasuke snorted and watched the man take a seat in the only empty space left across from them.

Akio wasn't terribly old. Early forties perhaps. But stress had pulled wrinkles from the corners of his eyes and frown lines traced his mouth. But overall, he was still very handsome. Striking green eyes like his daughter's and black hair that fell in trestles across his forehead. He was large, over six feet with a muscled build.

His long fingers tightened beneath his glass, pulling it to his mouth. "It's a shame my wife couldn't join us tonight. I must apologize on her behalf Sasuke, work has become a vital organ it seems." He chuckled softly and sipped his wine.

Sasuke narrowed his gaze, knowing that work had nothing to do with the woman's absence. He was aware of the strain tearing at their relationship, though the origin for it was unknown to him. They could barely breathe the same air without erupting into some pointless argument. He waved his free hand dismissively. "Not at all, Haruno-san," he assured with another tip of his drink. "Your home is lovely, by the way."

It was true. The Haruno estate was a vast marble complex filled and surrounded by nothing but beauty, the best money could buy. It was smaller than an average mansion but certainly larger than an average home.

It was also Sasuke's first time inside the place. And honestly, he was more interested in the elegant home rather than the special occasion for which he had been invited to it.

"So...marriage," Akio commented, jarring Sasuke from his thoughts. The elder man closed his eyes and rested his chin on a fist. "It's about time you proposed, I was near giving Sakura to other suitors."

Sasuke smiled slightly. "Yes, well..." he paused before locking gazes with the man and shrugging. He hadn't actually proposed, per-say. To be honest, he didn't actually care for the annoying girl all that much either. They'd kissed maybe...twelve times, at most, during their entire year of dating. 'Dating' to Sasuke meaning taking her to dinner once in a while, dropping her off at home then going back out to fuck men every night.

Sasuke's father was the one who actually brought up marriage with Sakura's father. The whole thing had been arranged from the beginning, so Sasuke didn't know what other 'suitors' the man was going on about.

Not that he cared. All Sakura was to him and his father was, ultimately, a baby factory. The Uchiha's needed a prestigious name to tie into their heir and carry on their bloodline. The Harunos were a perfect match.

Were it up to Sasuke, he would most certainly not hold himself responsible for producing an heir. Especially since he preferred men to women (though he did enjoy a pretty one now and again). But Sasuke had witnessed how his father felt about homosexuality through his unfortunate brother, Itachi, and he would not risk the same fate if all he had to do to avoid it was put up with some pink bimbo, fuck her once or twice to get a baby (hopefully a boy on the first try) then be done with her.

However, the feeling wasn't mutual. Sakura had had a crush on Sasuke for years. And when the arrangement came up, she had begun throwing herself at him like a desperate whore in heat. A leap from the blushes and giggles she showered him with when they were only acquaintances.

Speaking of which, Sakura leaned over the arm of the chair towards Sasuke, "You'll come and help me pick out my dress, won't you, Sasuke-kun?" she asked, batting her eyes in a manner that made him think of swatting flies away.

Her father spoke before he had a chance to answer, "Stop acting foolish Sakura. A groom does not take his bride to find her dress, that is a job for you and your giggling friends to attend to."

Sakura frowned and sat back in her chair. "Yes, father."

Sasuke groaned under his breath. Knowing that he was in for an earful later when the girl began bitching and complaining about how controlling her father was.

He needed to be completely wasted by then.

Sasuke turned to the other man. "Haruno-san, perhaps the occasion calls for something a little stronger? Champagne maybe?" Not too much alcohol, but a little more nonetheless. It wasn't like he could blurt out vodka.

Akio smiled, "A fine idea, Sasuke." He reached forward and suddenly flipped the edge of the table, exposing three white buttons. He pressed his thumb against the middle one, sending a pleasant ring throughout the house before closing it again.

Sasuke blinked at the action. "What was that?"

The man glanced at him. "We have three servants, each button has a unique ring for one of them that sounds around the house, also directing them to a specific room."

"Ah," Sasuke said with a nod.

A few moments later, he got the shock of his life when a beautiful young blond walked into the room.

Sasuke felt his mouth part in surprise as he gawked openly at the boy. He had to be younger than him, a year or two at least. His hair was a brilliant display of golden spikes that fell around a deeply tanned face and two of the bluest eyes Sasuke had ever come across. There were three lines on both his cheeks that reminded Sasuke of whiskers. And he wore a long, white, button-up shirt with a black tie that pointed down to matching pants.

Who was this boy?

"Naruto, please bring us some champagne."

The blond nodded with a small "hai" and walked out to retrieve the drink.

Sasuke watched him leave before tearing his gaze away to Akio. "Who is that?" he asked quickly, even though he had already heard the boy's name.

He was answered with a confused look, "Naruto. He's a servant."

Sasuke turned to Sakura, about to ask more of the striking blond. But the look on her face stopped him cold. She seemed...bothered...angry, even.

He tilted his head but turned his attention to the door when it opened.

Naruto stepped inside with an opened bottle of champagne and balancing three glasses between his fingers. He came to stand in front of the table and set the glasses down on top of a white cloth that Akio had laid out and the wine had already been placed on. Then he poured the drink to fill each one half way before skillfully switching the glasses with the bottle and handing one to each person.

He stood straight and folded his hands behind his back. "Will that be all, Haruno-sama?"

The man tipped his head and gestured to the others with his drink.

Naruto turned to Sakura. She was glaring at him. "Sak..." he paused and swallowed. "Will that be all, Haruno-san?"

"Yes," she gritted out, looking away from him.

Naruto nodded and turned to Sasuke. He opened his mouth, stopped, closed it, and stared at the boy with two raised brows. "Um...I'm sorry, sir, your name?"

"Ah yes," Akio cut in before Sasuke had a chance to respond, "how rude of me. This is Sakura's fiancé."

Naruto's eyes grew wide.

"Uchiha Sasuke."

The blond's nails bit into his skin as his fist clenched, and a rush of heated anger flared up his neck. His gaze narrowed to slits at the stoic teen.

'So, this is the famous 'Sasuke-kun,'' his thoughts bit out. "Uchiha-san," Naruto murmured politely. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" he questioned just above a whisper.

Sasuke couldn't answer at first. All the images that question brought up had his tongue glued to the roof of his mouth. Most of them involving the stunning blond shoved up against some surface and having the life screwed right out of him. He flicked his gaze to Naruto's crotch, then allowed it to slowly climb up his body before reaching fiery blue eyes.

He smirked and lifted his right hand, the one with his glass in it, and held it across his chest to his left side. "How about some more champagne?"

Naruto's lips tightened. He picked up the bottle with a frown and walked behind Sakura and Sasuke's chair to stand where the drink was being held up for him. Bending forward slightly, he poured.

Sasuke's smirk grew. His left hand slid behind the blond, movements hidden in shadows, and brushed at his backside with deft fingers.

Naruto stiffened when something feathered against his arse and threw a slightly surprised look at the other male before continuing with what he was doing, assuming it had been an accident. But then the hand slid lower and roughly grabbed at the back of his thigh.

Naruto jumped, causing Sasuke's glass to topple from his hand and spill all over his lap.

"Baka!" Sakura screamed, shooting up to clean Sasuke.

But Sasuke held up a hand to stop her. "No." He turned to the blond with a smile, "Naruto-kun spilt it, so Naruto-kun should clean it."

Naruto growled and glanced at Sakura, hoping for her disapproval. Her eyes narrowed in an expectant glare, moving him to breathe shallowly and pull a handkerchief out of his pocket. He used it to blot the liquid on Sasuke's pants, being extra careful to stay away from his crotch.

Suddenly, Naruto felt Sasuke's hand cup him harshly between his legs from behind. And before he could grasp what he was doing, Naruto made a fist and punched the Uchiha straight across his jaw. The force of the hit knocked the chair over and sent its occupant to the ground. "Don't you ever touch me!" Naruto yelled, infuriated and shocked beyond belief.

Sakura fell to her knees beside her fiancé, completely deaf to Naruto's outburst as she fretted over him, then glared daggers at the blond. "Get out of here. I don't want to see you for the rest of the night," she ordered.

Naruto's raging eyes dimmed. His lips fell apart, "But, Saku-"


The rage flared out again in reaction to hers. With fists clenched at his sides, the words burst from Naruto's mouth as if he'd thrown them up, "Why are you with this asshole?!"

Green orbs flashed, and in a second, Sakura bolted up from the ground. The next sound everyone heard was a resounding slap that echoed through the room.

Sasuke stared, stunned. His hand was cradling his pulsing jaw as he watched Sakura breathing heavily, her hand in mid-air before slowly descending to her side.

Naruto's face was turned away, the abused cheek reddening. He bit his bottom lip and hung his head, bangs shadowing his blue, blue eyes. "I'm sorry," he murmured. "Sakura-chan, I was-"

"Don't call me that!" the girl screamed, then turned around and helped Sasuke up. She glared back at Naruto. "Apologize to Sasuke-kun! Then leave to your quarters! Do it now!"

Sasuke caught something red at the corner of his eye. He glanced down to find Naruto's knuckles dripping slowly with blood from the pierce of his nails through the skin of his palm.

"Gomen, Uchiha-san," Naruto whispered, the words sounding empty and dry.

Sasuke's attention shot back to him, but he said nothing.

At the silence, Naruto swallowed and looked up at him with a watery gaze. "Please forgive me, I was out of place," he choked out.

Sasuke flinched, knowing the eruption of emotion was not for him or his stupid apology. But he nodded slightly to appease the boy.

Sakura huffed and linked her arm through Sasuke's, then gestured to the door. "Leave."

Naruto stared at her, and the look on his face squeezed Sasuke's heart until he could barely breathe.

He'd seen that look before. Many times.

Without another word, Naruto walked out.

It was watching the blond leave that Sasuke realized Akio was no longer in the room with them, his glass abandoned on the table.

When had he left?

He felt fingers trace his jaw and quickly batted Sakura's hand away.

The girl pulled her fingers to her chest and smiled up at him, affection brimming around her eyes. "Are you all right?" she asked.

"I'm fine," Sasuke clipped. He gently pushed his fingertips against the same spot and winced slightly.

There would definitely be a bruise in the morning.

The hit had been pretty hard, only catching Sasuke because he hadn't been expecting it. He knew how to fight. Based on natural skill alone and self-defense classes he had to take as a child, Sasuke was a damn good fighter. But other than his instructors, no one had ever actually struck him. And even they knew not to be too harsh with him. The consequences for harming an Uchiha, especially an heir, could be dire.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

Even to an Uchiha who harms himself.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke-kun. That thing has no manners whatsoever. It will never come near you again, I promise."

Snapped out of his thoughts, Sasuke gave her a curious look.

Thing? It?

"Why do you hate him so much?" Sasuke asked, not realizing his question until after he spoke it. But he couldn't comprehend why the girl just...loathed the servant. Even after the blond punched him, Sasuke still found that he wanted to see the boy. To touch to him. To take him. What could the little dobe have possibly done to have Sakura hate him so much that she referred to him as "it" and "thing?"

But Sakura just turned her head away with a scowl. "All it does is cause problems. Everything's fucked up because of him."

Sasuke jerked at the word. Sakura hardly ever cursed, at least around him she didn't. And when she did, it was never a word as vulgar as what she had just said.

The girl seemed to realize what came out of her mouth when she caught Sasuke's look as she hastily slapped a hand over her lips. "Sasuke-kun, I didn't - I'm sorr-"

"It's fine," Sasuke assured, pulling his arm out of her grasp and walking to the door. "I'm leaving now," he said. "Tell your father thank you for the drink." A slow smile spread out as blue eyes filled his vision. "And tell him I'll be back very soon."

Sakura watched her fiancé leave, an eerie smirk laid out on his lips.


Fugaku sank down into the chair of his study, the disturbing call from earlier swimming through his mind. He frowned deeply. "I'm sure...he must have been imagining things," the man muttered to himself, "...Sasuke cannot-"


Fugaku's gaze flicked from his desk to the door, where Sasuke stepped inside before closing it. He groaned softly, realizing he must have been very deep in thought to have not heard the boy knock. "Sasuke," he greeted. "I was just thinking about you. How did the visit go?"

Sasuke stood in front of his father, separated by his desk. "It was," he paused to choose a fitting word, "...interesting. I was actually hoping to bring something up with you."

Fugaku tilted his head curiously and touched his fingertips together.

Sasuke smiled. "Since I'm going to be marrying Sakura, I believe it makes sense that I should spend as much time with her as possible before the wedding."

His father arched a brow. "Aren't you doing that already? And won't you be spending enough 'time' with her once you're wed?"

"You and I both know the moment we marry, the sole thing on everyone's mind will be producing an heir to our name. It will become a job, a responsibility, hardly a real relationship at all. I'd like to have her for...company, I suppose, before that happens."

Fugaku stared at his son, considering his words before speaking. "And how do you propose to do this?"

Sasuke had to fight to keep his smile from growing. "I would like you to speak with Haruno-san...and ask him permission to stay at his estate for the summer."

His father stiffened, narrowing his eyes at his son. "You wish to live with the Harunos for two months?"

Sasuke nodded.

"Why can't Sakura stay here?"

"Do you honestly believe she would pass up an opportunity to invite me into her home? To prove to me what a good little housewife she'd make? Even if I were to ask her to live here, she'd turn it around as a burden on us and insist that I stay at her home anyway." He felt like patting himself on the back at his father's silence. He'd thought of everything.

They held gazes. And Sasuke knew, for some reason, Fugaku was opposed to his proposition, though he would not tell him why.

It couldn't have been any reason too drastic; Sasuke himself had only come up with this idea moments before he left Sakura in Akio's study, while thinking of the blond motivation that conjured it. There was no way Fugaku could see through his lies. So whatever he was holding Sasuke back for was only based on a hunch. Which meant one thing:

Fugaku had no base for his reasons. Sasuke had already won.

A slow smirk blossomed on the teen's lips. "You don't agree?"

The man glared, his fingers drumming against each other in thought. But after a moment, his face mirrored Sasuke's. "On the contrary, Sasuke," he said. "I think it's a splendid suggestion."

Fugaku's an asshole here... because i like making him that way BD