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Of Love and Friendship - Chapter 1

Selena Black often thought back to her first journey to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It was a defining moment for her as this was when she left her home life behind and got to start afresh.

On that journey she met the people who would form her friendship circle for years to come.

1st September 1971

Orion and Walburga Black dropped their 11 year old twins off at platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross station and left them there - they were hardly the most attentive of parents.

The Black family was mostly made up of dark wizards who followed the beliefs that if a person was not of pure blooded magic, then they were not worth speaking to.

As the piercing whistle on the Hogwarts Express blew, students gave their parents last hugs and kisses before boarding the train.

Sirius and Selena had no one there to see them off, it was just the two of them.

They were the only two in the family who didn't stick to the dark ways - excluding their cousin Andromeda, who was a few years older and had just been disowned from the family for falling in love with a muggleborn wizard.

Sirius led the way down the corridor of the train, until there was an empty compartment.

Selena streched her legs out on the long seat, ' Can you believe that we get all this new life? ' she asked excitedly.

Her brother - elder by 30 minutes - nodded, ' Almost a whole year away from the vultures and the spoilt brat, great isn't it? '

The pair always refered to their parents as 'The Vultures' as they were not nice people. Their brother Regulus, younger by two years, was a god in the eyes of their parents.

Just then, the compartment door slid open and there stood three boys. One had messy jet black hair and wore glasses. Another was quite tired and shabby looking and had sandy hair. The last was chubby and looked rather like a mouse.

The black haired boy cocked an eyebrow, ' Do you mind? Everywhere else is full? '

' Not at all,' Sirius grinned.

After the three had taken seats, the black haired boy spoke again, ' I'm James Potter, by the way. This is Remus Lupin and this is Peter Pettigrew.' He motioned to the sny haired boy and the chubby boy respectively.

Sirius - always the one to take charge - nodded in acknowledgement, ' Sirius Black - and this is my sister, Selena.'

' A pleasure.' Selena smiled serenly.

' So,' James began, ' What house are you all hoping for? '

Peter shrugged , ' I dunno, you? '

James didn't hesitate to answer, ' Gryfindor, where dwell the brave at heart - like my dad.'

Selena nodded, ' Yeah, Gryffindor has to be te best you could get.'

' Though Ravenclaw wouldn't be so bad,' Sirius added.

Selena scoffed, ' You have to be smart to get in there Sirius, you've got no chance.'

As Remus, James and Peter laughed, already warming to their new aquaintances, Sirius looked annoyed.

' Oi! ' he said, then adding with a devilish smirk, ' Lena here is heading straight for Hufflepuff.'

The girl slapped her brother's arm, ' I am not. Everyone knows that Hufflepuff are a load of duffers.'

' Better Hufflepuff than Slytherin,' Sirius said darkly, causing an equaly dark expression to fall on his sister's face.

James grimaced, ' Oh I couldn't bear it if they put me there - I think I'd leave, wouldn't you? '

Selena supressed a smirk as Sirius informed James, ' Our whole family has been in Slytherin.'

James' eyes widened, ' Blimey -and I thought you two seemed all right.'

Selena shrugged, ' Maybe we'll break tradition and come join you over in Gryffindor.'

James threw her a quick wink, ' Here's hoping.'

And that had been it - from that moment on, the five of them had been best friends.