Yume smiled at Itachi as they walked back. He smiled at her as he thought of their future together. The Third Hokage and Mikoto Uchiha were waiting for them. Both adults had their arms crossed. Mikoto almost fainted when she saw her oldest son. He just stood there has though nothing was wrong. Yume looked at the Third, waiting for her punishment. The Third saw the two's wish and intention and passion. He shook his head and took them to his office. He told Mikoto to go home to tend to Sasuke. She protested at first, but after a stern look from the Hokage, she left.

"Kids, thinking they should grow up as soon as possible."

"No. That's not it at all. We love each other. Yume agreed to a five year engagement. we really only did this to ensure that engagement." Itachi spoke truthfully.

"So that was it? You should have have spoken to us first. You're lucky that I don't put your entrance to Anbu on hold. And you, Yume! I have half the mind to end your training here and now. I won't, since that could give you more time to...Anyway, I will allow this five year engagement. Count your luck good and hard."

The two nodded and left. They smiled, not believing their luck. But that was not as lucky as they thought. Itachi had extra missions to go on and Yume's training tripled. The Third was determined to make them end the engagement on their own. But that plan backfired after a mission that almost killed Itachi.

Itachi came home, guts and brains and blood covered him. He had several bones sticking out of his skin. He had bone marrow smeared on his face. Several weapons were stuck in his body at odd angles. Vomit was crusted on his hand. If not for Tsunade visiting the village, Itachi surely would have died. Yume was constantly with him.

The Third was right in assuming that Yume would want to move up the engagement. She asked for the Third to marry them as soon as Itachi was well enough. The Third refused her request. Yume wouldn't be thwarted though. She had a friend of her family who happened to be a minister, come to the village while Itachi was still bedridden. The friend also refused to marry them.. Yume was beaten. She decided to wait another year, then she would leave the village to marry Itachi.

After Itachi was released from the hospital, he was given the dreaded mission. The mission that would change his life forever. The mission that would ruin Sasuke's chilhood and life. The mission that ultimately lead to Itachi's death. The mission to kill the Uchiha clan.

Itachi was also ordered to kill any possible Uchiha's that could be born. That sadly included his own. Itachi didn't have the heart to tell Yume any of this. She was as much in the dark as Sasuke was. It broke his heart, but Itachi had to do it to save the whole village. The village which he held so dear to his heart.

Itachi had fought with himself on weather or not he wanted to kill Yume himself or not. He fought long and hard at that question. In the end, he decided to do it himself. He'd rather not kill them at all, but it was for the good of the village. Itachi hated himself for this mission, but he never hated the village, not once.

Two days before Yume and Itachi were to leave to get married, Itachi struck. Yume was waiting for him outside the clan houses. She would be the last person to die. Among the last at any rate. Itachi killed member after member of the Uchiha. Barely anyone had time to react. Finally, he went home. His mother was cleaning the dishes. Itachi asked them to forgive him. Them he killed his mother. His father stepped up to Itachi. He shook his head and then too fell. Yume had heard a scream. She ran as fast as she could to help. She found Itachi waiting for Sasuke. She realized instantly what was going on. She started to cry. Itachi went behind her. He told her that he was sorry and that he really did love her. Then he slit her throat. He leaned her against the fence and left for his brother. Yume stlll had enough life to mange a smile and one of her happiest moments with Itachi. When the memory ended, so did her life. Itachi's dream was gone, but never forgotten.


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