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If someone had told me a few weeks ago that today I would once again be in the clearing where not so long ago people I loved had been risking their lives for me, and that I was once again facing almost certain death, well… I probably would have believed them. Because what Edward said was, after all, true. I'm really a magnet for danger – of all kinds.

My heart was beating wildly in my chest and, most-likely alarmed by this, I noticed Edward's worried topaz colored eyes on me. I turned to him and tried to give him a reassuring smile. I must have failed, because his brows narrowed and he squeezed my hand, as if he wanted to encourage me.

I knew he'd rather have me hiding away, somewhere where they wouldn't be able to find me. But not this time. Tonight, I was going to fight at their side. It was what I had to do.

The sun disappeared behind the horizon and I wondered fleetingly, as I gazed into my fiancés face, if this was the last time I saw the sunlight sparkle on his skin. I kept looking into his eyes, trying to memorize the loving look he gave me, until I could hear the growls in the distance.

I offered him one last smile, before I let go of his hand and turned my full attention to the danger ahead. I tightened the grip on my weapon. It almost vibrated in my hands.

They were here.

It was time to fight.