A/N: Rated M. WARNINGS: Sexual references and adult themes apply. Some minor language.

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"Breathe Bella. Take a deep breath, come on my love. Open those beautiful eyes for me." I heard Edward's voice floating through my mind and willed my eyes to open.

"Edward?" I mumbled, confused as I peeled my eyes open. He was hovering above me, shirtless, a smile playing on his lips.

"Yes love. Who else would it be? How are we ever supposed to progress past second base if you keep passing out, breathless?" He wondered cheekily, swooping down and brushing his cool lips against mine.

My mind raced, and then slowly the pieces started to fall into place. Edward. Me. Shirtless. Bed. Kissing. Touching. Lots of kissing and touching...

My face flushed bright red. I couldn't believe I had passed out. My eyes snapped shut. Edward chuckled.

"Bella...my lovely... I want to see your eyes... open them for me angel." His voice cooed again, a laugh on his lips.

Flinging them open and scowling up at him, I folded my arms petulantly across my chest.

"Edward." I growled. He smirked and moved closer until his nose was brushing mine, his mouth periodically pressing to my pouting lips.

"Isabella-soon-to-be-Cullen. I love you." My traitorous heart thumped rapidly in my chest and I melted into his body that was still hovering above me. My arms snaked up around his neck, pulling him closer to me.

We sat still, simply breathing in each other's breaths, his cool air to my warm, mingling and mixing as our eyes bored into each other's; loving, passionate words passing silently between us. I wasn't sure how long we lay there until I noticed Edward staring at my lips, and I at his. Our eyes met, my breathing stopped and he chuckled simply placing a sweet kiss on the corner of my mouth. Whimpering unhappily, I took a deep breath and raised my eyebrows. His eyes glowed with desire as his lips pressed against mine; his lips modelling perfectly before his tongue quickly gained access.

I caught myself before I moaned into his mouth. His cool tongue was so tantalizing against mine.

"Edward! Bella! You need to go get Emmett!" Alice's voice interrupted what was a very enjoyable kiss. Her little fist rapped on the door. Edward groaned and jumped to his feet, picking both his and my shirts of the ground.

"I forgot about Emmett, sorry love." He sighed, pulling his shirt over his head, hiding his glorious chest from view.

"Wait...Emmett's still in jail?!" I wondered, sitting up as Edward helped me dress, his hands lingering delightfully on my skin for a few long moments. My pulse raced at the thought of Edward becoming willing to increase our intimacy, it had surprised me initially when he had started our teasing sessions, to say the least.

"Yes Bella. C'mon, let's go." I was in his arms and downstairs in seconds, my gasp caught in my throat. He slid me to my feet as we reached the front door.

We quickly walked to the garage and approached Carlisle's car.

"Edward?" I inquired as he opened the passenger door and settled me inside.

"Charlie might get suspicious if we take my car. He thinks Carlisle is picking Emmett up, I'd like to keep it that way." He explained, zipping around to the driver's side and reversing the car swiftly.

"Oh...how are you going to get Emmett out of the jail and into the car then?" He obviously couldn't go in there; otherwise Charlie would certainly know that Carlisle wasn't collecting his son.

"You'll see Bella. Patience my love." Edward smiled gently, collecting my hand in his as he raced down the roads of Forks, towards the police station.

We sat quietly, the radio tuned to a soft classical station that Edward hummed along to. His melodic voice relaxed me quickly and in no time at all, we were pulling into a park close to the door.

Edward rapidly entered a number into his phone and waited patiently while it rung.

"Hello Charlie, yes its Carlisle here. Good, yes, thank you. I know it is terribly rude of me, but I am needed down at the hospital. Could you possibly send Emmett out, my car is parked right out front, so he won't be able to stray. Thank you very much. Yes, you can be sure he will be punished extensively for his behaviour, his mother is furious. All right then, thanks again." I gaped at Edward as he imitated Carlisle's voice flawlessly.

I watched on as Charlie escorted Emmett to the front door of the police station. They both shook hands and Emmett bounded down the steps, slipping into the backseat of the car.

"Hey kids, so nice of you two to bust me out. Took you freaking long enough though!" Emmett ruffled my hair, then Edward's before buckling his seat belt. "Let's blow this joint!" He shouted enthusiastically.

I laughed, raising an eyebrow at Edward.

Edward slowly backed out of the car park, winding down his window a fraction to wave a Charlie before driving off down the street.

"So when were you going to tell me Charlie returned home early?" I wondered quietly, a definite edge to my voice.

"Oooohh, Eddie's in trouble!" Emmett taunted gleefully, rocking forward and sticking his head between the gap in the seats, grinning madly at both of us.

Edward growled and flashed his teeth at Emmett.

Emmett simply chucked Edward under the chin and sat back again, presumably waiting for the show to begin.

"My love – "

"Edward. I want straight answers and I do not want to be dazzled into submission. You will regret it later. When did my father return to Forks, why did he return and how long have you known about this and kept it from me?" I questioned calmly.

Emmett was humming Edward's in trouble, just under his breath. I watched Edward's jaw clench and his fingers tighten around the steering wheel.

"Shut. Up. Emmett." My fiancé snarled dangerously.

"Please Edward," I interjected, wanting to know the answers to my simple questions. "Why did you decide to keep it from me?" I gazed at him through my eyelashes, studying his face.

"Yeah Eddie, how could you keep something like this from your precious little Bella? She's so adorable! Why didn't you tell her, huh, huh?!" Emmett was positively bouncing with excitement; I hoped Carlisle's car would survive.

"Last. Warning. Emmett." Seemed to be Edward's only reply.

I felt like I was being completely and utterly ignored.

"Edward?" I wondered, glaring at him a little now. Really, I could never remember a time when I had been so utterly and completely ignored by someone.

"Edward's not getting any, Edward's not getting any!" Emmett sung annoyingly.

My goodness, had he always been this, childish?!

"Emmett, please stop." I begged, watching cautiously as Edward's eyes darkened to a fierce black.

"Oh, come on Bella-wella. He's kept something from you, you should be furious at him! Stop acting all nicey-nice." Emmett turned on me this time.

"Do not tell her how to respond or how to act! She is her own person." I soon expected Edward to start foaming at the mouth; he was radiating angry energy. "Another word from you and you're dead." My loving vampire promised his brother.

Emmett huffed and finally fell still.

Edward's eyes darted quickly over my face, assessing me and my reaction to the situation.

"Bella. I don't know how to tell you this, so please just let me say it all in one go, and then you may ask your questions. Alright love?" His eyes were glued to me now, I worried momentarily about our safety before becoming anxious about what he was about to tell me. It did not, by any stretch of the imagination, sound like good news.

"Okay." I croaked out nervously, vaguely gesturing for him to continue. I heard Emmett sniggered quietly. Something snapped and disintegrated in Edward's hand... something I hoped wasn't vitally important to driving the car home safely.

"Charlie is dating a woman in Seattle; he visited her for the first half of the week. She's a police officer as well and works in a small precinct. He felt so guilty about lying to you that felt he had no other choice but to return early. He's been trying to figure out for the past two months how to tell you. I only found out the other day, before he left, when he let his mind wander to her. I knew he'd been feeling guilty, but I couldn't exactly pinpoint why. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you Bella, I just wanted you to have a peaceful week, relaxing and having a good time with me for once. I wish things had been going smoother. I'm sorry." After finishing his announcement, his jaw snapped shut and his eyes returned unwaveringly to the road.

My mind was swirling. Charlie, dating?!

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen – " I started, rapidly being cut off by Emmett.

"You are so screwed!" He laughed as we made the turn into the Cullen's familiar drive, on two wheels. Shrieking, I braced myself against the door frame as Edward forcefully stopped the car in front of the house, the tyres spinning. Before the dust even settled, both boys were out of the car wrestling at a blinding speed.

I slowly stumbled out of the car after them as they disappeared through the house. Following in their wake of destruction, I had only made it through the front door when I heard an almighty roar.

"ALICE WHAT THE HELL?!" Edward's voice bellowed as I took off running for the backdoor.

I was watching my feet as I ran, and became horrified as I observed them fly out from underneath me as I went flying outside. Bracing myself for the hard impact of the ground, I was utterly shocked when I landed in something with a gooey texture and I immediately started sinking.

Without thinking, I panicked, flailing my arms around, only increasing my descent into the gelatinous goo. It was what I assumed quicksand was like, except that its lurid colour, sickly sweet smell and stickiness made it seem infinitely worse.

Strong arms wrapped around my waist and hauled me against a cool reassuring chest, drawing my head above the goo so I could breathe in fresh air.


I buried my face in his shirt and immediately felt the sticky goo now residing on my face, but I was too dammed relieved I was safe from my plight to find myself caring about something as fickle as my appearance.

"She could have drowned Alice! What were you thinking? Bloody Hell!" The expletive from his lips shocked me more than anything as I felt Edward wade through yards of the offensive green sludge before climbing up the steps and into the house. I glanced over his shoulder and gaped at the backyard.

It was entirely covered in the green goo, two yards deep and extending as far as I could see, I simply shut my eyes and an absurd giggle burst from my lips at the madness that was the Cullens.

I was probably the maddest of the bunch, and I would soon be joining them in name and in soul; after all, I was a human willingly spending my days with a coven of vampires.

When I opened my eyes again a few moments later, Edward was standing very still in his ensuite bathroom, with me cradled in his arms. I peered up at his face as he steadfastly refused to meet my eyes.

"Edward?" I murmured, reaching up to touch his cheek softly.

"I can understand if you're angry at me. I am sorry Bella. I hope you can forgive me." His stiff posture, and sharply delivered words made me want to flinch. However, I needed to allay his fears; I wasn't angry at him.

"Edward, let me speak." I gushed out before he could interrupt again. With his swift nod of acknowledgment, I smiled up at him. I was sure he could glimpse my face from the corner of his eyes, so I continued smiling. "Thank you." His shocked eyes quickly found mine as I spoke again. "Thank you for telling me about Charlie. I'm so unbelievable happy for him, so happy that he's finally found someone after so long. I wish you'd told me sooner, I feel so relieved that I won't be completely abandoning him when I finally do, join you." His eyes softened as he listened to me speak.

Carefully setting me on my feet, his hands cupped my face and he bent down towards me. I blinked at the intensity of his eyes.

"I love you Isabella." He breathed before I found his lips against mine, moving hungrily.

Soon his tongue was entering my mouth, a jolt of electricity zinging down my spine, leaving my body tingling. I found his hands sweeping down my body, worshiping my curves, lingering now and then.

"Edward?" I gasped as his hands crept into the waist of my shorts.

"Bella, tell me to stop." He whispered as he feathered kisses against any sliver of my skin that was revealed to him.

"Edward, I c-can't do that. I love you. I w-want you. I don't want you to s-stop, ever." He groaned heavily and took a slow deep breath.

"I want you too Bella, never doubt that. How about we... compromise?" I nodded against him as he asked.

His excitement suddenly became tangible. What was he planning?

"You can always say no, Bella." He promised, his hands grasping the hem of my shirt, toying with it, lifting it and letting it fall.

"Tell me." I requested, pressing a kiss behind his ear, grinning as he quaked.

"We shower. Together. Now." His breathing was slightly laboured; his eyes no longer black, but shinning the molten gold colour I was now beginning to realise was desire.

"Okay." I panted, unsure, but willing to trust him with everything... even my insecurities.

His smile became something more as he ever so gradually peeled my shirt up and off. I stopped him as he made a move to remove my shorts, my hands simply ripping his shirt open, buttons flying and bouncing around the tiled room. Growling with amusement, he shrugged out of the material, allowing it to flutter to the ground.

"Bella." He purred seductively, tearing my shorts off my body effortlessly and throwing them behind him. Dashing backwards a few feet, Edward's eyes raked my body eagerly.

"Beautiful as always." He muttered, back in front of me in a heartbeat, his pants now missing. I smiled at his silk boxers, wondering where he found that shade; they matched my eyes.

"Dazzling, as always." I returned as he pulled me flush against his body his lips grazing mine.

I shivered as his hands slowly slid up my back, coming to rest at the clasp of my bra.

"Are you sure Bella?" He inquired gently, fingers dancing over my skin lightly.

"Y-yes." I nodded, my face buried in the crook of his neck, my breathing rapid. In one flick, my bra had popped open and I whimpered as I felt him drawing it down my arms, uncovering me for his pleasure.

"God, you're going to make one hell of a sexy vampire." He laughed darkly, causing my skin to flush at his praise.

In a blink I found us under the water of the shower, my underwear and his boxers still firmly on.

"Ed-Edward?" His hands were moving over my body, sliding easily with the water slick on my skin.

"Second base Bella; touching is restricted to above the belt. I'm not sure if I could handle more just yet my love. This is so much more than I believed I'd ever... dreamed I would ever feel, thank you angel." His words were so heady as well as appreciative.

"I love you Edward." My words lacked in comparison to his, and they couldn't possibly say it all, but they did simply sum up my feelings. I did love him, for a multitude of different reasons, for everything he was.

Hope you enjoyed.