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OK, this was originally called Perfection, and then I got bored with that because it had absolutely no relevance to the sort-of-emerging fic, and it's now called Their Legacy because it documents the growing up of Rilluin and, well, the rest of our couple's life, and the legacy they will leave behind. It's full of ficlets that don't really relate to each other most of the time... This This is a crappy summary ain't it? On with the fic.

A smile immediately graced Legolas' face as he stepped into his bedroom. The sight that greeted him was just… perfection. A warm, orange glow emanated from the fire that lit up the room, and threw the profile of his husband into sharp relief. The once ragged human was holding his son against his chest as he sat in the rocking chair, humming a lullaby. Legolas could not hold back the smile as he moved forwards, and nor did he want to.

Silently, he came up behind the pair and rested his hands on his husband's shoulders and leaned over his shoulder. He suppressed a slight smirk at the small jump of his husband's body, meaning that he had surprised him.

"Good evening," murmured Legolas, his voice purposefully soft to keep Rilluin peaceful. The baby looked up at him drowsily, with his vivid blue crystal eyes. "I thought I left this one with Cascelia."

"I managed to escape from Faramir, and took over. I did not want her to put him to bed," Aragorn said quietly, leaning his head against Legolas' cheek.

"I was looking for you," said Legolas, as he breathed in his lover's deep scent. A lot of the time during the day, they were away from each other; Aragorn had his duties as King, and Legolas spent his time with their son. Rilluin had grown in the past seven months and, though he seemed to be getting huge to the couple, the Healer had said he was smaller than most. Gandalf blamed the difficult pregnancy and the fact that Aragorn was male, but there was nothing they could do except be careful with his health.

"And I was here."

"Apparently so," smirked Legolas. "How was your day?"

"Difficult, to be honest. A councillor's position has opened up, he died, and we need someone to fill it," Aragorn sighed, as he stood up carefully. "I will be back in just a moment." He swept out of the room through the door that joined their bedroom to Rilluin's, to put him to bed.

Legolas moved over to gaze out of the window, down at the position of Minas Tirith he could see, and the fields beyond it. They were covered in a thick layer of pure white snow, illuminated by the light of the moon and the torches set on the city wall. It made Legolas sigh in wonder. It never ceased to amaze him how wondrous his world was, the little things and the big things. When warm arms slipped around him, a contended look stole over his face, and he melted back against Aragorn's chest.

Soft breath tickled his ear as Aragorn said, "I hope our child sees the world through an elf's eyes rather than a human's. He should do; they are yours."

"What do you mean?" Legolas asked, slightly confused. He was also somewhat distracted by the hand stroking at his waist, up and down, ruching his shirt higher and higher.

"You see beauty in everything. You even look at an Orc and you feel pity and sorrow, and even regret when you slaughter it because it was once an elf, a thing of beauty." Legolas stiffened as Aragorn spoke, feeling criticized. Aragorn, knowing exactly what Legolas was feeling, hastened to say, "It is not a bad thing, it is just beyond my comprehension. When I see snow, I think horrible weather that will make us ill, cause floods and death of flocks that are lost in it, and you…"

"I see a small miracle, which makes everything look beautiful," grinned Legolas, as the roaming hand snaked up his chest, under his shirt. Above it, he placed his hand over, and added, "The door to Rilluin's room is still open." Arwen and Elrond had not left for the sea yet, indeed, the hobbits had not gone yet either. They were planning their departure for the spring, but with Arwen still in the city, Aragorn and Legolas were reluctant to leave Rilluin alone.

"I was not planning anything," Aragorn said, false innocence in his voice. "I just want you as close as possible. Honestly."

Rolling his eyes, Legolas said, "Of course melda nin." He had heard the yawn in his love's voice. He slipped out of the hold and led Aragorn to the bed, saying, "Let us see if I can relax you some – with the closeness of course."

They stripped themselves of their layers of clothes – Legolas had few because he did not feel the cold as much, but their home had drafts and was cold, so Aragorn had several – and then sat down on the fur covers of the bed. Legolas took a moment to appreciate the sight of Aragorn's body. Before the pregnancy, he had had a slightly underfed look; too thin but wiry, with sinewy muscles. And during the pregnancy, ai Elbereth he had been beautiful. During the last four of five months of it particularly, as his stomach had grown, his skin glowed, his eyes were lit with happiness and he was the picture of health, more often than not. And his stomach, Legolas had been fascinated by it. When Aragorn was asleep he had watched the rise and fall of the gentle, swelling curve, the skin that was taught and blooming. So beautiful.

Once Rilluin was born, Aragorn had exercised almost fanatically to regain his figure: riding, training, running, swimming. It had infuriated the guards who were detailed to protect him, being forced to stay as close to their King as possible without intruding meant they had to exercise too. When Aragorn finally slowed down, only recently, Legolas could not help but practically worship his husband's body. It was faultless, and he did not believe that was just elvish eyes. Aragorn had gained some much needed weight, his muscles were toned and perfectly defined…

As he ran his tongue across the smooth skin, he felt it burst out into goosepimples, and Legolas glanced up at his husband. The human moaned softly when he paused, "Why did you stop?"

Another tremor went through him, and Legolas saw his lips turning somewhat blue. "Because you are clearly freezing meleth. Do you not care if you get ill?"

"No, not when…" Seeing Legolas' sceptically raised eyebrows, Aragorn sighed, "Yes I do, and if I get ill I would have to stay away from Rilluin and everyone would worry and fuss."

Patronisingly, Legolas smiled, and said, "Precisely. Now come here." He wormed his way up the bed and slipped under the many covers. Aragorn joined him, and the moment Legolas' arms wrapped around him, the small shivers stopped and he relaxed with a sigh.

"Better," Aragorn mumbled, and then quietly asked, "How was our son today?"

"Good," Legolas grinned as he spoke; he was asked this question every night that they spent coherently. Legolas knew Aragorn would ask the question on those nights too, were he awake after their lovemaking. "He is sitting up more against the cushions, and he has a fascination with that feather mobile your brothers made him."

After a pause, Aragorn quietly confessed, "I miss him when I am working, and I miss all the new things he does. I miss you too for that matter."

"I know," Legolas murmured, pressing a soft kiss to the back of Aragorn's neck.

"You know?"

"Aragorn I am still bonded to you, I can sense your feelings, and even if I were not I still see your face when you put him to bed at night," Legolas explained quietly. "These elf eyes do more than just watch snow fall."

"Oh hush," Aragorn grumbled, before continuing. "But I never thought being a King would be this difficult, or time consuming."

"Ask Faramir to find you more trusted scribes, so you have less paperwork to do. I know that takes you a long time."

"Mmm." Legolas could feel Aragorn's breathing starting to become deeper, slower as he started to fall asleep. When he let go of the human, he gave a small moan.

Biting down a chuckle, Legolas murmured, "I am going to put another log on the fire, that is all." He padded over to the fireplace, and stoked the flame, before throwing on another log on. The action caused glowing orange sparks to fly into the air. Even that was beautiful, Legolas thought. Before returning to his husband he slipped next door to check on Rilluin, and found him sleeping peacefully, looking small under all the furs they had wrapped him in. Better safe than sorry though.

He returned to where Aragorn lay. He was surprised by the urgency in Aragorn's movements when he pulled him close, the way the human buried himself in his arms, with such force and need was unusual for him. Wondering what had caused this, Legolas made sure he held him tighter than he usually would, securing Aragorn's body against his own. "Calm down melda," Legolas murmured softly, though he knew he was sleeping. "I am here, now, come on, calm down." And as Aragorn did still, Legolas pushed away his thoughts and slipped into his own type of sleep.


As soon as Aragorn closed his eyes for sleep, he knew that he was going to dream. He was too tired to struggle away from it - he had been woken the night before by Rilluin. Normally he slept until about dawn, if they were lucky, but not last night. He had kicked all his blankets off and the poor tiny child was freezing, and so screamed about it to his fathers. Aragorn had not been able to sleep after that. And now... he was exhausted, too sleepy even to tell Legolas how he hated the idea of missing so much of his only child growing up, missing him speak or start to walk… so many things.

Instinctively knowing that his dream would be vivid and, unsure whether it would be good or bad, he wanted Legolas to curl up close with him, rooting him in reality, but Legolas moved away. Aragorn groaned quietly at the absence as he started to slip into the darkness. A soft hand floated over his hair gently, pulling him back to consciousness somewhat, along with the words, "I am going to put another log on the fire, that is all."

He heard a crackle from the fire as Legolas put the log on, and a long pause, where Aragorn thought he was properly asleep until warm arms slid around him. Instinctively, he flipped round and snuggled into Legolas' hold, pressing himself against the elf's warm body, as everything else faded away.

Suddenly, he thought that he had been spared the dream he had assumed was inevitable; it felt as if he were only just waking up. Grey light was streaming through the window. He was not being held, so he presumed Legolas had just rolled away, but when he moved to curl up against him and opened his eyes, he found no Legolas. There was nothing and nobody in the room. As that thought hit him, he shivered. But no, he was not going to travel down that route again. He knew that he had family and friends, who would never let him feel lost and alone again.

There would be a reasonable explanation. Squashing the irrational fear, he moved through the room, noting that the fire had long since died, and entered Rilluin's room. A glance at the splash of colour that window showed that it was spring: tulips. Odd. But this small detail was not the only thing that caught his attention. Instead of the crib that Rilluin slept in, there was a cot, and in it… three people.

Confused and curious, Aragorn crossed the room towards the bed, and the first person he saw was elderly man, asleep in a chair. He spared the stranger a glance, before switching his attention to the bed in the centre of the room, and recognised what was his own lover, pale and seemingly sleeping peacefully. Aragorn did not know what he would be doing in Rilluin's room in this strange bed though. And next to him… a young male who, abruptly his memory caught up with him, who looked almost exactly like him, Aragorn at about thirty years old. Well, almost identical. For a start, the youth was pale, as pale as death, and far gaunter and thinner than he had ever looked. This one looked so ill… Suddenly, the knowledge hit him. This was Rilluin, his son, looking so unwell, and curled un in his Atar's arms. And there… was a child, an infant next to Rilluin. It was a little girl, he knew on sight, and she was young, so young, newborn. She was their daughter! They had named her Anna, "gift", as she was the first child to be born from a male pregnancy to be a girl.

But... then he knew what was wrong. The child was not breathing, and when he glanced at Rilluin again, he knew that he was gone too. And Legolas... why was his Legolas so still, and… not breathing? Why was there a bottle at the side of the bed? He sniffed at it. Poison.

Oh Elbereth! His world came crashing down as knowledge, that he was absolutely certain of, swept over him. Anna had been a cot death, Rilluin had died from an illness that his too weak body was unable to cope with and Legolas had taken poison. But why? Why would Legolas give up and abandon him? How could they let their son get ill and die so young? How were they able to conceive another child? He did not know. Anguish swallowed him, and he sank to the floor.


"Aragorn! Aragorn! Elbereth, Aragorn, wake up!"

The human forced his eyes open at the words, gasping for breath. Legolas' face floated above his, alive and worried. He visibly sagged as Aragorn's eyes locked with his, "Aragorn, you scared me! You were crying, and shouting and… your scream... you scared me."

Without giving any warning, Aragorn, unable to stop himself, flung his arms around his lover's neck, The elf sighed quietly, and Aragorn felt his arms snake around him and hold him tightly. One hand threaded through his hair soothingly, as Aragorn tried to shake off his horror and was overwhelmed by relief. In the next room, Rilluin started the high pitched wail that meant he wanted attention. Aragorn gave a sigh of relief at the almost miraculous sound, but Legolas seemed to misinterpret it.

"It is alright. If we leave him he will probably settle," he soothed.

"No, no," Aragorn managed his first words, and pulled himself together. Ignoring Legolas' worried, questioning noise, he stood and crossed the room with irritatingly shaky steps.

In Rilluin's room, he was relieved to see that it was still winter, and that his crib still existed. His baby was red in the face as he screamed, but Aragorn smiled; he was alive and well. He scooped him up, trailing blankets and furs, and for a moment just held him against his chest, breathing in that sweet, powdery baby smell.

"Oh Rilluin," he whispered to the quickly calmingly child. "I will not let you go. You will not leave us, not until you have lived for many, many years, and are old and gray."

Legolas was standing at the doorway, looking sleepy and confused, "I thought we were trying to keep him sleeping through the night."

"No tonight Legolas, please. Just… please." Already the dream was fading and all he needed was almost in his grasp. Silently, he moved towards the bed, and slid under the covers, a snuffling Rilluin gazing at him. "Come on," he murmured to Legolas. "Come back to bed."

Almost warily, Legolas returned and sat against the headboard, and Aragorn felt his stare at the back of his neck, as Legolas watched him like a hawk.

Taking a deep breath, Aragorn said, "I am fine melda. Please, just hold me. Do not talk. I want to go back to sleep."

Legolas permitted Aragorn to snuggle back into his arms, leaning back against his chest, but said, "You were not fine. You were screaming, melda! The guards burst in to check that you were not being killed."

"I apologise, I probably woke you," said Aragorn. When Rilluin gave a small whimper, Aragorn lowered his voice. "Just… I am going back to sleep, but I need the two of you. Both of you, where I can keep you safe."

"We are safe," exclaimed Legolas, "Perfectly safe. We are not going anywhere."

"Some day you will," Aragorn darkly said, as he watched the child on his chest drift off to sleep.

"Not before you," Legolas reminded him. "And after death I will keep the rest of family safe, for generations. You know this."

"I do, I do. Now you should close your elven eyes and go to sleep. I did not mean to wake you."

Legolas did not sleep for a long time, keeping careful watch over his lover and child, watching for any sign of discomfort. The next morning, neither of them brought up the dream again."

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