Title: "Riku, why did you create Anti-Sora?"

By: BonBonPich

Disclaimer: KH belongs to SquareEnix and Disney.

Special Thanks to xShootingStarx for beta-reading.

Note: Actually, this should be an interlude for "I Will Follow You into the Dark." But I guess that fic contained too much interludes already. I've squeezed too much RikuxSora's conversation into that moment that they sat by the beach. So I separated them here.

Still, you could consider this as an interlude to the original fic. It was named 0.0, so basically, this happened before the "Missing" chapter.


Interlude 0.0: Riku x Sora: "Riku, why did you create Anti-Sora?"

With the question addressed to him, Riku immediately looked away and went deadly silent.

"Come on, Riku, tell me," Sora pressed, repeating the question he'd been somewhat dying to ask since a year ago, at Captain Hook's ship. "Why did you create a dark replica of me?"

Riku stole a glance at the boy, registering the sheer curiosity in those blue eyes. So it was only curiosity, nothing else besides. The silver-haired boy sighed; he should have known better.

"Why do you want to know?" He asked back.

Sora shifted his body weight to his hands, reclining back a bit, then looked dubiously at his friend. "Well, because it's about me?"

"It's not about you, he's not you." Riku looked back at the ocean, seemingly uninterested.

"But…he's a replica of me! He looked exactly like me, although he was dark all over. So he must have something to do with me, and you created him. Or…did you create others like that as well?"

"No," Riku replied without thinking, and cursed his own lack of cautiousness. With this answer he just gave away, there would be more questions. He hurriedly added. "It was because you were the only one there-" '-that I was so upset with.'

"So what's the point? If you wanted to kick my ass, why didn't you create a powerful Darkside or something? Why a dark replica of me?"



"Not a dark replica of you…" Riku paused, seeing the contradiction in his own point. "Well…he is, but he did have a name." Then he turned away. "Calling him a replica made me think of my own replica back there…doesn't sit quite well with me."

"Your own replica?" Sora blinked.

'Darn' Cursed Riku again, he'd not been aware of the past events in Castle of Oblivion. Namine hadn't warned him much about anything, she believed Sora wouldn't dig deep into it even if he couldn't recall his missing year.

Sora's eyes strayed off to the ocean, his lips mumbled something incoherently. Riku thought Sora was remembering. Sora had met Riku Replica before, hadn't he?

"He wasn't that bad, was he? He'd just…lost, thinking he was fake and unreal. But who cares? He had his own heart."

Riku's eyes widened slightly. Had Sora remembered? One look at the younger boy told him that it wasn't the case. Sora's expression was in a daze, as if his lips were saying things on its own.


Blue eyes blinked, looking back at Riku. They were more animated this time, more like Sora.

Riku knew that Sora had met with his replica; he had some idea of what had happened. But Riku contemplated things according to Sora's words. If the replica was anything like him at all, Riku knew that the replica didn't have to be real to see how real Sora's feelings are.

Riku smiled.

"Well." Sora huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Back to my question, Riku, why?" You called him…named him Anti-Sora, so that definitely had something to do with me. You always said a copy cannot surpass the original, so you should know my copy wouldn't be able to beat me." Sora reasoned.

"Anti-Sora wasn't created for the purpose of beating you," Riku corrected.

"No? So why?"

Riku's revelation seemed to only fuel Sora's curiosity more.

"You're not going to give this up, are you?" Riku edged.


Riku's head dropped into his hand as he moaned impatiently, but he mumbled out, "obedience."

"Huh...? Obe…dience?" The brunet wasn't sure if what he heard was right.

Moving his hand from his face, Riku drew his knees up half way, putting his elbows on them. He turned his head to the side, unable to stand Sora's gaze.

Sora noticed his best friend's gesture, and wondered at the rarity of it.

Riku almost looked vulnerable.

"That time, you were so against me, we were on different sides, standing on opposite ends. When I was alone, I thought about the time when there were always the three of us. But then I opened my eyes and saw the truth, Kairi was only sleeping, and you weren't there." Riku stopped, seemingly not wishing to continue.

"So you created another me who would willingly listen to you and be there for you." Sora finished as he slowly backed down to his own position after pestering his friend for too long. He'd figured this out only halfway and still wasn't sure if that was why Riku created the Anti. "Uhn…" A noise escaped his lips as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "Just when I thought you only wanted to mock me and all."

"That was half correct."

Sora looked at Riku who still refused to look at him; the brunet had caught something else as well.



"Are you angry that I…destroyed the Anti-Sora?"

That made Riku turned halfway back to him, eyes casting down. He inadvertently gazed at the waves crashing at his feet. "To tell you the truth…yeah, I was angry, although I didn't have the right to be."

"You have every right to be."

All this time, Sora never knew Riku created Anti-Sora out of loneliness. When it came out to the light, it made him feel bad for not being there when his friend had no one. How could he have overlooked it?

When they were separated from each other, he woke up in a nice, heart warming town, with a friendly dog who led him to the good guys. But what about Riku? He woke up in Hollow Bastian...alone. The worst of all was to be tricked and used by Maleficent. No one was there for him to trust. Sora couldn't imagine what had once become of Riku's life.

He could only have imagined if he'd been there with Riku, things would have been different.

But still, what was done was done.

"You shouldn't-" Riku started.

"No, Riku." Sora interjected, shaking his head. "I'm sorry."

Riku couldn't help but to finally look at Sora. Once seeing the persistence in Sora's eyes, he knew arguing over this would only be to no avail.

"Well, I guess…apology accepted."

The brunet grinned, looking back to the ocean. "Obeying, huh?"

The silver-haired boy looked at the brunet skeptically.

Sora suddenly turned back to Riku, suggesting something that Riku would have never imagined.

"Why don't I be your Anti-Sora for a day?" Sora suggested. "Oh, but I can't be Anti since I'm not dark all over, ha ha." He laughed at himself, and added something that he didn't know would knock Riku right off his feet. "But I'll be your Sora!"

The older of the two backed off slightly when Sora leaned in. All Riku could manage was to quirk his eyebrows.

"Come on," Sora pressed and cleared his throat. "What do you want me to do…Master?"

'And since when did he know Anti-Sora actually called me by that?'

Riku didn't respond, and Sora backed down, cocking his head to the side."Doesn't Master want me to do something?"

'Dammit, Sora, you don't know what you're saying.' Riku chided inside.

"If Master wants me to run around in circles or make a complete fool of myself, just tell me, because I'll do it!" The so-called Anti-Sora said sincerely.

'That's not what I have in mind.'

"Maasteerrr…" Sora cooed, after getting no response from his…so-called master.


"Fine." Sora huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest. He tilted his head up slightly and seemed to be thinking. Shortly after, he brought his eyes back down and focused on Riku. "What did you usually do with Anti-Sora then?"

Riku knew Sora had just asked that so he could follow the direction.

After all, it would embarrass the hell out of him should Sora know it.

"Master Riku?"

Riku raised his hands as if to block Sora out, his head still hung low, avoiding eye contact. "Stop. Just. Stop. That. Already. Sora."

Sora frowned. And when Riku's face was finally revealed to him, he couldn't understand why a person like Riku would blush.

'You will never know.'


What did Riku do with Anti-Sora? Tee hee, I'll leave that to your imagination. Just to butt in a little that my fic stays under T rated, plus, I think Riku's feeling for Sora only began at the end of KH1, so it wasn't of that kind! Then again, feel free to go far more than that if you wish.