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When life gives you pride

crush it

Screams echoed like a lonely wolf's howl in a barren canyon, throughout the tattered remains of Konoha. Decapitated bodies littered the streets, the heads rolled silently in freedom, as common as tumble weeds. Buildings were painted red and fire lapped at the blood curdling cries in the wind.

Havoc spread the second the beasts chain was released, the most common term becoming death. Just one hour ago, Konoha's fate was set on a path to destruction.

Gula, in her previous life known as Tenten, pushed her thick as hide legs into the compacted stone road. Her legs rippled with power, muscles contracting and stretching as she launched her three-hundred and eight pound and six and a half feet tall body of lean meat off of the earth's surface. Leaving flying debris and dust in her wake.

The shinobi just below, right in the center of her target range, shouted out and attempted to flee the three inch claws protruding from her animal like hands. Some never made it. Eyes rolled back into their heads while their guts decorated Gula's hungering teeth. Her body shivered with laughter and excitement while she bathed in much anticipated human blood.

Naruto stood frozen. No training, no killing, no death, could ever have prepared him for the sight before his overly frightened eyes. Pupils dilated, breaths short, mouth draped open in a stunned silence, and feet solid in mid-run. Murder was an understatement, for the actions his friend…no…enemy, was committing.

"Something…needs to be done." For Shikamaru, forcing the words out of his mouth was like trying to speak with duct tape placed in layers over the gap. The words came out heavy and deep, the air needed for speaking pushed his heart into the very deepest depths of his guilt filled stomach. There in that stomach, his heart drowned. "But…I can't move."

Shikamaru was unaware that he was not the only human too struck by agony, disgust, and fear to move. It was only luck, that the seven deadly sins before them never once turned attention to their presence. That is where they stayed, staring on, at the devastation.

Ira was next to follow just seconds on Gula's heals, veering left of her comrade and taking down fleeing men. Her chains pulled from her body with a sickly ripping sound. The skin that had been overlapping the edges of the chains which appeared to have been morphing into her body tore off with the released chains, leaving old scars fresh with blood and moist flesh. Ira propelled her new weapons out fifteen feet in front of her, tightening her chains around a fairly young boys frail neck. He clenched his jaw in panic and ran his finger tips frantically down the chain, ripping his soft flesh. His legs jerked and he screamed with wide eyes, his tongue protruding out like a last breath searching for air.

Ira's chains twisted and tore at the flesh around his neck, popping veins and crushing his esophagus. Luke warm blood coursed down her iron chains and her crazed smile swept across her deep red lips. She darted her tongue across her teeth and howled an ear piercing scream, fully gripping her chains around the boys neck and snapping his head from his body; the three other chains doing the same to three other unlucky shinobi.

Gula moved through the crowd of food much quicker than any of the others, bounding like a mountain lion on the prey. Her three rows of shark like teeth shredded the flesh down to the bone.

A group of entirely foolishly brave men ran in a circle formation towards Avaritia. She extended her ten foot wing span, pounding the thick blanket of feathers against the wind, shooting her body into the thick air. The momentum of her flight pushed a few men in front stumbling backwards, hitting the ground with a thud.

Before the men could even gather their thoughts the bone keeping them structurally sound ripped through their flesh and sunk into the ground, completely disappearing. All that remained was garbled meat, still performing organs and a perfect puddle of fresh red blood. Superbia was standing just a few feet behind the deceased, her hands extended and morphed into the ground. She had ripped out their bone structures and absorbed them herself, repairing some of the chipped stone coverage on her body.

Avaritia sailed through the sky, passing over the blood and stray body pieces below, making her way at least half a mile into town where Gula was beginning to devour helpless villagers. Not far behind Gula, Luxuria walked at a steady pace, the flame encasing her body setting everything in her path on fire. In no hurry at all, Luxuria made her way to her special destination. Making sure to scold Gula along the way, commanding her to leave the villagers be.

A bothersome sting shot up Avaritia's wing. She halted her movements and glided her eyes to the right, noticing an anbu male performing various long range jutsu's, targeting Avaritia. Her wing was singed and light embers flared at the tips of several purple feathers. At lightning speed Avaritia tensed her body, making way to the now fleeing man. Her harpy claws growing from her feet gripped the mans shoulders, sinking the daggers directly into the soft flesh under the shoulder bones, drawing out cries of pain. She hiked the mans face up to her own and let out a high pitched screech. Blood pooled out of the mans ears and his eyes swelled with liquid; looking like the Ebola virus. She let loose of his shoulder with her left clawed foot and jammed it right through his gut, pulling out entrails, letting his colon dangle from her nails as she continued on following Luxuria after dropping the empty carcass.

Below her, the village was empty, deserted. By now almost every citizen, ninja and villager alike, were finding places to hide. Places to stay alive. The only sign of action was Gula's leftovers and Luxuria's signature singe left on the buildings.

Acedia, who still stood swaying at the entrance they had created, pointed off in the direction Avaritia had gone, "Seems as though the signal has been sent." She glanced sideways at Invidia.

"So it seems." Invidia sighed so hard the upper half of her body lifted, and fell ten seconds later. "What do you suppose we should do about them?" Both girls had blatantly turned their heads to the left, targeting their old friends who stood where they had been since the beginning, against a store front approximately three hundred feet away.

Acedia hunched her shoulders even more, in what looked to be a struggled shrug, "Luxuria gave strict orders to keep them immobile, nothing more." Something in her gut twisted when she saw the look on Naruto's face, but she pretended it was the flu. Even though disease was like breakfast for them.

"What Luxuria says, goes; Why are we the ones guarding again though?" Invidia crossed her arms and pushed around some rubble with her bare feet, digging her toes into the dirt. "I can't even see, good choice on her part."

Acedia let out a breathy giggle, "How are your eyes feeling anyways? That bandage will need to be changed soon, the acid is eating it away again." She noted the uneven edges and periodical holes.

Invidia grunted, her mouth tight.

"They're just standing there, maybe we should say something?" Naruto glanced back. Kiba was crouched, his arms resting on his knees and Akamaru on all fours, nose pointed menacingly towards the two intruders. "Kiba aren't your legs getting sore?"

Kiba tugged at his own body, stuck in position like glue. "Trust me, I'd stand and kill those two if I could manage even a centimeter."

"Kiba don't say that." Choji shook his head in disapproval, but glancing at the head of a man he'd seen once or twice trying to woo Ino in the flower shop back in the day, laying at his foot, disgusted him to no end.

"What do you want me to say? Should we just pretend like they didn't do this? Should we pretend like they're the same girls we knew five years ago? No, I don't think we should!" Kiba struggled to fight back a choked sob. He was stronger than the tears.

"Hinata- I mean, the girl to the right, she must be controlling our chakra somehow." Shikamaru had been studying the lot of them since making their presence known.

Sasuke grit his teeth and slit his troubled eyes, "how?"

"I've noticed rags over there hasn't stopped swaying, but she's continually stayed in the same spot. Someone who has a habit of being fidgety, if that's what her problem is, tends to get up and move. So why isn't she moving?"

"Hey! You two freaks!" Kiba howled and yelled.

Invidia and Acedia craned their necks to the left and made eye contact. But doing nothing more.

"I see, for a moment there, she must have faltered." Sasuke felt his entire body loosen then tense as hard as stone again, if only for a second. It at least meant a chance at freedom.

Naruto took a look around behind him, at the faces of his comrades, his friends. "Oi, where did Gai sensei and Lee go? Neji too!" Preoccupied left him oblivious to their escape, along with Asuma's disappearance. A jolt of worry spread through his body, only pictures of their tortured bodies entered his mind.

"They took off right before the wall fell." Kakashi, who had been nothing but silent, stared with both eyes open. His red sharingan spinning like a top. His face contorted into confusion. "I'm not sensing any chakra. Whatever these girls got into, is dangerous. Not only to us, but to them as well."

"We can do nothing from here, we need to get loose." Shikamaru received a nod in unison from the remaining seven.

"They're planning something, getting more determined it seems." Acedia stayed focused, keeping them as still as possible. "It might get tough to hold them there for much longer. If I got closer it would be easier. I'm sorry."

Invidia shook her head, "Don't blame yourself Acedia, blame that body. We won't have to worry about it soon. Just stay here, if their feet leave the ground when you move, it will be ten times more difficult to get them stilled again." she lifted her shoulders, "besides, Luxuria should be close to done and Avaritia already sent the signal. It's just a matter of waiting now."

Luxuria stood at the base of the hokage tower of the Leaf Village, the red tinted building easily matching the blood stained ground below. On the front steps stood four former friends, now gone foe. Of course Neji would jump the gun on where they were headed, Gai and Asuma were also keen, but Lee? "Troublesome." Sakura mocked Shikamaru.

Just as they had planned before entering their old home, Avaritia loomed over head in the sky adding a wide range of vision, behind Superbia was pulling up the rear, Ira was but a few feet to the left of Luxuria, and Gula stood up front acting as if a guard.

Asuma took the lit cigarette from his mouth slowly, as if the second the nicotine left his lips all chaos would let loose. His fingers held the two inch long cancer stick just centimeters from his face, the ashy embers falling wasted on the ground. "You girls, are causing problems." He blew white smoke into the irony air with each syllable.

Luxuria drew one hand to her hip, letting her hair drape over her should like a soft pink shield. "You have left us no choice, Asuma." She purred his name through lips of evil. "We do not wish to harm you, but if we must, we will."

Lee stared at his Sakura with a very damaged look, not yet having found words he could say to the girl he pined over for years. She left as a blossom, came back as an unknown. To say she was a monster, a demon, or a beast was farfetched, she still looked human. To say she were an enemy, was too empty, and everyday. Sasuke was an enemy, yet Lee never had to kill him. Sakura was not just an enemy, Sakura had to be killed. His feelings towards Sakura were too twisted to earn a name, leaving him too empty to have a definition. Sarkura, had become a nothing.

Lee shut out all memories of the old Sakura he knew, and set out to destroy the Luxuria before him.

Luxuria saw his quick movements, too quick for Gai to snatch the back of his jacket or for Neji to hold him back by his shoulder. But not too quick for Ira who had all four chains wrapped around his limbs in mere seconds.

He thudded to the ground at the base of the tower stairs drawing up a globe of dust.

Luxuria motioned to Ira with her hand to keep still, just hold him. "You've changed Lee, I'm so sad. Are you no longer blinded by love?" Luxuria pouted, the blood seeping from her hairline trickling over her plump bottom lip.

Lee wheezed through crushed lungs, trying to gather his rattled thoughts. Through a fit of coughs he managed to catch her stare, "No, I haven't changed, you have. You're a murderer, you kill innocent citizens. That is not the Konoha way."

Sakura scoffed, "Konoha way? Remember, I'm not a part of Konoha any longer. The elders made sure of that. Where are the old creeps anyways?" Though bitter, the words still sounded lovely coming from her tongue.

Neji circled his right foot out and planted it into the concrete flooring, placing his hands palms out in front of his body in a guarding formation. "That concern is none of yours."

"Maybe we should let Gula handle this one?" Luxuria glanced back at Superbia, to attain an equally agreeing nod. It was not received.

Superbia stood silent, her arms stretched out to the side, Jaraiya gripping one and Tsunade the other.

"Avaritia, you are faulting." Luxuria glanced up at the look out, Avaritia sent an apologetic glance her way.

"They must have come from behind." Ira's voice scratched like nails on a chalk board.

"So they did." Luxuria held her stare to Tsunade's, "Step away Tsunade, we do not wish to harm you, but-"

"I know, you will if you have to." Tsunade put a kunai to Superbia's only visible flesh on the right side, "But touché."

Luxuria lulled a light laugh, "Oh Tsunade, how dumb. That will not harm Superbia, not much will. Quit embarrassing yourself."

Tsunade visibly grit her teeth, showing her obvious frustration. "Listen, Sakura- if you even remember that name- what do you want?"

"We want revenge. We will be taking over the Leaf Village. The first step will be to take the life of those who took ours."

Tsunade's hard face faltered, a trickle of remorse-pain-and perhaps even pity, seeped through her eyes as she gazed at the girl, "Sakura, only you could have done this to yourself. You could have stayed, worked for the hospital, saving lives not taking them. What you seek should not be revenge you foolish girl."

"Death shall not come to those who obey. I promise, if you do not cooperate, we will silence Konoha forever." A simple threat.

The knife pressed to Superbia's skin sunk in, hitting solid mass just a few centimeters in, unable to penetrate all the way through. Deep burgundy blood streamed from the inch long cut, barely causing Superbia to twitch.

"That was stupid." Superbia swung out a foot, catching Jaraiya behind the heels and dropping him to the ground. Before he could nimbly jump out of the way he lurched with pain. His body started to convulse, causing him to curl his body in and back out again. Then repeat.

"I'm just seconds from ripping the skeleton from his body." Superbia's monotone voice threatened, her face void of concern.

Tsunade let go of the kunai, dropping it to the ground stubbornly, but leaving a hand on Superbia's shoulder; if it weren't for the solid stone coverage, she would crush it.

Asuma flicked away the rest of his little to nothing left cancer stick, "Enough. Ino, this is not you."

"This Ino you speak of, is not me, correct. I am Superbia, stronger than any Ino." If anything, Superbia looked bored.

Neji scoffed, surprisingly politely, "It would be in your best interest to release Lee and the Hokage."

Brushing Neji off, the two "prisoners" remained in Ira's and Superbia's control.

Up above Avaritia could sense their precious packages not far from their current location. She let out a low, long whistle. The second signal.

Luxuria nodded in understanding.

The crowd of nuisance suffocating them dropped to the ground all at once, in a completely peaceful, sedated state.

Luxuria in turn collapsed as well, not incoherent, but highly exhausted. The flame encircling her body dwindled to a flicker. She laughed lightly to herself, "My favorite trick brings me so close to death. Pathetic."

"Luxuria, I'll finish the job." Luxuria nodded to Avaritia who proceeded inside of the tower, Gula in tow.

Superbia tended to Luxuria, leaving Jariaya's unconscious body alone, sparing him his carcass; this time.

In the meantime Invidia and Acedia babysat.

Tolerating as both may be, the incessant hooting and name-calling coming from the dog boys mouth was getting irritating.

"Acedia…would you mind letting that boys soul loose? I'd like to torture it." Invidia kindly questioned through teeth so grit they were turning blue.

Acedia laughed as they heard the second signal, "I apologize Invidia, but orders are orders. These idiots stay safe."

Invidia scowled and spit, the ground at the base of Kiba's feet started to sear and melt beneath the acidic saliva.

Kiba howled and struggled to move away, "That crazy bitch just fired an acid loogie three hundred feet!"

"Kiba! This isn't fun and games, have you forgotten the litter of dead comrades staining the streets?"

Naruto grimaced at the image he was painting for Kiba.

Kiba looked hurt, "'Cause I'm having loads of fun."

"You frightened the boy Invidia, be ni-"

Acedia's sarcasm was cut off by a kunai flying through her chest. Instead of piercing her skin, the kunai sailed through as if she were a gathering of smoke and fog.

It had not caused pain as Kakashi had wished, but it did the trick. He stood in the opening of the hole made in the wall, and his still living comrades were now free. The distraction caused Acedia's focus to falter.

Invidia was ready to strike, but every man had disappeared. Chakra signatures wiped from her sight.

Acedia shook her head, "Things are getting bad Invidia, that sensei managed to escape my hold on his soul without notice."

Invidia put both hands into the air, gesturing innocence, "Not my blame, I can't see."

Acedia chuckled, moving back to he outside of the Konoha wall, standing guard with Invidia, "You know, there are four other senses."

"What can I say, I must have a cold." Invidia joked lightly, but in all honesty, all seven were dying of just that. A disease. They must have been eating too many for breakfast.

When life gives you disease

beat it

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