4:02 P.M., Pacific Daylight Time
Sunday, August 31
st, 2008
Los Angeles, California

Sarah Walker saw red.

Two months ago, Chuck Bartowski had been informed in no uncertain terms that he was going on a cruise with Ellie, Devin, and Sarah. Sarah had been a little unsure at first – her cover relationship with Chuck was on somewhat shaky ground, in no small part due to the fact that the real relationship that they were trying to have had been an utter disaster.

Damn the CIA for making them have to sneak around all the time anyway.

Six weeks and four days ago, Chuck and Sarah had decided to put both relationships – the cover one and the real one – on hold, for both their benefit. They needed time to adjust, to process. Sarah did manage to talk Chuck into break-up sex, but he jokingly warned her that that would be the last she'd be getting from him for a while.

Six weeks and two days ago, Chuck had come down with mononucleosis. He was, needless to say, less than pleased by this development. Sarah wasn't exactly thrilled herself. However, she managed to stay symptom-free for a while, and thought she was out of the woods.

Twenty-four days ago, Sarah had woken up and found herself completely drained of energy. Upon arriving at the hospital, she had been diagnosed with mono herself. Needless to say, the doctor had said there was absolutely no way that she would be leaving on a cruise in two days.

The powers that be found themselves in a sudden jam. With Sarah not able to go with Chuck, there was absolutely no way to get Casey onboard in an inconspicious manner. And so arrangements had been made for a Secret Service agent who none of Team Chuck had ever met to be placed in the crew in order to keep an eye on Chuck.

Twenty-two days ago, Chuck, Ellie, and Devin had boarded an Alaska Airlines flight to Anchorage, Alaska, where they would board the MV Sapphire Princess and spend twenty days cruising around Alaska. Sarah had actually found herself rather upset that she couldn't go – but she wrote the emotionalism off to being sick.

Two days ago, John Casey had gotten a phone call that both amused and bothered him. He did not tell Sarah about the phone call, simply because he didn't think it would be a good idea.

Ninety minutes ago, Casey had been preparing to leave for LAX to pick up Chuck, Ellie, and Devin, when Sarah intercepted him coming out of his apartment. "I want to go with you," she told him.

"Uh, I don't think that's necessarily such a good idea," Casey replied uneasily.

"Why the hell not?!"

"Well, um, no reason, really…"

And so Casey had reluctantly allowed Sarah to come along, swearing that whatever happened, he could not be held responsible.

Sixteen minutes ago, the status monitors had changed to show that Alaska Airlines flight 466 had arrived at the gate. Sarah had felt a slight thrill of anticipation. Even though they had been broken up for nearly a month and a half, they had done their absolute best to keep their friendship intact, and she did, in fact, miss him.

One minute ago, John Casey's face had gone red, and then white. He got a look on his face that could be best described as "oh shit."

Thirty seconds ago, Ellie Bartowski and Devin Woodcomb had walked through the exits.

Twelve seconds ago, Chuck Bartowski had walked through the exits – holding the hand of a short, cute, annoyingly perky looking blonde girl.

Two seconds ago, Chuck had kissed her.

And Sarah Walker saw red.