Okay, now I know I promised to upload the first chapter of Beyond Interviews as soon as I got 110 reviews, but the fact is I didn't expect to get them overnight! Also, a couple of people wanted one more chapter, so I decided to give a little preview. Enjoy!

In a time of secrets…

"Welcome to Super Smash Brothers Humiliation!"

One host dared to reveal them…

"I've never interviewed a gay before!"

Now, coming soon, you will see what happened behind the stage…

"Join us, and together, we can overthrow the host and have revenge!"

"Why should I?"

"We've got pudding!"


And how his enemies banded to stop him…


"There wasn't that much!"

"IT WAS 50 FRIGGIN' POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I don't feel so good…….."

And how they epically failed….

Coming soon…. You will be revealed how each person reacted to their humiliation… discover the wonders their interviews had on their lives forever…. and find out who ate all of Mario's pudding….

Super Smash Brothers:

Beyond Interviews!!!!!!

Be there…. Or you'd better be dead or in jail…. And if you're in jail, break out! BE THERE!!!!

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