Author's Note (Again)

Dearest Readers,

Obviously, this is your Eager Author. ^_^ First off, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your continued reading, reviews, and encouragement. Each review pumps me up, especially the larger reviews, stating what you hated and loved. It helps me, as an author, know where I might improve still. You all are so great, and I thank you for that.

I must apologize. The stories that you all have been enjoying so much...must be put on hold. It's not by choice that I do this, you must realize. My computer refuses to start, and on it are several items that you all have been waiting for. I have a best friend who will fix my computer for free, and when it is will all get your chapters. T-T But there is a cloud to that silver lining. ;) My friend is away in Texas, and will not be back until the first or second week of March. It kills me to make you wait that long, but all of my finished chapters are trapped in my computer. I dare not try re-writing them, because I know it wouldn't be as good as it currently is. My computer is evil. I've threatened to burn it, wipe it, and do horrifying things to it, but it refuses to start, lol.

So, To all of my dearest readers (and dare I say fans?)...the stories you have been enjoying are on hold until March. Once March rolls around and my friend comes back (Thank God for the people who are technilogical brainiacs. ANd thank God for best friends who are smarter in those things than me and who will fix my computer free of charge) we'll be up and at 'em once more! I sincerely apologize. *gets onto ground and places forehead on ground as he bows* I beg your patience. If the previous wait was practically unbearable, I know this will be pure torture.

BUT! Your patience will be rewarded. The Chapters and Stories that wait you are as follows (PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL OF THEM, REGARDLESS IF YOU READ THE STORIES OR NOT. I HAVE SEVERAL NEW STORIES I'D LIKE YOU ALL TO BE INFORMED OF!!!!) :

For all you 'Lost in the Green Seas' Readers:

You will all get a non-existent cookie! ;p Sorry. Done joking. all will get Chapter 17. A brief summary:

The Sasuke Retrieval Team, rejoined and re-vamped, head to the Valley of the End to head off Sasuke and capture him. Naruto opens the scroll from Jiraiya and Yugito, and is shocked at what he finds. Then...Sasuke appears and the battle of the Friends begins yet again. But...everyone is stronger, and Sasuke may just be outclassed. Or is he?

I might even throw in Chapter 18! (That's if I can get it done in my hour breaks from work every day. I go to the library, and I check my email, etc...but I'll do my best to start that chapter. NO guarantees. I can't get alot done in an hour...not unless I'm practically burning alive with a creative fire)

For all you 'Pale Moon's Love' Readers:

Unfortunately, Chapter 9 (I think it was nine. U_U') is not finished. HOWEVER, you will get Chapter 9 for sure. I will complete the DAY OF MY COMPUTER'S REVIVAL! This, I swear on all 5 of my Naruto books, all 58 of my Naruto Episodes, all 2 of my Naruto movies...and my entire Manga collection! (Which, in my mind, is rather sizeable. XD) IT will be finished. Here's a brief summary:

Hinata and Neji and Kiba all sit in vigil for Naruto...patiently waiting for Tsunade to revive the Comatose Naruto. However, even comatose, Naruto isn't safe. Neji stops an attempt on Naruto's life...too little too late. Will Naruto die so soon after confessing his love to Hinata?

Sorry for the teaser. XD But still. That chapter will be updated the day of my computer's revival.

For all you 'Bleach: Listen to Your Heart' Readers:

I'm aware that this story has ended. Very aware. And, I'm touched by all of your reviews! Thanks so much for your support! I left the story with an abrupt ending and without Rukia revealing her Bankai...just to give you all a reason to want a sequel. XD I know. I'm so mean. XP But still. The Sequel will be put out on the day of my computer's revival. The first Chapter is written...and the second one was underway when my computer turned evil and decided to stop working. So...I'll give you guys the title. No summary, sorry, because my summary is in the comp. I'd like to keep it word for word, and I'm afraid I'll screw it up, lol. So, you'll get the title.

'Bleach: Until the Day I Die' - an IchixRuki love story! Obviously. ;) There WILL be other pairings in this one, however. Who it'll have to see! XD But, as with 'Listen to Your Heart', this story is based off a song that I heard. I suggest you all look it up. It's by 'Story of the Year' and is called 'Until the Day I Die'. :) So, That's that. XD

I have several new stories being contemplated, and that might be put on here.

Omega Infiltration: A DOT HACK STORY! I'm a Dot Hack fan, a little, and I decided to put up a story. Even if you guys haven't heard of Dot Hack, I suggest you check it out. I put alot of thought into it. I hope you guys check it out. It's first chapter is out already. The second will be written if I get reviews.

BLEACH: Life and Death (Or known as Life of Battle): This story is based off of the game I play: Bleach: Life and Death. It's similar to Dot Hack...just in the fact that it's based off of Virtual Reality, but it is a Bleach story type thingy. Not sure how to label it. U_U' but still. Please, check it out.

Final Fantasy VII: The Last Fantasy (Rebirth): Based off of the 'Dirge of Cerberus' Game that I recently finished. lol. I've had it forever, but finally finished it! And, I had a thought...what if Vincent HAD died? Well, this is a Final Fantasy VII story to end all Final Fantasy VII stories! Here's the Summary:

Pick up from 'Dirge of Cerberus'. Vincent actually died, unable to survive after defeating Omega. AFter two months, Cloud and co. are still saddened. But, the final threat to the world emerges...not wrought from Shinra or the planet...but from the stars. Shelke, eager to defend her new home, join's Cloud's side. VINxSHEL CLOUxTIFA (There will be two versions of this story. One 'T' for 'Death, Minor Language, Blood and Violence. The Second is 'M' for Death, Language, Blood and Violence, and Lemons.)

BLEACH: Comatose:This story will be IchixHime. Hate me all you want, IchixRuki fans...but I was extremely caught up in the Orihime part of episodes 145+. Sorry, guys. But, I at least want to give her the happy ending she deserves. If it won't happen in Canon, which I believe it won't, then i can at least let her have a happy ending in my story. Please, forgive me, but I feel she deserves to be happy. T-T This will be 'M' or 'T'. It takes place during the whole 'Vaizard Training' arc thingy. XP Don't know the right name. But, when the Arrancar pop up and Ichigo has the Vaizard seeking him. The official summary is in work. lol. I've having trouble wording it right.

And then just because I find this pairing interesting a possible:

BLEACH: Nine Lives: This one is a YoruxIchi story. XD Yoruichi and Ichigo, I find interesting, honestly. This is set after Ichigo saves Rukia and heads back to the world of the Living. Ichigo comes back, and Yoruichi follows. At first, she believes it's only to keep an eye on Ichigo's 'Hollow'...but she begins to realize the boy fills the hole that Kisuke Urahara had left in her heart. How will their relationship turn out?

So, with this out of the way, I must apologize. I humbly apologize for this evil turnout. I'm very displeased with it as well, mind you. Bringing you the stories is a great joy of mine, and my computer is robbing me of that! T-T So, please bear with me. ANd, lemme know in a review to this posted chapter, which stories you think you would like to read and which ones you wouldn't. I ask that you give the stories all a chance, and read the first chapters that I've posted out already. The ones up and coming...depending on Reviews....will be posted. Please, keep an open mind, mind you!!! If you know any fans of certain pairings that I'm doing, and you think they'd like it and they'd read it, make sure to let me know. I want to give all the stories at least one trial chapter, however. but still. please, review and let me know!

My deepest apologies once more.

Regretfully yours,