He Never Forgot

Chapter One

This story has Percabeth. But, I would also call it Palypso. In the POV of Percy and it is after The Battle of The Labyrinth. It is even after the war with the Titans. Percy won and defeated Kronos. This is what happens after. Percy is 17.

"Percy, I am going to miss you so much," Annabeth said as she hugged me good bye.

"I will miss you too, but they want me to become a new god," I told her. I was never going to tell her the real reason for me becoming a god. I could never tell her that it was only for a girl. The only way I could see Calypso again. In just a few short days, I would be back on the Island of Olgyia. This time, I would never let her go.

"Have a nice ride to Olympus. Do you remember how long it takes for you to become a God? I want to offer a sacrifice to you with my food the day it happens," she said.

"I don't know how long. My Dad told me that you will see a flash of bluish green in the sky. It means that I will be an official Minor God of Olympus. He told me that I had to be a minor still because I was his son," I explained.

"You will be a great God, Percy," she said.

"If it is possible, I will come and visit you," I said. This was not true. I won't ever leave Calypso alone again. Annabeth walked me to the top of Half blood hill, where my car to the Empire State building was waiting. After we exchanged hugs, I got into the car. I looked back and watched Annabeth until we turned the corner. I was really going to miss her. The driver stopped write in front of the tall building. My dad was waiting for me.

"Percy, welcome to Olympus. Are you exited?" Poseidon asked me.

"You know the only reason I agreed to this. After I am a god, I will live on Olgyia for the rest of my existence," I said. We got into the elevator and went to the VERY top floor. A/N: I don't remember what floor it was.

I stepped out and was again amazed by the godliness of Olympus. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. The huge Greek buildings, with architecture that Annabeth would have died to see. It looked even better than the first time I had come here. But that may have been because the first time, I was about to be tried for execution.

"Welcome home," said an unrecognizable minor God. Many more of these unknown gods came to greet me.

"Percy Jackson, I trust that you have treated my daughter well as your time as a half blood," said a voice behind me. It was Athena. I turned around and saw her. Annabeth was like a mini, exact copy of her mother. With her beautiful grey eyes and her wisdom illuminating her body.

"I tried my hardest. How do you think I did?" I asked.

"Leaving her for a daughter of a Titan is not trying your hardest," she said with disgust, "Annabeth loved you, Percy. And you are throwing away her love for the daughter of a Titan and lying to her about it. You told her Poseidon offered to make you a God. As true as that is, before that, you begged Zeus. Just so you could be with Calypso." This stung. I couldn't think of anything to say. Annabeth loved me? I knew that she had kissed me once before but love? I thought that was just a spur of the moment, I think you are about to die kiss. Apparently not.

"Don't you dare speak to my son, who defeated the Titan lord, like that," Poseidon spit at her. With that, we pulled my arm and we walked to Zeus's home. Dad knocked on the door and Zeus opened it.

"We must start right now. To just get it over with," Zeus said as he rushed Poseidon and I in. I walked in, seeing the excellence of it everywhere. He led me to a room where I saw a symbol for each of the major Gods. He led me to the one of my father's trident. It was much bigger than I and seemed to open. When Zeus opened it, he gestured for me to step in. I did, of corse. It was very large and spacious. It was pure white inside and a turquoise color on the outside.

"This Demigod has shown great bravery and courage. Make this son of Posiden a God!" Zeus said. Then I fell into a deep, deep sleep.

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