Louden walked up the stairs to his bedroom on the third floor

Louden walked up the stairs to his bedroom on the third floor. He opened the door to reveal a room covered with Kaiju stuff. He had reports and pictures on the walls. On his bookshelf, were Kaiju figures. His computer rested on his desk in a corner. Between his desk and bookshelf, a big flat-screen was bolted to the wall. The Wii was hooked up, and the Wiifit was leaning against the bookshelf.

His computer bleeped. That meant he got an E-mail.

The conversation went like this:

SuperRef: Where r u?

KaijuMC: 'rents house. Right outside Boston. Y?

SuperRef: We couldn't figure out where u were.

KaijuMC: Srry.

SupaBeav: No prob. How ya sister?

KaijuMC: Good.

SuperRef: When r u gonna tell her?

KaijuMC: Dunno.

SupaBeav: U should soon.

KaijuMC: I don wanna.

SupaBeav: Y?

KaijuMC: 'cause she gonna get hurt.

SuperRef: What about Dr. Cube?

SupaBeav: Ya?

KaijuMC: I'm doin' all I can. Guys, I'm really wiped. I need to go to sleep. C-ya tomorrow. Bi.

KaijuMC has logged off. Any messages sent will be delivered when they get back.

He went across the big room to his bed. He layed down and looked up. Above his bed, he had tacked a poster of a Kaiju roster. The ones that were retired were colored black and white. He went over each face, but fell asleep before he came to Dr. Cube.