Lila Note: Okay this chapter is a bit less of the romancy, gushy stuff, more KBB style, K? It's a flashback to Kaiju 3-D, and the aftermath.

Cube's POV

I didn't mean to. I wasn't trying to hurt her. Or him. Or anyone, really. It wasn't my fault. It wasn't...

I remember that night very clearly. Had to be one of the worst nights I've had in a while.

April 3rd, 2009.

I remember how normal the start of it was. The Warsaw was as bad as ever. Full of idiotic hero fans, hardly any Cube fans at all. There was the occasional kid who wanted my autograph, but only because he was new to this. Two seconds later he was jumping at the chance for Neo's picture. I sighed at the pre-show crowd. Warsaw was always one of the best sold shows, even if Anime Cons had more.

I sneered under my helmet at the heroes, showing off and prepping that little sniveling excuse for an intern. God, if he wasn't such a rookie, I would make him hit the mat every excuse I could. That Nintendo reject Sunbuster was always helping the brat out. And now that wanna-be gangster boulder has developed a soft spot for the little glowworm. Ah well, he'll need all the help he can get. Especially when he's a hero. I'll make him see why I am superior- and I'll do it personally too.

The salbino's called us into the backstage to make some final adjustments and to get everyone in the crowd riled up for that Brian Scary. Oh well, let the humanity of America's brains rot. What should I care? They'll all be my minions soon enough.

Louden and I exchanged some words of good luck (half pretending to be getting along for Maddie, half taunting each other with 'you'll need it's) and then he went out to make a fool of himself. He got the crowd cheering, announced a few updates, and started the show. I heard 'commissioner' and at that moment, the backstage door opened and some large body guards stepped through. They went upstairs to the office the owner had left unlocked. And that was the only glimpse of the commissioner some of us ever got. I'd seen him before. The commissioner, I mean. He was an okay guy, and we had so many things in common, it seemed we would have been friends. The problem was he believed that humanity is fine with it's flaws. I say I can make humanity better. That's one of the reasons the KRC and I hate each other...

I suddenly felt two arms around my waist, and I knew it was her. I kissed her on the head and told her to go watch the show. She nodded, smiling radiantly, and ran out to watch with the salbinos. I shrugged, knowing that she'd be coming back to my place after the battel, and we'd go have dinner.

I decided to go up and see the commissioner, since I hadn't seen him since before I started dating his niece. I figured he either had some good things ready to say or some bad things to scream at me for. I didn't really care, and he'd probably figure out that I was only going at all because I loved getting Noxious's riled up. It's actually quite amusing. Have you ever tried it?

When I reached the office, I was surprised to see the guards face-down on the floor. I was suspicious of foul play when the only sound I could hear was the TV in the office. The match was blaring, dulled, from it's speakers. I stepped inside the office, expecting a yell or at least some kind of noise.

It was silent. I looked over at the commissioner's desk.

He was slumped over, as if sleeping and I rushed over to grab his wrist, checking for a pulse. I felt nothing. I checked his neck, none there either. No heartbeat.

He was dead.

Ther was no way it could have been suicide. There was a wide gash in his back created by some type of knife. No. Maybe a scalpel. Had to have been a large blade. (Eiji Note: WAIT. Scalpels are large blades? Fwwwuuuuuuuuuh?(DELETE THIS)) (No, I don't think I will. It's fun when your like this) The whole thing looked like a rushed job. Blood was splattered eerily across the floor, probably dripped from the blade and not from the actual gash itself. Bruises on his neck showed some strangling had occured. By the state of the office, it looked like the old man had put up a good fight. His fingers were in the position of holding a pencil and pressing the security button. It was intriguing, there wasn't any pencil or pen, no paper either. The security button was disconnected, hidden from view by the TV. I looked around the office, and found something very incriminating.

They had knocked around the office violently. The pictures on the walls were knocked off the nails, most broken. Near a fallen frame lay a string, dripping with newly spilt blood. No, not just any string, a lanyard. For a whistle. Looked like someone had tried to hang a person with it. Probably where those marks had come from. Wait- no- they were a different size. That meant that the commissioner wasn't the only person strangled that day(or night? I'm tired, Lila, reword it for me?) (Fine, Night then). I took a rushed picture with my phone and took blood sample with my medical supplies. I grabbed the whistle, pocketed it carefully, and ran down stairs to deliver the news to his niece and nephew. Oh. And the Kaiju fans and fighters.

I arrived at the end of the battel. Perfect timing if you ask me. I don't need any Kaiju having a grudge against me because I interrupted his match. Louden was trying to talk to Sunbuster, trying to interview him for that Louden's Shout-out segment. I really couldn't care less about that website, it's biased. Unfortunately, the video-game nerd saw me coming, and tried to fight me. Damn, I hate it when people see me as a threat even when I haven't even done anything. When he started flailing, I signaled my minion for a weapon. Usually, I would do it with my latex fists, but I needed this to be quick. He brought out a very appropriate weapon: The Power Glove. Made quick work of the moron. I must remember that.

Anyway, when the brother of my love preceded to ask me who the hell I thought I was, I snatched away the microphone and began with my usual insulting of their disgusting city. I finally knew I had to say it, so I lay it down in the easiest way possible- bluntly. "Your beloved Kaiju Commissioner," I started, but when I heard a child say 'I hate you!' I growled and roared, "HAS BEEN MURDERED!"

Louden's face went blank, his eyes wide and his mouth slightly open. Suddenly, his face went white and his eyes began to water.

Then, I wanted to comfort him, just a little. "Yes, and I know who did it!" I boasted. I pulled out the whistle and everyone got was I was trying to say. "Is that a whistle? Is that... Senior Official Jingi's Rec Whistle? Where is Senior Official Jingi tonight?" All the while, Louden was shaking his head 'no' and trying to believe I was a liar. I told him my plans for the Baby Sky Deviler kidnapping, but he was very preoccupied with his uncle's death. I left the stage with Louden calling me a liar.

Backstage was a sight that nearly broke my heart. Maddie was embracing that Hero Intern. Tears were streaming down her face, she wouldn't even look at me. She nuzzled deeper into his shirt. I could feel my blood boiling. I punched the wall, going clear through the cheap plaster. The rest of the night was riddled with mystery and insanity. When DK jr. won the Mean 13, I hardly celebrated. Maddie's friends (who came to every match now) congratulated him and were giving him high fives and hugs. They comforted Maddie as much as they could, but she was still depressed. She didn't glance at me, let alone let me cheer her up. I did my part, fighting (but half-heartedly, so I lost), and slumped down in my dressing room. I tore off my helmet, throwing it against the wall. Don't blow up, don't go on a rampage. You're more classy than that, more mature...

I decided to leave after the battel, instead of going to the after-party, like Maddie always coaxed me into doing. I walked home, so I could stop for a drink. Hell, I'm 18, but they know me. And I'm mature enough. I went into the bar and ordered a scotch. I usually have something more classy, but I felt horrible.

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