Warning: Complete smut up ahead.

"CUT!" a balding, middle aged American yelled as a stagehand slammed the stage marker shut. "Okay people, great job today. Take five!" he exclaimed.

"Ugh, finally!" shouted the girl who was currently center stage, freeing her hair of the two buns on the top of her head. She ran a hand through the dark strands as she climbed off of the boy she previously had pinned to the ground. "I'll be in my trailer if you need me for anything."

Smirking, the boy wiped off his shirt, which had been sullied in the last take. He ran in the girl's direction and as he caught up to her said, "Anything?"

"Ugh, Garu! Leave me alone!" ordered the girl, who was actually seventeen, no where near as young as the stage makeup made her look.

"Aww, c'mon Pucca!" said Garu, snaking an arm around her waist, which made her whine in disgust. "You know you liked that take…pinning me down to the ground, getting to kiss me all over. You know babe, it doesn't have to end as soon as the cameras stop rolling!" he purred sensually, as he undressed her with his eyes.

"Seriously. Not. now." she said, slamming the door in his face as soon as she reached her trailer. "And FYI, just because they're named after us doesn't mean we actually have to stay dressed up as our characters! Your hair is still in those gay pigtails!" she added through the door. "They make you look freakin' ten years old!"

Gasping, Garu felt up toward his head, and sure enough, the pigtails were still in tact. Mumbling something about how they were "cramping his style," he rushed to pull them out, and let his hair fall in its usual shaggy style. Despite the amazing make up and camera tricks used to distort his and Pucca's forms down by several feet and therefore make them look much younger, in reality he was now a freakin' eighteen year old guy, not ten!And he, and Pucca for that matter, could not be anymore different from the characters they portrayed.

Seeing him freak out, a rather innocent looking blonde walked over and snickered. "You still trying to get into her pants?" he asked, amused.

Garu frowned, annoyed. "Yeah, what's it to ya, Dada?"

Dada shrugged. "Nothing really. You're just totally going about it all wrong."

Glaring, Garu scowled. "What do you mean? Didn't you see our last take! She totally wants me!"

"Ha, yeah Garu. That's called acting."

"Please. You obviously weren't watching closely enough! She totally tried to slip me the tongue!"

"Hmm. Are you sure you weren't the one doing that?"

"…Same thing!" Garu said, defensively.

Dada chuckled. Garu could be such a dumbass sometimes. "Okay, listen Garu. You want Pucca right? And want her to like you back?"

Garu responded with a "what-the-hell-do-you-think?!" look.

"Well, then you gotta charm her! Chicks don't like it when you just saunter over and basically ask them to strip down and spread out their legs. Tell her she has pretty eyes. Wine her and dine her. You know, all that romantic crap!"

Garu's mind had wandered off at the extremely inviting thought of Pucca laying out on a dining room table, completely naked and giggling, with her legs spread open whole-heartedly.

He groaned at the thought, feeling his pants become tighter as his large penis began to harden. "This dude I play is an idiot!" he suddenly spat. "What kind of a chump refuses a chick as hot as Pucca fucking throwing herself at him!…Oh man, if only things were really like that," he said, returning to his fantasies where Pucca was waiting for him at the table.

Dada rolled his eyes, and slapped Garu over the back of his head. "Are you even listening to me? They can be, you fucknut! Listen to me and your dick will be in her mouth by the end of the day."

Garu rubbed the back of his head, and considered the blonde's words. After all, Dada was the resident pimp of the cast. "Okay, fine!" he surrendered. "How should I start this whole 'charming' thing?"

Dada grinned, happy to have proved once again that he was the macdaddy pimp. "Go get her out of her trailer first," he directed.

"Alright, whatever." Garu walked toward the door and twisted the knob open. Not seeing Pucca anywhere, he decided to wander deeper into her pad. "Hey Pucca, baby, come on out! Don't be shy!" he called.

However, Pucca was not able to hear him over the running water of her showerhead. She hummed to herself and then moaned slightly as she ran a shower pouf over her large, round breasts, relieved to finally have them free from the binding used to make her look several years younger than she actually was. True, she was getting a little too old to be playing a love sick adolescent, but the pay was too good to pass up.

Besides, there are other perks, she thought, failing to hold back a giggle. Sure, Garu may've been a pain in the ass, but she'd be lying if she said she didn't enjoy straddling his muscular physique every chance she got. He wasn't someone she would want to pursue a relationship with, but he was pretty damn hot. Picturing a naked but mute Garu, her moaning increased as she dropped the soapy pouf and began squeezing and massaging her large, bouncy tits, paying careful attention to her hardened nipples, which she proceeded to rub and pinch with her fingertips.

At this moment, Garu decided he needed to take a leak. Opening the bathroom door, his eyes widened and he let out a quick gasp at the beauty that showered before him, completely visible through the clear plastic shower curtain. He could only watch in awe as she continued to caress her firm, tight body. His dick, which had just begun to calm down, shot back to life. He quickly unzipped his pants as he watched her continue to play with herself, now beginning to lather up her inner thighs, her hands gliding up higher and higher. He almost passed out when she casually slipped a finger into her tight pussy and let out a soft moan.

"Ah, Pucca…mmm…" he moaned, as he began to stroke his penis up and down its impressive length. "You dirty whore…you horny bitch…" He quickened his pace as she inserted more fingers, and he soon switched from merely stroking to grasping the organ with both hands and pumping up and down, fast.

Garu couldn't get enough of this, and after a few minutes, he was in his own little world, one where he and Pucca shared the shower and their hands switched duties. He groaned huskily as the thought of taking her hard nipples into his eager mouth and bathing them with his tongue while her hands occupied themselves with his hard cock. He was so into it, in fact, he did not hear the water turn off. He also did not notice an extremely pissed off Pucca towering over him, clenching a towel firmly against her beautiful body. And lastly, he did not notice her gasp as soon as her eyes dropped down to his own impressive, nine inch asset.

"Garu!" she gasped loudly.

Garu froze. He looked up. Holy shit! Pucca was right there! She was gonna hand his ass over to him! He tried to let go of his throbbing dick, but damn…she looked so sexy soaking wet in that tiny towel, with her hair down the way he liked it. And he was just about to…!

…Uh oh. There he went. A long string of milky white cum shot up over him and splattered all over Pucca's pretty face. Garu closed his eyes and prepared for death…

But it never came. Instead, he heard her gasp and could feel her shiver with desire. "I…I didn't know! Didn't know…you...mmm...were so BIG!" she gasped, pausing as she greedily licked off all the cum her soft pink tongue could reach and scooping the rest up on her fingertips, clearly overcome by lust. "And I…ah…I'm so horny right now…" she confessed, licking off what she had gathered.

Garu's eyes shot back open, just in time to watch her finish off licking herself clean. The sight turned him on even further. This was too good to be true! He smirked at her as she proceeded to drop her towel, allowing his eyes to get a better look at her voluptuous, uncovered form.

The best part, he thought as he reached over and grabbed her roughly by her perfect ass, was that this was not part of the script.