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Warning: If you thought the last chapter was bad…you ain't seen nothing yet. Hardcore sex up ahead. Turn back while ya can.

Pucca moaned into Garu's open mouth as she felt his tongue roughly caress her own as his hands squeezed her ass lustfully. She began to kiss back with just as much vigor, which caused her breathing to get heavier and her bare breasts to press against Garu's chest with even more force.

Garu's eyes sprung open as he noticed this, and his hand that was not preoccupied with her ass went from running through her hair to firmly grasping and squeezing one of her tits, marveling at how perfect it felt in his hand and how it bounced and jiggled at the slightest movement. He ran a thumb gently over her nipple, loving how quickly it hardened at his touch.

Pucca gasped softly at the sudden touch, and frowned a bit. God, what am I doing? she thought. He's got his tongue down by throat, one hand on my ass and the other on my boob. And I'm completely naked. And we're not even dating! Am I a slut?

She gasped as she suddenly felt his huge, erect cock pressing against her thigh. Ah, who gives a shit? she decided, completely turned on. She desperately rubbed against him, lifting her leg around his waist as a signal to go further.

Garu smirked. "Impatient, huh? I thought you wanted me to leave you alone?"

"I did, because you're as annoying as hell!" she huffed back. "Plus, I didn't know you were so well hung. But now that I do, are you gonna fuck me or what?"

Slightly taken aback, Garu quickly recovered and grinned cheekily. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he whispered into her ear, "Babe, I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll cum out your ears."

Pucca shivered in desire, getting hornier by the second. So horny in fact, she found it hot when Garu forced her down on her knees by the shoulders and smirked down at her. "Now be a good little girl and eat it all up," he instructed in a patronizing tone, which turned Pucca on even further.

He's so hot when he's dominant she thought, finally embracing the asshole in him and opening her mouth wide to accept the cock that had been thrust at her. She bobbed her head up and down, twitching her nose slightly at the pubic hair that tickled it. Garu moaned in intense pleasure, running his hands through Pucca's hair as he felt her tongue twirl around the base of his penis, then glide down the rest of the length. He groaned as she nibbled gently on the tip, then gasped as she kissed it lightly. "P-pucccaaaa" he moaned, completely entranced and in awe of her talent. He moaned her name again, louder, as she gave his dick one last lick across the length before dropping it.

Pucca giggled, proud at her ability to deep throat and to have garnered such a reaction. "You liked that, hmm?" she teased.

Still in awe, Garu nodded his head absently. Pucca's grin widened as she realized she only made his dick get bigger and harder, and she could sense Garu's slight discomfort at its throbbing. Running over to her mattress, breasts bouncing wildly as she did so, she jumped on and landed in the middle on her stomach. She stared seductively over at Garu with come hither eyes, and motioned for him to join her. Grinning, Garu rushed over, happy to oblige.

Pucca immediately tore off his shirt, which had been on for way too long, and ran her hands down his sculpted chest. Garu, who was now also entirely naked, grinned. "Allow me to return the favor," he said, reaching over to squeeze her milky breasts. Pucca stopped his hands midway, and stared at him sternly.

"That won't be enough this time," she said, a slight smile appearing on her face. She gently guided his entire head toward her right breast, and ran her thumb down his lips. Getting the message immediately, Garu gazed at her heatedly before taking as much of her large breast as he could into his mouth, and running his tongue over its entirety, causing Pucca to moan in delight and feel an increase in both heat and wetness between her legs. She squealed gently as his teeth gently grazed her nipple. He then he focused entirely on bathing it in short licks before sucking it gently. Pucca's breathing came out in short gasps and she pulled his head closer against her breast. Knowing she wanted more, Garu began to massage her other breast, cupping and squeezing it gently while he ran his tongue in circular motions around her areola. Pucca tossed her head back and decided she had had enough with the teasing.

"Garu…" she purred.

Breathlessly, he looked up. "Yeah?"

"I want more."

He stared at her in awe as she slowly turned to lay on her side, propping her head up on one hand. He almost immediately sprang at her as she casually spread open her legs and motioned with her index finger for him to come over.

Wait a minute Garu, he thought, using all his will power to resist, you're supposed to be the one in control.

Nodding to himself, he smiled at her. "Nah, babe, you get over here," he instructed, heading for her sofa.

"Ugh, why?" Pucca asked, pouting.

Garu sat down and stretched out his limbs. Looking at her straight in the eyes, he whispered huskily, "Because I said so."

Ahhhh, he's being dominant again…he knows I love it! Pucca thought as she got up and jumped onto his lap, happy to give in.

He grinned into the kiss he and Pucca shared, and stared into her eyes afterward. With a moment of uncharacteristic sincerity, he told her, "Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean, you're unbelievably hot and I've wanted to stick it in you since the day we met, but I don't wanna do anything you'll regret. I do care about you."

"I'm sure," Pucca, slightly shocked but touched nonetheless, added with a grin "I can't resist the combination of a big dick and sweetness."

Smirking, happy and slightly relieved to have genuinely won her over, Garu grabbed her by the waist. He propped her up over his lap, his cock stuck up straight between her legs. "In that case," he said, grinning wickedly, hands still firmly grasping her by the waist, "get ready for the ride of your life!"

Pucca giggled, eager to finally feel him inside her. She grasped his shoulders, locking into position, and finally began bouncing up and down on Garu's lap, his thick penis thrusting deeper into her with each bounce. "Garuuuuu…"she moaned, loving it.

"Ahhhhh, Puccaaaa," Garu groaned back, being pleased greatly by both the feel of his cock being enclosed by Pucca's wet warmth and her breasts bouncing directly in his face. Noticing she was still damp from her shower, Garu decided to give back a little. He reached over to her round ass and fingered her asshole gently, glad both the water and Pucca's juices made such a good lubricant. Pucca responded by gasping and tugging at his hair roughly as she quickened the pace of her bounces. Garu noticed how much tighter Pucca's pussy got around his dick, and grinned.

Both in ecstasy, they shared a quick and desperate kiss, while maintaining the perfect rhythm they had established. "Gaaaaru..." Pucca moaned.

"Yeah, Beautiful?" he purred.

"I'm gonna…ahhhhh…I'm gonna cum!" she screamed, slowing her bouncing as she orgasmed all over him.

Closing his eyes, Garu moaned, taking in the scent and feel of her juices lubricating him. He was proud he managed to outlast her and please her, but now it was his turn.

Pucca knew this and grinned, happy to restart her bouncing, which was now much more fluid. Garu tossed his head back and tightened his grip on her waist. He screamed out her name as he finally burst into her, his cum shooting into her with an incredible pressure, with some of the excess leaking out the sides of her pussy.

Pucca moaned immensely, never having been so filled up before. "Garu," she whispered breathlessly.

Taking his own ragged breaths, Garu looked into her eyes and smiled. "Yeah?" he asked, lifting a hand to caress her cheek.

"Can we spend all our breaks like this?" she asked, nuzzling into his hand.

"Hell yeah!" he grinned, realizing, like the character he played, maybe his feelings for Pucca went a little deeper than he thought.


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