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Author's Note

Usually I hate putting author's notes instead of actual chapters, but otherwise no one will read this, so I have no choice.

First of all, when I write oneshots. They usually remain oneshots.

I won't be continuing this one. This was only ever meant to be a oneshot, and that's what it'll remain. I still have to finish Crash Into You, Just Like This and Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace.

Some things that are bugging me about the reviews:

- Logan isn't a jackass. That's not what I was trying to bring about in this oneshot. It was the fact that he'd do anything for Veronica, to keep her safe, even if it mean losing her.

- Someone said I left it in an awkward place, which is true, but it's a oneshot, people. It's supposed to just be cut off. I wanted to get that last, dramatic, angsty scene out there. That's all this oneshot was ever supposed to be. So of course I just cut it off after the fight.

So, thanks for all the reviews and support. Not only on this fic but on all my other fics too.

But I'm sorry, I won't be continuing this fic.

Keep a look out for Crash Into You, Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace and Just Like This.

Thanks Heaps! xD