Prologue: Birth Of A Goddess

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It was a dark, and yet clear night. Lights could be seen for miles, coming from the Great Temple to the Sun and Moon. Inside, servants, priests, and priestesses were running around everywhere, all headed to one room. The chambers of the great Sun God and Moon Goddess. It was the Moon Goddess's time to finally give birth.

"My Goddess, please relax and breathe deeply and the child will come quickly." One priestess was saying as she proceeded to work on the moon goddess. The beautiful and graceful Moon Goddess, Tsuki, was in a frail condition. Her husband, the great and powerful Sun God, Taiyo, stood by her side while servants continued to rush around.

Some minutes later there was a great silence, and then a baby's cry could be heard throughout the forest. Everyone immediately became joyous at the sounds of the child being born.

"My Lord, My Lady, you have a beautiful daughter." The same priestess said.

"Thank you, Kisa." Lord Taiyo said as Kisa handed him his daughter.

"Taiyo, let me see my daughter." Lady Tsuki said faintly.

Lord Taiyo held out the child and she took the baby. "Well, now we must name her." Tsuki said.

"You should name her." Taiyo replied.

"Very well, I will name her Akaria, after the light. Tsuki looked at her daughter, she had a gorgeous shade of silver-white hair, and she had emerald green eyes, a mirror image of her mother.

Suddenly Taiyo called out. "It is time for the dawn, I must bring out the light."

And with that the golden orb appearred. But then something amazing happened to little Akaria.

Immediately, the child's appearance changed. Her hair changed to a pitch black and her eyes became a liquid gold color. Now she looked just like her father. Everyone was speechless.

"Taiyo, what has happened?" Tsuki said in complete bewilderment.

"I see. It seems that Akaria's appearance will change when each of our hours of dominance changes. I believe that she will look like you during the night, Tsuki, when you rule. But when it is time for me to reign during the day, she will take on this appearance similar to mine. This is rather interesting, I have never seen this happen to any celestial being before."

"Well, Taiyo, we can't take her up to the heavens with us, so what will we do with her, I don't want to abandon her." Tsuki said.

"Do not worry dear, I have been an ally with the great dog demon general, Lord Inu No Taisho."

"My Lord" Kisa interrupted. "It has been rumored that the dog demon general also had a child not so very long ago. It is also rumored that this child was also a son."

Excellent, this could work out well." Taiyo said as Tsuki laid down again to rest. Taiyo then picked up his new daughter, Akaria, and took her to the balcony of the Temple. "Look, my daughter, upon the world. You are the heir and goddess to the Sun and Moon."

Well, that was the beginning of it. If you have not noticed, the baby, Akaria, is you (well, duh), and the child born to Lord Inu No Taisho some time ago, is Sesshomaru (again, duh). Okay then, please rate and message me!! I love feedback, but have mercy on me, this is my very first quiz. I know this chapter was pretty simple, but it will get better later on! So please don't give up on me! Ok! Bye!!