Chapter 1

The Doctor brushed his hands over the lavender

The Doctor brushed his hands over the lavender. Rose would have loved it here, so would Martha. He sighed.

He'd been here before, with Rose. Oh how he missed her. Her witty gabble, her long hair, her sweet scent, everything. He lay down and looked up at the suns (there were two). Here on Barcelona he had really gotten to know Rose. He thought about the people he loved: Maria - his Time Lord wife - Alan - his only son - Susan - his beloved granddaughter - and Rose. All of them gone is someway or another. His wife and son wiped out by the Daleks, Susan lost on Earth (probably dead) and Rose stuck in some god forsaken world.

He shed a tear, just one tiny tear, then he leapt up determined to find a new love. Maybe someone here on Barcelona. Then again maybe not. All the women here had three heads (that he didn't mind) and rotting teeth accompanied with awful breath.

Just then he heard a voice. It was Donna, she was calling him,


He walked over to where the voice had boomed from.

'Yes,' she was glaring and a man behind a small stall, 'what's wrong Donna?'

'This man says I don't have the right money to buy anything, but I'm starving!'

'Would you let a man with Australian dollars buy anything from you?'

'Sure, I'd just get it changed later'

He sighed; she was never going to get used to traveling in time, was she? He took her arm and pulled her away from the vendor.

'I think there's some food in the TARDIS. In fact, it's about time we head off'

'Where to next then Doctor?' she loved the way his name sounded on her tongue. It could be a weapon or the most beautiful word ever.

'We need to head to the rift Cardiff to re-fuel. While we're there I've got a friend I'd like you to meet!'

'Another assistant you've got stashed away?' she teased

'Sort of'

'I bet she's blonde'

'Not exactly, she's a he, and he's got brown hair'

'A he?' Donna perked up; if the Doctor was still in love with Rose at least he had friends.

'What's his name?'

'Hmm?' he was thinking about Rose again, how she'd saved Jack and she didn't even know it.

'Your friend, what's his name?'

'Jack' he answered simply before heading over to the TARDIS and pulling the doors open.

Donna followed behind him and pulled the doors shut. The doctor fiddled with some buttons and pulled some levers before the time machine roared into life. Donna grabbed the rail beside her; she'd always gotten travelsick and it was worse flying through time and space.

Was he cute? She wondered as a small smile spread across his face.


Donna jumped as he spoke,

'Yes what?'

'Yes, he's cute'

'How did you-?

'The TARDIS. It can read minds and I can read it' he made it sound the most obvious thing in the world.

Donna just nodded, she was never going to get used to all this timey wimey stuff. The TARDIS landed with a bump and the doors flew open revealing a huge rift. It was beautiful.

'We're here'