Chapter 6

"Oh my God…" Jackie Tyler opened the door to see the one man she never thought she'd see again, more surprisingly holding her son and her daughter's hand. "It's you!"

"Nice to see you again too."

"Well I was hardly expecting to see your face again… well one of your faces."

"Mum! Be nice." Jackie raised her eyebrows at Rose, did she honestly think she would ever be that nice to him.

"What are you doing here then?"

"It was completely by chance, never thought I'd see Rose again." He smiled. "But we got through and here I am."

"We? Been replacing my Rose?"

"Mum!" Rose yelled at Jackie. "Can you just leave it, he said he wasn't replacing me and I believe him."

"So can I come in? Or are we just going to leave now?"

"Come in I suppose." Jackie attempted to be civil for Rose, she wasn't about to let him disappear with her daughter at any rate.

As they headed inside, Rose took John off the Doctor, she thought at least it would sweeten her mum up if he wasn't holding him. She then handed the baby over to Jackie, perhaps he would distract her from the fact that Rose was about to run off with the Doctor again.

The Doctor sat himself down on the sofa, putting his arm round Rose as she sat next to him. Jackie slumped herself down in the arm chair, wondering what she would do now.

"So you're leaving with him?"

"Yes I am."

"You don't have to."

"I do, I have to."

"But why?" She could have guessed why, but she needed to hear it from her.

"Because… I love him." She smiled at him as she said it, he smiled back.

"So… what? You just leave and come back and visit sometimes?"

"No." The Doctor answered for her. "That will not be possible; I have to return to the other universe, and I'll need to repair the rift once we're through."

"Can't you just stay here?" She really didn't like the idea of never seeing Rose again.

"Not really… there could be a parallel Doctor, and you know what I'm like; I'd end up meeting him and… oh that could be messy!" Rose laughed at him, she'd missed the way he babbled on about nothing.

"So I'll just never see you again?!" Jackie couldn't believe what she was saying.

"Not necessarily, couldn't you just come back with us? Get your old life back?" The Doctor nodded; it would work. Jackie pondered it for a minute.

"But we're dead, they all think we're dead!"

"Technically yes. But that's just a technicality, I can easily change the documents." The Doctor reasoned, he knew it was important to Rose not to lose her family if she could help it.

"'Change the documents'" Jackie mimicked. "It's not that simple, we had lives there; people knew us."

"Tell them we were on holiday or something, you're creative."

"But we have lives here now." Jackie was trying everything to get Rose to stay there with them.

"Mum, if you stay here, then it's you or him; don't make me choose, I'm sorry but you just can't win."

"I can't lose you Rose!" Jackie tried to plead with her.

"And I can't lose him!" Rose wasn't going to give up. "Not again mum."

"Well then I guess I have no choice."

"Thank you."

Jackie looked at the Doctor questioningly. "What?"

"I know this means a lot to her." He smiled.

"So you love him?" Jackie asked after a pause; she just had to ask, check this was really what she wanted.

"Yes, I love him." She couldn't help but smile, she loved saying it.

"You really want to give up everything for him?"

"No… I don't want to, I have to." Rose had never wanted to stop travelling with him, then she'd thought she never would be able to again, but now she could, there was no way she was going to pass up the opportunity.

"And you love her?" She had to be sure he wasn't going to go breaking her daughter's heart.

"Yes I do."

"Say it." Jackie had to hear him say it.

"I love Rose." He smiled at Rose as he spoke.

"And you'll look after her?"


"Yes I will, I did before didn't I? I would do anything for her, I'd give my life for her, that's how much she means to me."

"Okay… if Rose is happy, then I'm happy." She realised there was nothing she could do to stop her, she'd always been stubborn, so she decided it would be better to go along with her.

"I am happy, mum; I am so happy."

"You see the water tower over there?" Jack pointed at the huge, stainless steel, water feature. "That's not just to look pretty, where I come from, us lot at Torchwood can use it to amplify radio waves and stuff like that."

"Oh! Even through the water?"

"Yeah, the water helps actually, shouldn't believe everything your told."

"Well there's something I never knew!" Donna was really starting to enjoy this tour from Jack, it wasn't like the usual 'on your right you can see' kind of tour.

"And you wouldn't believe the number of alien spacecrafts we found in that bay!"

"From the rift? What do you do with them?"

"Yeah from the rift. Well if we can, we just send them back through the rift." He lowered his tone of voice. "But between you and me, we leave a few in the bay… divers just think they're shipwrecks of some kind."

Jack took Donna round to the Mermaid Quayside, to the 'information centre' they used as a cover up, well at least he hoped it would be there in this universe.

And it was, all be it looking slightly better looked after. He opened the door slowly, would this Ianto be the same as his? Or maybe in this universe he'd never recruited him. Donna peered in behind him, wondering why, of all places, he had brought her to the tourist information centre.

Ianto was stood, as per usual, behind the reception desk, sorting out some paperwork. Paperwork; Jack smiled, the good old 'paperwork' excuse. This Ianto was just like his, same suit as always, neat hair cut, it was just like home.


"Hello Sir."

"Want some help with that paperwork?" Jack smirked as he spoke, but was disappointed that it was met with a blank look.

"No I'm just about finished." Stupid parallel universe Jack thought, clearly in this universe he didn't have a relationship with Ianto.

Donna came up beside him, leaning on his shoulder, Jack shrugged her off.

"Well see you later then."

"Bye Sir." Jack left, well that could have gone better.

"That was Ianto wasn't it?" Donna asked, it was obvious really.

"Hmm… not my Ianto though." Jack suddenly realised how much he missed Ianto, maybe it wasn't completely about the sex, partly also the way Ianto looked at him differently to other people.

"Hey don't worry, I'm sure we'll be back to our universe soon."

"I hope so…" Now he wanted the Doctor and Rose to hurry up, and not take days like he'd said they might do.

The Doctor and Rose had left Jackie to sort out the preparations for leaving. They walked slowly along the quayside, hand in hand.



"Would you really give up everything for me?"

"Of course, I am giving everything up for you." She smiled, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.


"You said you'd give your life for me." Rose grinned, he could be so sweet sometimes.

"I would."

"Well don't."

He stopped in his tracks turning to face her with a puzzled look on his face. "What?"

"If you give your life for me, and I've given everything for you, then what do I have? Nothing."

"We'll share it then."

"Deal." She kissed him. "I love you."

"I love you too." He kissed her lightly on the nose.