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AN- This is for Hotshow who wanted a back story on how/why Sammy is afraid of clowns. Hope this fits the bill.


Joshua walked up to his door eyeing the cardboard box that was sitting by the door. Scanning the surrounding area and finding no one he carefully approached the object. He reached around and grabbed his hunting knife from behind his back and cut the tape on the top of the box. Bending the flaps he noticed an envelope marked "Time to pay up!" on top of a wrapped package. Recognizing his friend's untidy scrawl he picked up the envelope, ripped it open, and silently read the short note. Disbelief mixed with anger clouded his face as he reread the note hoping he'd read it wrong. "Shit! That low-down mangy dog!" he hollered. Unlocking the door he snatched up the box and stomped into the house cursing under his breath.

"Bobby and his crappy bets." Joshua grumbled as he placed the cardboard box on the bathroom floor. "I can't believe I fell for his line of bull. He does it to me every time."

Opening the box Joshua pulled out the picture on top and taped it to the wall by the mirror. "That's just wrong" he mumbled as he continued to snatch items out of the box and place them on the counter by the sink. "No self-respecting man wears make-up." Joshua snatched the last article out of the box and groaned as he glared at the brightly colored suit. "Man, it looks like Walt Disney threw up." Throwing the suit over the shower rod he turned back to the mirror. "Joshua, you're an idiot!" he told himself as he reached for the face cream and started applying it. "I am so paying him back for this!" he ground out.

Sammy sat happily playing in the dirt with his bucket and shovel occasionally glancing over to make sure his Uncle Bobby was still there. Sammy dumped shovel after shovel of dirt into his bucket until sand was spilling over the edges. Dropping the shovel he attempted to pick the bucket up but it wouldn't budge. Getting a tight grip on the bucket's handle he tried again and again but he couldn't move it an inch. Frowning he decided he on a different approach. Standing up Sammy took a moment to brush the sand off his overalls before grabbing the handle of the bucket once again. Sticking out his tongue he pulled with all his might but it was no use. The bucket was just too heavy for him. Frustrated he kicked the bucket knocking it over. Grabbing his shovel he bent over and shoveled half of the dirt back out. Then he stood the bucket back up. Sammy spit into his hands and rubbed them together just like he had seen Dean do the day before. He then grabbed the handle and pulled grinning from ear to ear when he easily lifted the pail of sand. Carefully carrying his prize he walked over to where his Uncle Bobby was working on an old car. "Unca Bobby! Unca Bobby! Watch!" he shouted before dumping the dirt over his head.

Bobby had just finished replacing the air filter in the old Ford when he heard Sammy's yell. He glanced up in time to see Sammy pouring a bucket of dirt over his own head. "Crap, I knew he was too quiet!" Bobby thought as he ran over to the youngest Winchester. Kneeling down in front of the little boy he was surprised to find Sammy smiling up at him.

"Look! I the sand man!" Sammy squealed as he shook his head throwing the sand everywhere.

"Stop, Sammy!" Bobby ordered grabbing the little boy's chin. Seeing the child still he lowered his voice and gently said, "I need you to close your eyes for a minute, sport so I can brush the dirt out of your hair. Okay?"

"No sand man?" Sammy whispered as his lower lip trembled.

Not wanting a crying three year old on his hands Bobby thought quickly. "Sorry Sammy. See, we're going to town to eat at McDonald's and they don't let sand men play on their playground." He explained. "But if you want to be a sand man. . ."

"No!" Sammy hollered as quickly started to brush the dirt off his clothes.

Smiling Bobby helped Sammy get as much dirt off as they could before leading the youngster to the house for a bath. As they neared the back door Bobby reached down and picked Sammy up carrying him into the house and directly to the downstairs bathroom. After turning on the faucet and checking the temperature of the water, Bobby looked down at the dirt covered boy. "I'm going upstairs to get you some more clothes. I want you to get out of those clothes. But don't get in the tub until I get back." He told Sammy. "Understand?"

"Okay, Unca Bobby." Sammy said.

Not wanting to leave the small boy alone for too long Bobby dashed up the stairs to the boys' room and pulled open the dresser. He pulled out another shirt and jeans before catching himself. Remembering Sammy's refusal to wear anything but overalls Bobby quickly exchanged the jeans for the coveted overalls and headed back downstairs. Walking into the bathroom he was surprised to find Sammy still fully dressed.

"Sammy, didn't I tell you to get those dirty clothes off?" Bobby sternly asked.

Sammy stared down at his feet and mumbled something.

Crouching down Bobby calmly questioned, "What was that, Sammy?"

Tilting his head up to look at Bobby Sammy quietly spoke. "I can't do the straps."

Laughing Bobby said, "That's okay, kiddo. I've got them." He reached over and unfastened the straps. Minutes later Sammy was in the tub splashing and giggling as he played with his toy boats.

Joshua leaned in as he carefully drew the lines around his mouth and eyes. Sure he was always goofing around making his friends laugh at his antics. And he was a fairly decent magician and juggler when he put his mind to it. But a clown and at a children's hospital no less! He'd never been any good with kids and Bobby knew that. Heck, as big as he was, kids usually freaked just looking at him. The only exceptions had been Dean and Sammy Winchester. Those two boys had latched onto him from the get go and had quickly wormed their way into his heart. Still he had a hard time handling them and that was just two children. How was he going to deal with a room full of kids? Sighing he started on the line around his right eye. As he was finishing the last line someone knocked on his front door making his hand jerk and mess up his work. Growling he slammed down the pencil and stormed to the front door. Yanking the door open he shouted, "This better be important!"

The salesman took a cautious step backwards at Joshua's booming voice. Screwing up his courage the man cleared his throat and began his spiel, "Good morning sir. I'd like to tell you about our new product. . ." the rest of his speech was cut off as the door was slammed in his face. Thankful that the only thing the big man had slammed was the door, the salesman made his way off the porch. "Stupid clowns" he muttered as he walked to his car.

Bobby sat and watched Sammy run and play on the small playground. He was glad he'd given the youngster time to play before they ate. The last thing he needed was Sammy throwing up from eating too fast. Looking at his watch he decided to give the little boy a few more minutes. Hearing his name he gazed back up to see Sammy standing at the top of the tower in front of the big slide. "What's a matter, Sammy?" he called.

Sammy raced around the playground climbing and crawling through tunnels and having a great time. Making it to the top he saw the best part of the playground: the slide. Running over he sat down on the slide and stopped. Usually daddy or Dean was at the bottom to catch him. But daddy was gone on a trip, and Dean was in school. So Sammy turned to the next best thing. Standing up he hollered, "Unca Bobby!" He waited for his uncle to look up. He smiled down and yelled, "I slide. Catch me!" He watched Bobby walk around the equipment and stand at the bottom of slide. Sitting back down Sammy pushed off with his hands and quickly slid down the slide and into Bobby's arms.

"Alright, Sammy. Lunchtime" Bobby announced as he set the boy on the ground. Heading off the pout he knew was coming he added, "A deal's a deal, sport. I let you play; now we have to eat. Then we're going to see Joshua for awhile."

Sammy was all set to give his uncle the puppy dog eyes when he heard Joshua's name. His frown morphed into a smile as he walked into the restaurant to eat. He loved going to Joshua's house. There were all sorts of things to see at his house and sometimes Josh would do magic tricks for Sam and Dean. He trotted into the restaurant beside his uncle. He couldn't wait to see his friend.

Joshua kicked the foot of the bed in frustration as someone knocked on his door for the fifth time that morning. "What did you do Bobby? Call every salesman in the county and tell them to come see me this morning." He growled out ignoring the repeated knocking. Picking up the bright orange wig he relaxed when the knocking ceased. "I swear if one more person comes to that door, they'll get a scare they won't soon forget." He grumbled as he placed the wig on his head. He couldn't wait for this day to be over.

Bobby pulled into Joshua's driveway and parked away from the house. He knew his friend was probably not in the best mood after getting Bobby's package, but he couldn't resist coming to see Josh's new look for himself. And besides he needed to get a few pictures to share with friends. Lots of pictures. Looking down at the excited child next to him Bobby felt a tad guilty about bringing Sammy here knowing that Joshua was most likely in a bad mood. But then again he knew his old friend loved the kid and would reign in his temper at the situation for Sammy's sake. At least Bobby hoped he would. Opening his door and climbing out he turned and picked up Sammy giving the boy instructions as he lowered him to the ground. "Okay, Sammy remember what I told you. Don't touch anything and stay where I can see you. Got it, squirt?"

"Okay, Unca Bobby. I be good." Sammy replied tugging on his ball cap before sticking his hands in his pockets.

Smirking Bobby turned his attention back to the truck searching for his camera. This was definitely a Kodak moment. Leaning over he popped the glove compartment open and began shuffling the contents around. He didn't notice Sammy running up to the house and banging on the door. Finally finding the camera under the seat Bobby looked to the house and froze shocked at the scene playing out in front of him.

Joshua had just finished stuffing the last of his magic supplies into a bag when a loud knocking sounded again. "Oh, that is it!" he growled. Grabbing his shotgun he stomped over to the door determined to take care of the problem once and for all. Stopping at the door he shouted, "Whatever the hell you're selling, I ain't interested. Now get your butt outta here before I fill you full of buckshot!" Throwing open the door he swung his gun up and aimed it at . . . thin air? Glancing down Joshua saw a wide-eyed Sammy staring fearfully at him. "Oh shit!" Josh thought.