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Previously on Supernatural- Minutes later they were pulling out of the parking lot and heading down the road home.


"Unca Josh! Unca Josh! Look what I got!" Sammy hollered as he raced into the house. Running through the living room he came to the kitchen doorway and paused momentarily to scan the room. Spying Josh sitting at the table a giggling Sammy snuck up behind his uncle as quietly as he could. "ROAR!" he yelled jumping out from his hiding spot and thrusting the stuffed bear in Josh's face.

"Ahhh, a bear!" Josh cried doing his best to look scared by the not so sneak attack. Holding one hand over his heart he stared down at the now laughing little boy and had to bite back a smile. "Sammy! You scared me!" he exclaimed as he made a grab for the child who skipped out of his reach.

"Ha! Ha! I got you!" Sammy sang as he bounced around the kitchen. Seeing the rest of his family walk in, he called out, "Dean! Dean! I scared Unca Josh!"

"You sure did, kiddo" Josh praised ruffling Sammy's hair.

An exhausted John plopped down in the chair next to Josh and ran a hand through his hair. "Dean, you and Sammy go get washed up for supper." He ordered.

"Yes sir" Dean replied. "Come on Sammy." Dean herded his hyper little brother into the corner and then grabbed his hand and led him out of the kitchen.

"Somebody's feeling better." Josh surmised once the boys were out of the room. Getting up he walked over to the stove and started taking up the steaming pots and pouring their contents into bowls.

"Yeah, he's fine." Bobby responded with a chuckle. "It's Johnny you oughta be worried about. He was whiter than a ghost when they let me and Dean go back."

"Wait! You mean John almost?" Josh questioned breaking into laughter at Bobby's nod.

John rolled his eyes at his friends. "Laugh it up guys. Next time I'll let you go back with Sammy and I'll wait outside." He warned grinning as both men stopped mid-laugh. Hearing a noise behind him he turned just in time to catch both his boys about to attack. "Nice try guys. But you'll have to do better than that to sneak up on your old man."

"See Sammy? I told you dad wasn't as easy to scare as Uncle Josh." Dean reminded as he helped his little brother get up into a chair. Climbing into the chair beside Sammy he glanced over the plates of food before staring at the counter. "Hey, where are the pies?"

"Pies? What pies?" Josh asked innocently looking around the room.

At the mention of the sweet treats Bobby peered up from his plate. Surveying the entire kitchen and seeing no trace of pie he quickly stepped over to the fridge and opened the door. After thoroughly examining every shelf and drawer in the refrigerator and finding no pies, Bobby turned to glare at Josh. "Please tell me you didn't eat them all?" he groaned.

"Well, you see" Josh began staring down at the floor. "I umm, I"

"YOU ATE THE PIES!" Dean interrupted slamming his hand down on the table.

"I'm sorry Dean" Josh apologized. "You guys just, you're just. . . too easy." he stated then looked up at his stunned family grinning from ear to ear. Walking into the closet he came back out with the bag of pies in his hand. "Josh: 1, Bobby: 0"

"That was not funny" Dean mumbled as he quickly took the bag from his uncle and set it on the table. "You never joke about pie."

Any further conversation was silenced by the sound of the phone ringing. Bobby quickly walked over and answered it. He listened for a moment before handing it to John. "It's Jim" he informed his friend.

John stood up and took the phone. "What's up, Jim?. . .What is it?. . .I'm kind of in the middle of a hunt. . .Bobby and Josh. . .Let us talk about it and I'll get back to you. . .yeah, bye, Jim." John hung up the phone and slowly walked back to the table. Taking a seat once again he exchanged glances with his friends. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's eat!" he said as he began scooping beans onto Sammy's plate.

The room was soon full of idle chatter about the day's events as the small family dug into their meal. After everyone had had their fill, John sent the boys into the other room to play. He repeated his conversation with Pastor Jim to his friends while they cleared the table. "What do you think? Can you handle this one without me?" he asked once he finished.

"Go ahead Johnny. We've got this one." Bobby assured him.

"Yeah, don't worry John." Josh added. "This will be a breeze."

Bobby spun the dishtowel he was holding around and popped it at Josh hitting him on the side. "Great! Thanks a lot jinx." He grumbled ducking the oven mitt that was thrown his way.

Chuckling at his friends John got up and made his way into the living room where his boys were sitting on the floor playing with the race track. Sitting down beside them he picked up one of the cars. "Boys" he began, "I need you to pack up your toys before you go to bed. We're leaving in the morning to go to Pastor Jim's for awhile."

"Okay dad." Dean replied. "Can we play for a little longer first? Please?"

"Pease?" Sammy echoed adding a hug.

"Alright, thirty more minutes." John conceded. "And no arguing when time's up."

"Deal" Dean grinned setting the track up again. "Can you help us fix the big hill again, dad?"

"Sure, sport." John said taking the track. He started setting out the books making sure to explain what he was doing to the boys. He and Dean worked on the track for several minutes adjusting the stacks of books until they had a steady track. Looking it over John noticed Sammy was now lying beside him sucking his thumb. "What's a matter, Sammy?" he quizzed as he picked up his baby boy. "You tired?"

"Owee hurts, daddy." Sammy whispered laying his head on John's shoulder and sticking his thumb back in his mouth.

"Dad, is Sammy okay?" Dean asked anxiously. Dropping the track he scooted over by his father and started rubbing his little brother's back.

"He'll be fine, Dean." John assured him standing up with Sammy still in his arms. "The doctor said his head might hurt after the medicine wore off. Go ahead and start cleaning up your toys. I'm gonna get your brother some aspirin and run a bath for you two. I'll call you when it's ready."

"Okay dad" Dean answered already picking up his track. He grabbed their small duffle and swiftly filled it with all their toys and books. He placed the two trucks on top so they could easily reach them in the car the next day and then zipped the bag. Carrying the bag he deposited it by the door and turned to scan the room looking for anything he might have missed. Just as he finished his examination of the room his dad called him for his bath. Nodding his head at a job well done Dean quickly walked down the hall to the bathroom where his family was waiting.

After breakfast the next morning, Bobby helped John load the impala while the boys tossed one of the baseballs back and forth. Once the car was packed John went back into the house to check for their belongings one last time. He started in the bedroom and carefully worked his way to the front of the house. John was rechecking the kitchen when he heard the sound of glass breaking. Worried that the boys had busted one of Bobby's windows John rushed out the kitchen door and around the side of the house. He froze mouth dropping open when he saw what had made the horrible noise. There was his baby, the impala, with a baseball smack dab in the middle of the windshield. Seeing the ball with cracks spider webbing around it John lost it. "Dean Winchester! What the hell happened!" he shouted as he approached the boys and his friend.

Bobby stepped in front of the boys and held out his hands motioning for John to stop. "Don't yell at Dean. It's my fault. Sorry Johnny. I was trying to show the boy how to throw a fast ball. Right when I went to throw the ball Sammy tugged on my leg and messed my aim up." He explained sheepishly. "Don't worry. I'll fix it up good as new. Uhhh, Johnny? You okay?"

John stood staring at the ball stuck in the impala's windshield. "You broke my windshield." He whispered in shock. Taking a deep breath he attempted to get control of his emotions. "You broke my fcking windshield!"

"It's okay. I'll fix it." Bobby reassured moving around to the driver's side of the car. "I'll just yank this ball out and" Bobby pulled on the baseball until the ball and the cracks came off with a loud sucking noise. "See? No problem." Bobby grinned holding up the ball decal.

"What the? You? It's a. . .a prank?" John stammered trying to make sense of what had happened.

"That's right, Johnny. You've just been one upped!" Bobby gloated as he started to laugh. "Man, you should have seen your face! You looked like one of those cartoon characters! I was waiting for smoke to start coming out of your ears!"

John fumed as he listened to his friend's bragging. There were some things you just didn't mess with and the impala was at the top of the list right behind his boys. He stormed up to Bobby with the intention to make that point perfectly clear when he heard the most wonderful sound in the world: the sound of his baby boy laughing. He stopped dead in his tracks.

"Daddy funny!" Sammy squealed giggling right along with Bobby.

John leaned down and picked Sammy up his anger suddenly gone. "Yeah, guess daddy did look funny huh kiddo?" he said smiling.

Dean who had been silently watching his father's reaction to the prank relaxed at his dad's smile. "We got you good, didn't we dad?" he asked walking up to his family.

"Yeah, you did good, sport." John praised patting Dean on the shoulder. "But next time how about being on your old man's side instead of Bobby's?"

"Sure dad." Dean replied beaming. "I'll help you think up a good one on the way to Pastor Jim's." Opening the car door he quickly climbed inside and turned around to help fasten Sammy in his seat.

John shut the back door and glanced over at Bobby. "Thanks for everything, Bobby." He said as he opened his door.

"Anytime John" Bobby replied. "You take care of those boys. I'll call you when we have the hunt wrapped up."

"Maybe there'll be another hunt around here by then." John suggested taking a seat in the car. "See you, Bobby."

"Later" Bobby called as John closed his door. Bobby stood and watched the impala back up and drive out of his driveway. Once it was out of sight he turned and headed back to the house tossing the ball decal in the air. "It's sure gonna be quiet in the house without the little guys." He thought as he grabbed the screen door. He slowly walked inside already missing "his boys".

The End