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Pairing: Reno x Vincent

Warnings:M-preg, and as is implied by m-preg and FF7, both Vincent and Reno are male.

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It had just been one time, one mistake, a second's lapse of judgement. He should have known. But after so many years of denial and torment, Reno had been so easy to love, so comfortable to hold close. They'd started as enemies but now were inseparably close. So close any barrier to their love seemed foolish.

Just one mistake.

He knew, all Turks did, that one mistake, one moment could end a life. But he had forgotten that one mistake could start one. He should have known, after what happened before. Thirty years ago, and he remembered.

Screams tearing apart the night. Theirs? His? Then the screams falling silent, replaced by his quiet sobs when it was all over. Why hadn't he remembered that? Then he wouldn't be in this situation now. An outcast, a freak of nature, a monster. He wouldn't have to tell Reno the nightmare-truth. He remembered last time clearer, now.

His own cries of pain piercing the night twice, nine months apart, face wet with ashamed tears. And then? Nothing.. Not their screams, the screams he needed, the screams that the thought of had let him survive the past nine months. Then being told the experiment had failed, in that cold, insane, dispassionate voice, and being left alone, in an empty room, his one chance of atonement taken from him.

One time. One mistake.

One child, one baby, lying dead on the ice cold examination table, cut to shreds for the sake of science, seen by him through the window of his cell. The only time he had ever seen his child. The only child he could ever, would ever have.

Until now.