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(Bella's POV)

"I want you to call me if you need anything," Edward stated as I hugged him goodbye. I nodded into his shoulder and pulled away. I turned to go into the living room, but he grabbed my arm. No matter how much I pulled and tugged, he kept hold. "Anything, Bella."

"All right, Edward. I'll call you if I need anything. I probably won't because I have both Jasper and Emmett here, but I'll call you if I need anything."

I was still angry with him. He had been constantly apologizing to me, but I never apologized to him. I couldn't bring myself to say I was sorry for something that wasn't wrong in my eyes, but was wrong in his eyes. He just didn't trust Jasper for a reason only known to him. No one else, even Alice, understood why he refused to take his eyes off Jasper when we were in the same room. Just Edward. Like always.

He released my arm before I stopped tugging, causing me to punch myself in the stomach because I couldn't stop my own arm in time. Maybe I was hopeless. Maybe Edward was right. Maybe I should apologize to him.

No. I was going to be the strong one for once. I refused to give into him. It wasn't going to happen. I turned to Alice, who engulfed me in a hug. I smiled when she released me.

"Now, you keep those two in line," she stated with a grin.

"I will. Don't worry about that." I looked at Edward to see him tense. Instinctively, I rolled my eyes.

I watched Edward give Jasper one last look. If someone weren't suspicious already, this would have certainly opened their eyes. Edward's eyes already were turning black, which was enough to frighten most people, but the anger and almost hatred in his eyes nearly made me gasp. He snarled before storming angrily out the door.

"What is going on with them, Alice?" I asked as I crossed my arms.

Alice shrugged, shaking her head, "I with I knew, Bella. I really wish that I knew."

She turned and left the house, closing the door behind her. Even though I trust Jasper and Emmett, I couldn't help but feel a little nervous without Alice or Edward here. I had never really been alone with either of them for an extended period of time, so I was sure tonight was probably going to be really awkward until I got comfortable around them.

"So, Bella," Emmett boomed behind me, causing me to jump, "Edward gave us a list of things that we aren't supposed to do with you, but it pretty much rules out everything but sitting on the couch and watching tv. Now, we could follow his rules, or completely ditch them. I'm fine with either."

Laughing I made my way to the couch, "Considering how Edward's temper can be, we should probably follow his rules. I don't want to get either of you in trouble with him."

"Please Bella, we can take Edward," Jasper stated as he sat on the couch, far away from me, "Although you are right about his temper..."

I gave Jasper a questioning look as he trailed off his last sentence. I remembered what Alice had told me happened between Edward and Jasper, but none of it made any sense. There hadn't been any trouble between them before, so why now? Why all of the sudden did Edward start threatening Jasper? Nothing had changed around here. The only thing new was that Edward and I were married. I still couldn't believe that we were married.

Emmett flopped down in the large arm chair as he handed me the remote. "Watch anything you want, but if I may make a plea, no feminine shows. I've never been a big fan."

"Don't worry, Emmett, I won't." I began to flip through the channels in search of any show that looked remotely interesting. After about three times through, it became apparent that there weren't any decent shows on tonight.

"How about a movie?" Jasper suggested as he rested his head in this left hand, again, away from me. I nodded and Emmett took off, only to return seconds later with a dozen movies in his arms.

He handed a few to me and I glanced at the titles. I gasped at one of them, "The Lost Boys? You own The Lost Boys?"

Of all movies for a family of vampires to own, The Lost Boys wasn't exactly on the list that I thought of. Then again, I didn't really know what I thought vampires would watch.

Both of them started laughing at me, but neither commented on my outburst. I sighed feeling my cheeks flush as I handed Emmett, who was still laughing long after Jasper stopped, the movie.

I paid little attention to the movie. It had never really been one of my favorites, but why not? I only paused it when Jasper's cell phone rang.

"No, keep it going. I've seen this a dozen times," he said with a smile as he stood up, walking to the kitchen. Emmett stood also and followed him, leaving me alone. I didn't start the movie back up. Instead, I strained my ears to listen to the conversation in the kitchen, but didn't hear anything. I sighed again and waited.

Several minutes later, Jasper walked back into the room, the telephone clutched in his hand. His hair was always so gorgeous. I guess Alice always made sure that he had the best styling products. It was messy, but not messy at the same time. I thought that he must have had darker colored eyes when he was human. For some reason, I just couldn't picture him with blue eyes.

"According to Edward, we waited too long to feed you, so Emmett went to get the pizza himself. He'll take any reason that he can to drive his jeep. I think you made him happy with your human needs, Bells," he joked as he sat down next to me. I couldn't help but notice that, like before, he sat as for away from me as the couch would allow him to sit.

I know that Edward wouldn't have allowed me to stay with Jasper if he couldn't control himself around me. Besides he and Emmett went hunting yesterday just so they could make sure that they could stay with me without killing me. Come to think of it, Jasper had been acting strange all night. Maybe he wasn't as immune to me as Edward thought. I wished that Emmett would hurry back now. I started to scoot away when he grabbed my arm.

"Bella, I'm not going to kill you. I'm so much more in control now than I was before. I'm not going to tell you that I'm completely immune to your scent because then I would be lying, but I'm not going to harm you in any way."

I let out a sigh of relief and stopped moving away from him. Instead, I moved closer to him. It had always been slightly awkward around Jasper, but, since he was around a lot more lately, that had eased away. It had been replaced, mostly, by a feeling of safety. Still, I got a little nervous around him because of the memories of him trying to kill me.

I'd always thought that Jasper was good looking, but, then again, I thought that all vampires were incredibly stunning. Jasper was different though. He was muscular, but not like Emmett; he was much more slender, like Edward. I really liked his hair, just the way that it fell into his eyes. Finally I looked at his eyes, noticing that he had been staring at me the whole time that I had been studying him. I turned my head away blushing. How long did it take Emmett to get a pizza?

I felt Jasper's hand on my cheek as he pulled my face up toward him again. He smiled before pressing his lips gently to mine. It was much different than when Edward kissed me, but I couldn't place just how it was different. His hand left me cheek and tangled into my hair. My hand ventured to his chest, ready to push him off of me, but when I started to, I couldn't. Kissing Jasper felt so natural, like I'd already kissed him a hundred times. Somehow, I wanted more. I pushed my hand from his chest to his shoulder, and eventually to the back of his neck. His hand abandoned my hair to my waist. I felt him pulling me closer to him, on top of him. I straddled his lap, finally pulling away to take a breath. I looked up to see Emmett in the doorway, pizza in hand. Emmett said only one word, but it summarized what all three of us were feeling at that moment.


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