Chapter 13

            After her performance for the evening had finished, Christian took Diana back to his apartment for his own surprise.  Diana, dressed more comfortably than the heavily sequined costumes, was sitting on Christian's bed relaxing.  She was watching her beloved Christian and wondering why he was beaming from ear to ear.  Even with his smiling appearance, Diana knew Christian was up to something.

            "What is going on Christian?  I see the wheels turning in your head there.  You have something up your sleeve.  I know when you're hiding something from me."

            "You're very right.  I DO have something up my sleeve."  Christian walked over to the table where his typewriter was and removed the sheet that was concealing his surprises.  Diana, who is usually very observant, didn't even notice it when she came in.

            "First thing, these are for you.  The most beautiful I could find." He said handing her the roses.

            "They're gorgeous, Christian.  Thank you." She said as she kissed him.

            "Wait.  There's more." Christian told her as he went back to the table.  "Now gift number two," he said handing her the play he wrote.  "The latest production for the Moulin Rouge, "Gypsies, tramps, and thieves."  Christian kissed her hand after her gave her the manuscript.  "For my inspiration."

            "Me?  You have been busy today, haven't you?"

            Diana noticed that Christian was in a very playful mood.  Maybe her little show in the Moulin Rouge did more than she planned.  Christian kicked off his shoes and flopped down on the bed next to her.

            "What has gotten into you?" she asked him as he was stretching out next to her.


            Diana just smiled as she cuddled up next to him.  As she snuggled up against him, something in his pocket was hitting against her leg and making it quite uncomfortable.

            "What's that?"

            "Present number three.  Go ahead, take it out."

            Diana was wondering where he was going with this.  She reached into his pocket and then sat up straight when she saw what she had in her hand.  A small black velvet box.  Her breathing became very rapid as she looked back at Christian.

            "Open it." Christian urged as he sat up across from her.

            Diana lifted the top of the small box to find a diamond ring inside.  She was speechless and frozen where she was.

            "What are you trying to say Christian?" Diana managed to get out in a whisper.

            "What I'm trying to say is… will you marry me?  I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

            Diana couldn't believe her ears.  She quickly shook her head yes, for speech wasn't a possibility.

            "What was that?" Christian prodded.

            "YES!  I'll marry you."  She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.  Christian took the box from her hand and removed the ring.  He reached for her hand and placed the ring on her finger, so delicately as if she would break.  She kissed him again and then fell against him into his arms.  Christian laid back down on the bed with Diana against his chest.

            "When did you get this?" Diana asked him, still getting used to his ring on her finger.

            "I went to Paris this morning to buy it."

            "Today?"  He nodded in affirmation.  Diana reached up to kiss him again.

            They held each other for the rest of the night, talking about their future until they fell asleep in their lover's embrace.



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