Hi, I am Tinyrocket and I am making an one-shot of Harvey Birdman going against the Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts! Why because I hate the show with a passion and I wanted to bash him! And what matter way to do with everyone's favourite bad guy team. The Organization XIII! Anyway, I don't know Harvey Birdman and the Organization XIII! If I did, I would have the entire Hanna-Barbara cast beat Harvey to death! Anyway, enjoy!

It was a normal day at the office of Harvey Birdman. Harvey have just arrested another innocent bystander for some ridiculous law, Peanut was filing the paperwork, Avenger was helping him and Peter Potamus was scolding Harvey about not to arrest innocent people with evidence and think things out before he acts.

"I mean really! How could you arrest Mario aka the mascot of gaming? Now, everyone will be at our throats!" Peter said.

"It's because he been using mushrooms!" Harvey explained.


"Peter, everyone knows that mushrooms are drugs!"

"But not all types! Some are be eaten as a delicacy!"

"Peter, you are very, very naïve." The winged lawyer said shaking his head. "True, mushrooms are be eaten as a delicacy but after the eating, the eater gets weird effects! I mean, really. Look how big Mario can grow! People like him should be arrested!"

"Harvey…" The purple hippo groaned shaking his head in hopelessness.

"I admire you, Mr. Birdman because you are already action first, question later!" Peanut smiled.

"CAW!" Avenger agreed.

"Well, that's one way of putting it nicely!" Peter said sarcastically.

"Why, thank you all!" Harvey smiled triumphantly. But, then he frowned. "But there is only one problem with it."

"What? You feel guilty!" Peter said thinking Harvey have finally seeing the light.

"Of course not! Each and every one of them deserved it!" Harvey snapped. "But… It is too easy! I need a challenge! A very hard challenge! Someone who is very difficult to arrest that if he succeeds, he will be crowned the world's best justice fighter! But what?"

As Peanut and Avenger looked in awe, Peter rolled his eyes. Then, the phone rang. Harvey then answered it.

"Hello! Harvey Birdman, Attorney of Law!" Harvey addressed. "Uh-huh! Oh, you got a case for me! Cool! What is it? Uh-huh! Xemnas of the Organization XIII?"

Peter's eyes widened in horror at this. "What!?"

"Yes, sir! I will gladly take the case!" Harvey smirked putting down the phone.

"Who was that, Harvey?" Peanut asked.

"Beats me! But whoever he was wants to arrest Xemnas!" Harvey shrugged.

"Why did you take the case?" Peter asked still in shock.

"Because I am not only a lawyer but a justice fighter too! I live for justice!" Harvey smirked.

"But Harvey, Xemnas is a heartless man. Literally. He lives for only darkness and will kill anyone in his way to achieve universe domination!" Peter said with chills shivering down his spine. "And the fact that he have twelve heartless people at his command makes it worse! Heck, that guy with the dreadlocks is more evil than him! To go near them would be suicide!"

"And that is why I accepted the case!"

Peter blinked twice. "Huh?"

"I want a challenge instead of the easy-to-arrest people!"

"But you might be killed!

"Oh, please! Me? Harvey Birdman? Killed by thirteen nobodies? As if!"

"I LOVED to see the one-eyed gunner hear you use his line." Peter said unimpressed.

"Come again?" Harvey said confusion.

The purple hippo gave a deep sigh. "Never mind."

The winger lawyer looked a bit offended. "You don't think I can do it, don't you?"

"No, I do not!" Peter snapped.

Harvey gave a deep sigh. "Look, come with me to the World That Never Was and I showed you I can arrest Xemnas!"

Peter returned the sigh. "Fine, but if I get hurt, you are paying for the hospital bills!"

"Okay, but I doubt anyone would have a chance to hurt me anyway!" Harvey then did a hearty laugh.

"Don't lose your humility, bud…" Peter said sweat-dropping.

So after saying goodbye to Peanut and Avenger, Harvey and Peter have exited the building. At this time, Scooby Doo walked by said place.

"Well, if it isn't the dog who is high on drugs, Mr. Doo!" Harvey smirked.

"Well, if it isn't the corrupted justice fighter, Harvey Birdman!" Scooby said with an anger mark on your head.

"Humph. You're just jealous because I am a better justice fighter than you!" Harvey snapped.

"Yeah, right! Mystery Inc can own you any day of the week!" The Great Dane said rolling his eyes.

"Oh, yeah! Name the day and the person I have to arrest!"

Scooby and Peter sweat-dropped at this.

"So, Peter, how is life treating you?" Scooby asked the purple hippo trying to ignore Harvey.

"Well, Harvey is dragging me on another misadventure to arrest someone!" Peter said with a deep sigh.

"Really? Who is the unlucky sap this time?" Scooby chuckled.


Scooby's smile disappeared as his eyes bugged out. "Xemnas!?"

Seeing the brown dog's shock, Harvey smirked. "What's the matter, Mr. Doo? Shocked to see to do a tough job!"

"Yes! I mean going against the leader of Organization XIII is suicide! And you two are going alone!"

"Actually, Peter is here to witness my arrest of Xemnas! I will do all the work!"

"Are you crazy? You can't go and arrest him by yourself! You could get killed!"

"Why do everyone think I would get killed by a bunch of nobodies?"

Scooby put a comforting hand around Harvey's shoulder. "Look, Harvey, I hate you but I wouldn't want to see you turned into a Heartless by one of those monsters!"

"Thanks for the concern, Mr. Doo but I can handle it! Because I am Harvey Birdman!"

"Harvey, the Blue Falcon and Dynomutt went to fight the Organization XIII and almost got killed!"

"That's because I am stronger than Spanish pretty-boy and that stupid mutt."

The Great Dane fumed hearing to the lawyer talk about his friends like that. "Yeah, right! He can beat you up any day of the week!"

"Humph. Normally, I would go beat you up for that but I am on a mission! Come on, Peter!"

"Fine…" Peter groaned before turning to Scooby. "Thanks for the warning but as you can see it is wasted on Harvey!

"Okay, then just try not to get yourself killed." The Great Dane putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Okay!" The purple hippo smiled and nodded.

"Me? Harvey Birdman? Killed? Humph. That is totally ridiculous!" Harvey said snobbily.

After bidding their farewells to Scooby, (well, Peter did anyway), Harvey and Peter then started to board the former's old spaceship to travel to the World That Never Was. The place where the Organization XIII reside.

"So, I may know the answer but why are we going to arrest Xemnas?" Peter asked getting into his seat and putting on the seatbelt.

"Well, I think it's obvious question my hippo sidekick! It's because of copyright!" Harvey smirked putting on the ignition button starting the ship.

The purple hippo blinked twice. "Come again?"

"Copyright! The person on the phone said that Xemnas' aerial blades are a rip-off from that movie "Star Wars"!" The lawyer said before he sighed sadly in shame. "I can't believe I didn't see it before!"

"I can." Peter muttered under his breath.

"Anyway, that is why we are going to arrest Xemnas!"


Harvey's ship then started to hover in place from its spot. It then started to go blast out in the atmosphere.

Harvey and Peter were quiet for the rest of the trip.

"Have fun with your lightsabers rip-offs while you can, Xemnas!" Harvey thought with a smirk. "When I get over to your place, I'll make you wish you were never born!"

Then, Harvey then started to muse.

"Xemnas… Xemnas…"

Suddenly, Harvey then realised something and chuckled a bit.

"What?" Peter asked raising an eyebrow.

Harvey then whispered something in Peter's non-existent ear. The purple hippo's eyes widened in disgust. He then narrowed them as he punched hard Harvey in the arm.

"Oh, grow up!"

"Hee hee."

There's Chapter 1! I created this story before only it was an one-shot. A ridiculous long one-shot. So that's why I decided to split them up into chapters! Anyway, review away!