Episode Herself by Wordsworthy


Chapter 1: In Loving Memory

Chapter 2: The Long Night

Chapter 3: Threads of Fate

Chapter 4: Rules of the Night

Chapter 5: The Girl by the Crossroads

(Further chapters to be updated)


This story is an idea that I've had regarding Aigis and her synthetic nature as an android since it means she may well live forever. Thus, I'm placing Aigis in a future whereby the Dark Hour is making a comeback and where her work is necessary. More details to come, but it will mostly be an Aigis-centric piece. There will also inevitably be original characters added in, so hopefully, it'll help take my writing skills to a new level. Of course, I hope it would be an interesting read too, so do let me know what you readers think of it.

(This content page will be updated with every new chapter, so please bear with the sparse nature of it for now.)