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My Sweet Bleeding Rose

The dark clouds that covered over Vince street did nothing to the people's mood, already use to the gloomy weather they went about their day. Troy made his way from lunch to his shop saying hello to passbyers, who either ignored him or gave a polite response. A loud boom from the dark clouds above caused him and others to quicken their pace to their destination. The rain had started to sprinkle when Troy came to his craft and music store on the corner of maple street, he stopped in front of the store to catch a breather when he finally notice a body curled up at his doorway.

"Harry?" the body jerked and the head lifted "Troy" the boy looked pale and Troy notice the black eye and cut lip, the rain came down harder . "Come on" he said getting out his keys and opening the door. Harry picked up Hedwig's cage and Troy took hold of the boy's trunk and dragged it inside, once inside Troy ushered Harry to the back of the shop and sat him down.

Harry watched Troy disappear through a door before looking around the room, "The storage room" he thought noticing the boxes, Troy came back with a bottle of alcohol "What happen?" he asked appealing the alcohol "My family kicked me out" Harry said softly wincing slightly at the sting "WHAT!" Harry flinched "Sorry, why?" Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled paper. Troy took the paper, smooth it out and read it.

Dear Harry,

I have been informed that as of today you are now the, mate of vampires Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy and Draco Malfoy much will be explained later. You will be picked up July 20th at noon

Have a nice summer.

Albus Dumbledore

"Ah, so that's the reason" Troy said, Harry nodded "Uncle Vernon said he didn't want a freak queer under his roof". Troy ruffled the boy's hair "Don't worry about" Harry just nodded. His mind thinking of the places he could stay until he had to go back to Hogwarts, the Weasley's were out, and he couldn't ask Troy, maybe he could stay at the leaky cauldron. "Hey now, no gloomy thoughts" Troy said lightly bonking Harry on the head. " But-" "No buts, you can worry about what's ever going on in that head of yours later just let it be for now" Harry looked at Troy's serious face and sighed "Okay" he said, Troy smiled "Good now, help me with these boxes. Carl not here and these old bones are not what they use to be" Harry laughed following the man.


Troy was a wizard of fifty-five but looked to be in his early forties. He had long black and grey hair and laughing brown eyes, he had a wife and three sons, him and his wife live in a fairly large house, surrounded by flowers and an iron gate. He first met Harry when the boy was just seven years old.

Troy was returning from lunch and found a small boy crying in front of the shop. After much coaxing and lots of candy Harry and Troy became friends. Everyday since that day after school in the afternoon Harry came over to listen to Troy's stories or help around the shop, Lulu; Troy's wife and three sons adored the boy. It was also at the shop that Harry found his passion for craft. Troy and his family also knew that Harry was the boy-who-lived, but decide it was best that some one else told him.

"Lulu I'm home" Troy called as he and Harry took off their shoes at the door way, "Are you sure it s alright for me to stay, didn't you say that your sons were staying for the summer" Harry said "Welcome back, oh! Harry darling" Lulu was a beautiful Asian women with short blonde hair and yellow hawk eyes, she designed and owned her own clothing store.

"Hello Lulu" Harry said as he was engulfed in a hug, "I've missed you. What have you been eating? You're all skin and bones!" Harry blushed in embarrassment as he was fussed over "John! Darren! Get down here!" Lulu then moved Harry and Troy into the den. "Now sit, and I'll fix you something to eat, I'm sure your hungry" "N-no it's alright I'm not-" "Nonsense it's alright" Lulu said already heading for the kitchen "What about me love?" Troy called "You're not handicapped fix your own food" came the response, Troy pouted while Harry snickered.


Harry eep'ed as he was swung into a hug "My little princess, I missed you soooooooooo much!" "John! Put Harry down, he turning blue" John blinked, looked and gave a sheepish smile "Oops" he said putting down the boy, Harry once his lungs were full of air, glared at the young man "What?" John asked "You called me princess, how many times do I have to tell you, I'M NOT A GIRL!", a hand landed gently on the boy's head "Not in those rags you're not" Darren said before ruffling Harry's hair, Harry pouted " Could you please not do that, my hair looks enough like a birds, It doesn't need your help thank you very much" Darren chuckled and ruffled the boy's hair again, laughing when the he got a shout of protest.

Darren was twenty-two with short blonde hair and blue eyes that seem to pierce though you're soul. John was nineteen years old with black hair that past his shoulder and yellow hawk eyes like his mother. Carol the third son was twenty with white hair and white eyes that always remained Harry of fresh snow.

"Darren, stop teasing him" Lulu said coming back with a tray of food. "Here you are Harry my special spicy chicken" she said "Thank you".

"Now tell us what's bring you to are little home" Troy sat up in his cushion chair and prepared for a long evening.

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