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It is an Au, and a veeerrryy slight crossover with Loveless. However, the only thing from it is that furry ears and tail represent a person's virgintiy, and once you've had sex, you lose them. This story is also rated M for a reason, and will contain a rather...hem...steamy lemon. I'll warn you in the correct chapter so you can skip if you like, so please no complaints? I don't want to have to take it down. That said, this is also Itanaru, and Yaoi, so if you do not like, do not read. All thats left to say is to enjoy, and hopefully leave me a review for feedback! Enjoy!

Warnings: Yaoi, boyxboy people! Swearing, some adult themes, particularly in the more sexual areas, as what else do teenagers talk about? Also, beware of super hot/cute characters, and potential accompanying bloodloss.

Enter the Fox and the Dark Stranger

"But, Akito-kun…"

"No, don't say anything Yuri-chan,"

A tan hand delved down into a popcorn bowl, while a canine lazily lounged on the sofa with lidded eyes.

"I- I don't know if I could bare it- you see…"

The hand paused, and the figure it belonged to stilled. Some popcorn fell from limp hands to dot the fuzzy carpet.

"I have something to tell you- something….shocking,"

The woman's gasp was mirrored as the popcorn bowl was tilted forwards, revealing its white contents. The dog whined.

"Akito…. what it is it? You know you can tell me anything, right?"

"…Yuri, its- its about your sister."

Blue eyes widened and a soft "No," fell from parted lips.

"Hana? What about her?"

"Well, you see…we've been…. having an affair."

"No!" yelled two voices, in perfect harmony.

As the woman collapsed against the couch in horror, a voice rang out.

"No! Yuri, it's not true, he's just saying that to save your sister from the horrifying grip of Warui! Don't believe it, he loves you!"

The popcorn lay forgotten.

"No, why- how could you do this to me?"

"He didn't, he didn't!"

The dog blinked slowly and gave a huff, sniffing tentatively at the abandoned bowl.

"I'm so sorry Yuri, I-I never meant to hurt you-"

The much closer buzzing of the doorbell overshadowed the sound of the ensuing slap.


The blond boy sitting curled up on the sofa jerked, sending popcorn rolling across the floor as he fumbled desperately for the remote.

"Oh shit, Kiba!"

The dog leapt off the sofa cushions with a 'flump', and the boy's sunshine-yellow ears flattened against his head as the doorbell kept buzzing. He jumped up from his seat, and once the channel had finally been switched, fumbled around the room, yanking on the blanket that had entangled around his legs.

"Shit! I'll be there in just one fucking minute! Just hold on!" he hollered as he stared down confused at himself, before simply throwing the coverlet over his head.

"You're too slow Uzumaki!"

'Uzumaki' cursed as he stumbled towards the door, feeling flustered. He managed to jump over the discarded stack of pizza boxes, but collided anyway with something else.

"Damn it Kyuubi," he muttered irately as he shoved the russet coloured dog to the side on his way to the front door. He fumbled with the latch and wrenched it open, uncaring to the screech it made as the metal of the lock hit the wall.

Kiba, a brown haired, wild looking boy, who had lost his dog-ears only a few months ago, looked unabashed at his friends glare.

"What the fuck were you doing Naruto? Jacking off?"

The blonde grit his teeth and vainly fought to keep his blush to the minimum, too used to the other's crude language from an early age.

"Just get in Kiba," he said tightly, and stepped aside to let the boy in.

When he re-entered the living room, he blinked in surprise at seeing Kiba's still form lingering in the doorway.

"Wow, so you were doing it," he said in amazement.

Confused, Naruto leaned round Kiba to see just what the boy was talking about. He paled upon seeing his still-on TV, and then rapidly flushed magenta.

"Dude, is that porn?"

"No!" squeaked out the blonde, his white tipped tail curling down in mortification.

Kiba raised an eyebrow in disbelief, just as a particularly loud moan echoed from across his living room. Naruto squeezed his eyes shut.

"It's- I- not what it looks- I just, gah!"

Fervently hoping the ground would just swallow him up, and gutted when it didn't, he stumbled his way over to the TV and slapped the off switch as quickly as he dared.

Turning round in dread, he waited for the barrage of comments he was sure Kiba was just waiting to throw. He shifted nervously as a poignant silence descended over them. Under his gaze, Kiba gave him an unreadable look.

"You were watching soap opera's again, weren't you?"

Naruto blushed redder and as response simply let himself slide down to the floor, spreading his legs out in between the spilt popcorn amongst his discarded blankets.

Kiba barked out a laugh.

"Jeeze Naruto, you're such a chick!"

"I am not!" yelled an indignant Naruto from somewhere near the lamp.

"Sure your not," leered Kiba, "I mean, who else, but a woman, would spend their Saturday nights alone with their dog watching cheap sappy drama's?"

Naruto scrambled up in indignation, ears perked, and pointed a finger at the boy leaning against his wall.

"Hey! Akito and Yuri is not a 'cheap sappy drama', okay!"

Kiba fixed him with a look. Naruto looked affronted.

"And I am not a woman, nor do I have any feminine tendencies, I'm a man damn it!"

At the image of red cheeks, short stature and bristling blonde fur, Kiba forced down his laughter with difficulty, biting his lips together as his ribs ached.

"No, of course not Naruto, how could I ever think otherwise?"

Naruto stared at him suspiciously for a moment, before looking away, muttering under his breath as he picked his way back towards Kiba, the tips of his pointed ears twitching.

He winced slightly as he felt Kiba give him a hearty slap on the back.

"Not to worry Naruto, I'll make a real man out of you one day."

The blond scrunched his nose in confusion.

"What are you talking about idiot, I am a real man!"

Kiba shook his head solemnly, "Naruto, Naruto, Naruto, no one of the male species may rightfully say that while still having these hanging off them," he gave Naruto's yellow fox ears a sharp tug.

"Ow! Damn it Kiba, will you stop doing that?!"

He rubbed at his poor mistreated ears, massaging the soft short fur gently.

"And besides," he added snappishly, "don't talk all high and mighty to me, you only lost yours a couple of months ago, or have you forgotten?"

Kiba sniffed, and puffed up, diligently ignoring his friend's discontented glare.

"Yes, I can recall it," he shook his head, "terrible days Naruto my friend, terrible days…"

Naruto growled, and flicked his tail, irritated. Ever since Kiba had come into class two months ago, not sporting his usual pointed ears and coarse furred tail, he had taken the opportunity to remind everyone around him of the fact on a near daily basis, particularly Naruto, who he seemed to pick on most of all. It didn't help that all his classmates around him seemed to be dropping their ears like flies, and that in their group, he was the only male left still holding onto them. And prospects of them disappearing any time in the near future seemed hopelessly slim as well; he didn't even have a crush on anyone, let alone a girlfriend.

And Kiba was milking the opportunity for all it was worth. He was doomed.

He sighed heavily and gestured for the other boy to follow him into the more clean kitchen. Perhaps he should invite Iruka-sensei over, he was sure he'd offer to help clean up…

Still musing, he didn't notice until the pain hit that he'd walked head first into the door.

Kiba's loud guffaws roused him from his daze, and with a withering glare in his direction, Naruto frowned as he rubbed his pitiable injured forehead with two fingers.

Tonight, just wasn't his night.

The wind whipped through the Sakura petals, sending them scattering to the ground, the soft white and pinks lying like a carpet on the little paved walkways.

A dark, handsome man hitched his scarf a little higher and kept a tight grip on his warming cup of afternoon coffee as he passed under the boughs and crossed the white bridge over the sluggish grey waters of the diverted stream.

The man frowned slightly, causing faint lines to crease on either side of his nose as the wind tugged at the tied back strands of pitch black hair.

It may have been spring, but the weather was still stubbornly clinging to the frigid cold of the previous winter, causing the park to remain lifeless, despite the buds peaking from the treetops, and the already blooming Sakura trees, whose petals were making the wet ground needlessly slippery.

In all, the weather, much to his dissatisfaction, was making Uchiha Itachi dimly discontent. He wasn't usually one to care much about such inane things as the weather forecast, but after several months of drear, it would have been nice to see the sun, if even for only a little while.

He hardly got out of the office as it was.

He was perhaps more agitated than usual, for he had been subconsciously hoping for some relaxation, but the day had proved to be as taxing and hectic as it usually was, with no respite in between the hustle and bustle of the office.

For you see even he, director and CEO, not to mention guardian to his rather temperamental otouto, needed some quiet time once in a while, without needless disruption. Needless to say such a thing had not been forthcoming.

And god knows he wouldn't get it if he tried at home.

He sighed inaudibly, watching dispassionately as his breath formed steamy rings that were rapidly carried off in the wind.

Normally, he walked through Shijuku Park almost daily, as it was a more pleasant route to his home than having to walk around it. It was generally on these nessasary walks that thoughts would drift through his mind, organising themselves neatly to their proper order. Over the years his thoughts had encompassed many things, though he had spent most of the latter years, after their parents passed on, trying to find out how to handle an increasingly moody Sasuke. He cared for the boy, but he could be so foolish.

This time, however, his mind was quite blank as he made the half an hour walk to the other side of the park, only dismissive thoughts, though he was unable to fully shift the vague notion that he may of forgotten something.

As if reminded, he smoothly brought his cardboard cup to his lips, sipping gently. He felt his mind twitch in distaste, but swallowed down the bitter burnt flavour regardless, the warmth as it went down adequate for the cold spring weather.

It was just as he was about to turn the corner, intent on reaching the park gates, when he heard the voices carried over by the wind, snatches of conversation and abrupt laughter ringing in his ears. Frowning, and deepening the lines that framed his cheekbones, he walked upon a scene that made him pause.

With impassive black eyes, he observed at the several teenagers that appeared to be high school students. He vaguely recognised a couple of them, as they lounged on the damp grass or ran about aimlessly, marking them as friends of Sasuke's, though a quick glance revealed his brother wasn't with them.

He felt his eye twitch as one of the girls gave a particularly high pitched yelp as she was tackled to the floor by one of the boys; he absently noticed both had shed their ears.

Observing blankly, he let himself lean against the nearby slatted wooden fence that served as a divider, idly remembering that it would be best to finish his beverage before he left, as his next mode of transportation wouldn't allow it.

Swirling the cup a little to stir the dregs, he let his eyes wander slowly the panorama laid out in his line of sight.

It was one of the prettier areas of the parkland, with one of the larger Sakura trees leaning over it, and the still pond reflecting its image. Dotted about were the students, most of which were lacking their ears already.

He absently mused what their parents must have said, when the saw for the first time their precious child's lack of innocence. He recalled how one evening, after being out for several hours, that Sasuke had conspicuously misplaced his own set; he'd simply gazed at him a moment before not asking about it, despite the temptation to tease his darling otouto until he blushed, which was always a vaguely amusing sight. At the age of sixteen though, he didn't really expect any less, though he had wondered, in his brotherly affection, just who he lost it to. The thought had been quickly banished, as he remembered his own shedding. He'd been nineteen, surprisingly enough, but that was mostly due to not finding anyone to meet his standards.

He was brought out of his light musings as his eyes traced the laughing figures automatically, lids blinking lazily as he sipped his coffee.

Several of them seemed to have roused themselves in an impromptu game of tag. Hardly dignified behaviour for those in higher schooling, but considering the amount of shrieks and laughter echoing across the grass it didn't seem that they'd finish anytime soon.

Draining the last of his coffee cup, he pushed himself off the fence, and placed his cold hands in his slightly warmer pockets. He strode at an even pace past the group, giving them only a passing glance.

Until he saw him.

The blond fox.

A boy round about Sasuke's age who still retained his golden ears and tail, tipped in white. Laughter had brought a bright flush to his tanned skin, his pink lips parted from exertion. Tousled blonde tresses fell over his face as he twisted round to look behind him, bringing out the lines of delicious curves, and his heart-rending blue eyes were half lidded, lashes fluttering. His furred ears were perked and his fair tail was arched tauntingly.

Dark eyes flashed red for the briefest of moments as a sudden heat gripped his stomach ferociously.

He couldn't help but pause as he felt the stab of lust burn through him. Even as he blinked, breaking the moment, he could not remove the image that now seemed imprinted on his eyelids.

The boy was beautiful, undoubtedly, fine features and vibrant; he seemed to hold an innocent charm about him, the ears that perched upon his head fuelling the notion. Itachi was suddenly gripped by an irrational urge to stain that innocence, to crush it and sully it with himself. He buried the urge deep down, along with his other unnecessary emotions, but his fingers still gave a light twitch, wanting to be able to feel that soft fur in his hand.

Swallowing, he watched the little blonde fox prance over the grass, coming to a graceless halt as he was tackled into the ground by one of his larger companions, the image as he was pinned to the grass making him choke back a growl.

What was the matter with him? Yes, the boy was attractive surely, but not enough to warrant such an instant spike of lust, especially in himself. Determinedly banishing any such thoughts of how the beautifully flushed the boy would be when trapped beneath him, he stepped back to lean once again on the fencing that lined the area.

Observing with dark, curious eyes, he watched as the blond was finally released from the hold of his assailant, and sat up, his uniform ruffled, hair and fur both lusciously dishevelled. The boy pouted, and he felt a fresh wave of desire spark. Itachi blinked lethargically, though his thoughts were alarmingly unorganised.

Who was this boy, who could elicit such a strong reaction with such startling ease?

The question went unanswered in his head, and despite the knowledge that he would be late home, continued to absently watch the entire group of students from against that fence until they left. Though during this time, black eyes had marked every slight movement and interaction of a certain blonde fox, unable to look away.

Even when they all headed off, waving to each other and saying farewells with far too much noise than should be required, he remained standing where he was, uncaring to the cold, and remained there for some minutes more.

It was only when the light began to wane, the grey skies fading to deep purple and illuminated by the street lighting, did he finally rouse himself, setting off on his original course with the same smooth steps he had held earlier.

He was vaguely surprised at himself, to lose track of time like that; it was very unlike him. And so was dwelling over the mysterious boy, who had the whisker marks of a fox on his face.

Sighing lightly to himself, he glanced towards the darkening sky, the wind rustling the Sakura petals once more to stir gently at his feet.

It would do no good dwelling; he was unlikely to ever see the boy again.

And so, as he walked under the awnings boughs of the gate that led onto the street pavement, Itachi dismissed all thoughts of innocent foxes out of his head.

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