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The Fox's Dark Stranger

As the darkness behind his eyelids lightened as he was hit with the fresh sunlight of Saturday morning, Naruto steadfastly turned away with a muffled groan.

Never before in his life had a bed been more comfy; the covers were soft and cocooned him in pleasant warmth and the mattress felt like it was moulded around him. As he snuggled further into the plushest pillow ever, he pulled the covers further up to his chin, fisting the fabric in his hands.

He felt a little warmer on his right side and he happily inched closer, sleepily noting the sort of warmth draped as something heavy over his waist. Uncaring, he kept his breathing even and dug himself further into the bed. He never wanted to wake up; he never wanted to lose this absolute comfort.

Just as he was dozing off again, the source of warmth on his right shifted a little, and the heaviness on his waist tightened slightly. He paid it no mind.

Until he felt something tickling against his face anyway. Confused, Naruto opened a single bleary eye, before he grudgingly opened the other.

The source of the tickling was quickly identified as silky strands of dark hair. Further inspection revealed the figure of a still sleeping Itachi not two inches from his nose.


The heaviness across his waist now made a bit more sense.

Feeling far too lazy to move, or even think just yet, Naruto entertained his sleepy self by observing the man next to him.

Itachi, like most people, appeared more relaxed in sleep. It was hard to tell why he did, but perhaps without the black eyes staring, the lines in his face didn't appear quite so harsh.

They way his long dark hair fluttered over his face made him look darkly attractive, even in slumber.

Naruto pouted a little at the thought. Only Itachi could manage to escape looking cute in sleep, and instead maintain his sexy demeanour.

Surely that wasn't allowed?

Still feeling delightfully hazy, Naruto lifted a hand to gently pass his fingers through the silky tresses.

Itachi had such nice hair…

After a few moments the blond let his hand fall limp and instead let himself stare uncomprehendingly at the ceiling.

It took several silent minutes, only filled with the gently rhythmic sound of Itachi's breathing but eventually, Naruto's brain started to kick in and start making the necessary connections.

Itachi, bed, arm, waist, morning, last night, kiss, hair, skin, blood, naked…


And so Naruto's most comfortable morning ever came to an end as his blue eyes snapped wide and he went tauter than a plucked string. He was now extremely aware of the way the soft sheets felt against his bare skin, and the contact he had with the hard form of Itachi.

Last night he-they-…

Naruto blushed brighter than ever before and he was immensely relieved that Itachi wasn't awake to see it.

Oh shit he had-…

Not knowing whether to laugh in delight or start hyperventilating, Naruto settled with staring at the ceiling in bemusement.

He stayed that way for a little while longer before he tilted his head to the side to check the time.


With a sigh, Naruto lifted the covers and with an unusual amount of grace, managed to slip out under Itachi's arm.

He winced as he stood up, sucking in a breath as a hand automatically jumped to the source of pain.

Walking stiffly, one hand held protectively on his backside, Naruto entered the bathroom with more than a few soft curse words.

Fuck, was it supposed to hurt that much the first time?

Judging by the amount of scratches and slight amount of dried blood he could see in the mirror, he then decided that it was probably that Itachi was a little rough.

Not that he was complaining; he could vividly remember the long scratches he had left on Itachi's back last night as well.

Blushing so hard, he was tempted to see whether he could fry eggs on his cheeks, Naruto glanced back into the long clear bathroom mirror that hung over the white porcelain sink.

Ruffled blond hair and dark blue eyes greeted him. There were dull pink fingernails marks on his hips, and much of his usually tan skin was still a little flushed. His lip was swollen, the split from where he had bitten it already healing over. There were more red marks dotting his chest, and he lifted a finger to trace some caked blood on his shoulder from where Itachi had bitten him.

He glanced down and wrinkled his nose as he discovered the source of much of his discomfort. He was entirely covered in the cling of dried sweat, but in various places, including his stomach and his inner thighs was a white flaky substance that cracked as he shifted uncomfortably.

Flushing, he made a note to shower thoroughly. Very soon.

In fact, he was just about to hop into the shower when he gave another uneasy glance to his reflection. There was something…wrong about it, as if something were missing.

Frowning, he gave himself another scrutinising glance. Had Itachi left another mark he'd missed?

Remembering that Itachi had nibbled heavily on his much-abused ears he shot them a look, only to find out exactly what was the matter.

His ears were gone. And a quick glance showed that his tail was as well.

Biting his lip, Naruto gazed back at himself thoughtfully. He looked…strange without them. And now that he noticed it, he felt a little weird without them too.

He never thought that once he lost them he would miss them but still, after spending the last seventeen years seeing them everyday, it was…strange. Just like when you walked up some stairs and suddenly missed a step.

Running a hand through his blond hair, and marvelling at the new sensation of not meeting any resistance, Naruto frowned a little.

Well, it was official.

He'd lost his ears.

Or as Kiba would say, 'he'd become a real man now'.

Rolling his eyes, Naruto quickly dismissed his confused thoughts. Though a small part of him wondered if Itachi would still keep his habit of calling him a fox now without his ears or tail.

Feeling unnervingly uneasy about such a small thought, Naruto tried his best to dismiss it from his mind, and turned to finally take a shower.

Even the few steps it took reminded him of the previous night; both pain from his rear and the nasty feeling of peeling semen.

Strange then, that he still felt better than he had ever done in his entire life.

Though pounding of hot water on his sore muscles would surely make this morning even better…

Sighing wistfully, and absently wondering what they'd be doing once Itachi woke up, he slipped through the glass doors of the shower, and switching the steamy water on.

Groaning as the water pressure massaged his aching back, he swiftly made to remove the more unpleasant after effects of the previous night. He blushed heavily at the thought that he wasn't sure what was Itachi, and what was his own.

Cursing at the pain that shot up his back when he had to bend down a little, he didn't notice when the door opened.

In fact he only took notice, when a pair of pale strong arms wrapped themselves from behind. Starting with a surprised squeak, he looked behind him only to see a smirking Itachi, dark hair plastered against his face from the water.

Swallowing as he noticed that Itachi looked uh…really, quite good when absolutely soaking, Naruto determinedly turned his head away, grumbling a little about 'sneaky bastards'.

Itachi merely chuckled, sending shivers down the blonde's spine, as he was pulled even closer to the completely nude Uchiha. He nearly jumped as he felt something hard press up against his back.

He felt his own start to harden slightly as a soft husky voice whispered by his ear.

"Now Naru-chan, you've been very naughty, not waking me up like that…"

Biting back a moan as a hand snaked its way down his chest to settle on his stomach, Naruto forcibly loosened Itachi's hold just enough to spin around to face him; deliberately not looking at the water droplets that ran down the older man's skin.

"Itachi!" he growled out in minor indignation. He was still achingly sore from last night. If that Uchiha thought he was getting any right now…

Itachi merely chuckled a little again, and fixed him with a stare from those dark eyes of his. Blushing under the scrutiny, Naruto ducked his head and buried it into the man's chest instead.

"Hmmm, seems like your ears are gone Naruto-kun…" Itachi said calmly, gently threading a hand through blond locks.

Naruto humphed into the man's chest. At least the other wasn't sounding too smug about it. Then he'd have to kick him.

His blue eyes were defiant as Itachi grasped his chin, tilting it up to look at him.

He let his thumb caress the thin scars that marred his cheeks.

"Hn, still look like a fox to me though…"

For reasons unknown, the sentence made Naruto blush furiously and stutter in surprise.

The older man simply smirked at him and took the opportunity to flip the blond over and pin him against the tiled wall.

Naruto's wail of despair and Itachi's dark laughter echoed far past the confines of the steam filled bathroom.

Saturday, it would turn out, would be even better than Friday.

Naruto tugged at an errant piece of blonde hair as he frowned into the mirror.

It wasn't usually in Naruto's nature to be primping as Kiba would call it, but truthfully he was still trying to get used to his new reflection.

And maybe he was a bit nervous as well.

After all, none of his friends properly knew that he was formally dating someone, let alone Sasuke's older brother. He was fervently hoping that he could side step the inevitable and incessant questions of 'who was it?'

He'd always been a terrible liar.

Naruto gave a fleeting look to the empty spot above his head, where this time last week, a pair of golden ears was proudly placed. He groaned a little.

Kiba was going to have a field day.

Though he did have to admit that getting changed without a tail constantly getting in the way, was much easier than he would have thought.

Huffing, he determinedly turned away from the mirror and grabbed his heavy schoolbag, giving Kyuubi one last absent scratch behind the ears on the way out.

As promised he'd spent the entire weekend at Itachi's (Sasuke had mysteriously disappeared-for which he was deadly thankful) and he'd only returned to his own house early this morning. And for those two secluded days they hadn't ever moved too far away from an available flat surface.

The only reason why he wasn't in immense pain right now was the various amount of painkillers he'd ingested earlier.

As a result of his and Itachi's 'secluded getaway', his trip to school that morning was the first time he'd been out since Friday. And so the first time he'd been out without his ears, proclaiming to one and all his loss of chastity.

He was subsequently jittery and nervous, especially in his uniform, which would surely be noted by the other passengers.

Getting annoyed by his irrational nerves, he scolded himself. Why would any of these people care anyway? And besides, many high school students had lost their ears already. He was being stupid. He scowled to himself and crossed his arms as he waited for his train to pull in.

School however, was a different matter. Sakura, Kiba, Ino and Shikamaru would be there. Sasuke would be there.

Iruka-sensei would be there.

And indeed, when he entered his first class of the day, which just so happened to be with said sensei, he couldn't decide whether to be amused or scared about the momentary look of absolute horror on the mild man's face.

Naruto did his best not to act anything out of the ordinary and simply took his seat while the red-faced man got his act together, shuffling some papers on his desk in a distracted manner.

Naruto spent the rest of the lesson desperately hoping that the man wouldn't call him back for a 'chat' after class. That would be even more hideously awkward than when he talked about his 'date'.

Thankfully, by the time the bell rang, Iruka seemed to have shaken off his surprise and re-centred himself. Naruto let out a sigh of relief as he hurried out the classroom and down a corridor out of sight.

But really, he should have known it was too good to last.

"Ino, have I gone blind or is it just a hallucination?"

Ino blinked very slowly, and without turning replied in a wondrous tone of voice,

"If it's a hallucination than I must've been smoking the same thing as you…"

Naruto treated the gaping girls across from him with a glare. Lunchtime was not supposed to be 'embarrass and demean your friend time'. Last time he checked anyway. And why did they have to point it out? Kiba had been so dense so far that he hadn't even noticed yet. Damn girls.

See, this was why he had a boyfriend.

"Eh? What are two talking about?" asked Kiba confusedly, spinning round from his one sided conversation with Shikamaru.

Naruto growled.

"Nothing, okay?"

Kiba squinted, and his brow furrowed up in thought as he appraised the blond from top to bottom. Naruto sunk as far as possible into his chair.

He would happily have sunk through the floor when Kiba's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and he started to wave his arms about, making dramatic, wild gestures.

"Oh, oh," he clapped a hand on the blonde's back, " so you've finally done it have you? It's about fucking time! Naruto my man, I was beginning to think you'd never lose them! Welcome to the world of a real man."

Kiba snickered against his cheek; he was so close that Naruto wrinkled his nose, not bothering to reply.

Sakura and Ino on the other side of the table appeared to regain some scope of the important matters.

"Oh my, who was it?!"

Naruto winced at the screech, vaguely wondering which one of the two harpies it originated from.

He glanced around the table nervously, finding everyone else, including Shikamaru glance up curiously.

Well, maybe not all.

Sasuke slowly looked up at Naruto's intent gaze, eyes dull with disinterest.

"Why would I care who you were fucking usuratonkachi?"

Naruto blinked once in bemusement before he felt a wave of relief wave wash through him, causing him to practically slump over the table as tension drained out of him. For some reason, he felt the sudden urge to laugh hysterically.

"Oh Sasuke, believe me, you don't know how much that means to me."

Unable to restrain the insane grin covering most of his face, he buried his face in his arms, not meeting any of the now slightly worried looks.

"Um, Naruto?" asked Sakura hesitantly.

Naruto's shoulders shook a little, and Ino and Sakura exchanged glances.

"Hey," said Kiba, looking vaguely disturbed as he poked Naruto in the arm, "you didn't just give in and get a prostitute did you?"

The shaking stopped as Naruto raised his head to stare at Kiba, a strange look on his face.

"No Kiba, I can assuredly say I have not slept with a prostitute."

Kiba sagged back into his chair, sighing in relief.

"Good, you had me worried for a minute there."

Sakura frowned, her lips thinning as she gazed at her blonde's friends slouched figure.

"You're not going to tell us who she is are you?"

Naruto gave her a lazy grin across the table.


He would most assuredly never tell them who she was.


Sakura gave a huff, fluttering her pink hair and went back to her lunch with an angry stab of her chopsticks.

The conversation quickly turned to other matters as Ino grumpily inquired Sakura if she'd done the Maths test yet.

By the end of the day Naruto closed his locker and was ready to go home with a sigh of contentment. As he'd spent most of the morning worrying over how his friend's would react, and how to dodge the questions without resorting to answers such as 'I got fucked by my boyfriend! Happy now?!', he was quite glad that the day was finally over.

All in all, he was blissfully happy to just go home, curl up with Kyuubi and settle down to watch the Akito and Yuri reruns he had missed over the weekend.

Homework could wait until tomorrow as far as he was concerned, and telling his friends whom he was dating could wait for forever too.

He was still tired from the night before, however, so he walked out the school with a tired slouch, his bag cutting into his shoulder a little.

Sakura and Ino were just ahead of him, chatting away about some girly thing or other and Kiba and Shikamaru were dragging behind a little with a slightly grumpy Sasuke next to them.

Perhaps it was the dying light as sunset came in, throwing blinding streaks of red, yellow and orange across the grey tarmac before the school gates, but Naruto didn't at first see the person leaning casually against the pointed steel fencing.

He only became aware and dragged his gaze up to peer ahead of him as he heard both Sakura and Ino squeal in excitement.

"Sakura! Who is that?!"

"I'm not sure," gushed a squinting Sakura, holding a hand to her forehead, "but whoever he is, he's hot!"

A passing glance to the figure of their discussion had Naruto freezing in blistering dread where he stood.

Oh hell no.

Sakura and Ino had slowed greatly in their walking speed, so as to be able to get a longer look, and were valiantly fighting the sun to identify the drool worthy piece of meat waiting in such a cool pose outside their school.

The boys behind them overheard their frantic whisperings and also gave the unmoved newcomer a customary glance.

"Hey, isn't that your brother Sasuke?"

Burn in hell Shikamaru! Hell!

Sasuke's brows furrowed in a manner all too familiar as he looked forward; Sakura and Ino were huddled together, throwing flirtatious looks, while confusingly, Naruto had hurried up to catch them and then duck behind them, as if by some miracle hoping he wouldn't be seen.

Off balanced by the weird display of his friend, Sasuke took a glance at the man waiting patiently. A slight turn of the head revealed long silky hair and dark eyes that for a moment gleamed red.

"Itachi, what are you doing here?" Sasuke muttered under his breath, fully prepared to storm over and confront his brother on his increasingly peculiar behaviour. First he starts disappearing at random times of the day and night, and then he arranges it so he wouldn't be at the house for hours at a time. And now this.

He was just about to, but then the scene took a dire turn for the worse, and Sasuke lost all coherent thought whatsoever. He felt more than saw everyone else grind to a halt at exactly the same time.


…the fuck?

Just as Sakura and Ino were to pass through the gates, sending the dark stranger blushing glances, did the girls become aware of the fervently hiding blonde boy behind them.

Frowning in displeasure, Sakura snapped around to yell, "Naruto, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Naruto gave a sheepish look at the green-eyed girl's furious stare, and quickly began to stutter out excuses to which Sakura paid no attention. His choppy babbling was smoothly cut across, however, by the smooth cold voice of the man now not three feet away.

"Naruto-kun," both girls swooned as Naruto jumped as if subject to electrocution, "one would almost think you don't want to see me."

Sakura and Ino gave the blond incredulous looks of unanswered questions, but Naruto merely ignored them, laughing a little nervously as he was subjected to Itachi's stare.

"Of-of course not, where would you get that idea?"

His words were undermined as he backed up a few steps as Itachi pushed himself off the fence to wander towards the small group, eyes intent on the little blonde fox in the middle.

"Hmm, I guess not."

Naruto frowned in confusion at the ambiguous reply, and his hesitation let him be caught off guard.


Before he knew it, he felt a strong arm wrap around his waist and the warmth of lips against his. He stood rigid from shock for only a moment as he heard the deep intakes of breath from not far behind him.

He didn't see the vivid red gaze that pierced both girls into silence, rendering them mute.

Acutely aware of all his friends present, and vaguely wondering if Itachi wanted him to die, kissing him like this in front of Sasuke, he vainly tried to struggle his way out, pushing at the strong chest he was pressed against.

However, as Itachi swiped a skilful tongue at his bottom lip, and then presumed to thoroughly ravish his mouth, somewhere along the way Naruto lost track of his surroundings completely, and became a willing, eager participant.

He was so lost; he barely felt the Uchiha's smirk against his lips.

"Na-Naruto's…gay?!" whispered an incredulous Ino to an unresponsive Sakura, who had completely glassed over the moment the dark man had swooped in to kiss the blond. Ino wasn't much better; she simply just could not bring herself to avert her eyes from the surreal scene in front of her as she squeezed Sakura's hand in a painful grip. The other girl didn't notice.

Meanwhile, a few feet behind a frozen pair of girls…


"…Is that your…brother and Naruto?!"


Shikamaru glanced over to a stunned Sasuke, who was showing an almost amusing expression of distinct and utter horror. Whether it was the trauma of seeing his brother making out, or that fact it was with a rather male best friend of his, he couldn't tell. But he did know that the younger Uchiha was looking more than a little green round the edges.

Shikamaru sighed heavily with his hands in his pockets and turned back to watch as Naruto was pushed against the railings with a surprising amount of force.

"I…think I'm going to be sick…"

Kiba shot a look towards the faint muttering to his right, rattled, but finding the scene of Sasuke's discomfort far more amusing. He could tease Naruto about really being a woman later.

Snickering at the ill-looking form of Sasuke, he let himself grin and gave his pale friend a look of unrivalled glee.

Shikamaru heaved another sigh as Sakura passed out dead on the ground, and Ino jumped to slap her awake.


It may not have been exactly the situation Naruto would have wanted to inform his friends about his relationship, but fortunately he wouldn't be capable of getting angry until several hours later, and by that time Itachi would have moved the both of them to more private accommodations, complete with a plethora of flat surfaces for them to explore in their own time.

But for now, he was far more preoccupied with the fierce heat being invoked as his lover snuck a hand up his shirt.

At that moment, in Naruto's mind, Itachi was certainly all that mattered.

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