FF: Seven's Heart – part 3

FF: Seven's Heart – part 3

Author: Miss Widget ()

Pairing: B'Elanna / Seven

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager belongs to Paramount/Viacom and sadly not to me and no infringement of copyright is intended.

Notes: Please be kind as this is my first venture into Voyager fanfic.

Thanks: Thanks Em for fixing all my mistakes, I really appreciate it.

- Part 3 -

The sun peeked over the horizon, letting its light flow over the landscape, illuminating a light mist hovering over the lake, sparkling on the ripples of the stream running past an occupied clearing. Some creatures sought their shelters for the day while others woke, stretched and set out for a new day.

The sun continued to rise; its light eventually shining on a Starfleet emergency shelter. The call of the day eventually caused some stirring within.

Warmth. That was the first sensation to register. A soft weight pressing along the left half of her body, the second. The third, and the one to force her slowly wakening mind clear, was the press of a leg thrown over her own, an arm laying across her torso with a hand resting over her heart and a head nestling on her shoulder, forehead pressed into her neck.

Seven's mind snapped into awareness, her body tensing slightly. She slowly eased her head to the side and rolled her eyes down. Yes, she was not dreaming. B'Elanna was, in fact, resting peacefully, snuggled up to her Borg pillow. Seven shivered slightly as she registered the feeling of B'Elanna's exhalations as they blew softly over her collarbone. Her heart filled with love as she realised that B'Elanna had moved closer to her during the night for comfort and warmth.

Slowly, carefully, she eased her arm around B'Elanna, pulling her closer. B'Elanna stirred, causing Seven to anxiously freeze, snuggled closer to Seven, murmuring under her breath until she was comfortable again and carried on sleeping.

A slow smile eased across Seven's face. She gently brushed a few strands of hair off B'Elanna's forehead and tucked them behind her ear, then softly traced the Klingon ridges on B'Elanna's forehead that so fascinated her. Presented with this unique opportunity, Seven softly, lovingly, caressed the features of her love. A soft, sweet smile curved B'Elanna's mouth and a sigh of contentment feathered across her collarbone. Tracing the delicate curve of her ear, brushing across the soft caramel cheek, up the strong jaw line and across her temple back up to her forehead. Her fingers passed over the only visible sign of the ordeal that B'Elanna had so recently been through, paused, and delicately traced the starburst shape.

Her breath caught at the reminder of just how close she had come to losing her love, and trembled out again. Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of never having the opportunity to hold B'Elanna, much as she was doing now, of never having whispered her declaration of love into that delicate ear. Her heart ached at just how close it had been to living a life devoid of all colour, all emotion.

Seven moved her hand down to her chest, intending to rub at the ache, and closed over B'Elanna's hand already resting there, as if in protection of the delicate organ. The ache eased as Seven traced over the soft skin and tendons of B'Elanna's deceptively delicate hand. She knew the strength on that hand, having witnessed many times as these hands repaired damage done to Voyager, at times involved with small intricate repairs requiring patience, at others with those requiring brute strength and perseverance. She covered B'Elanna's hand and pressed it to her chest.

Seven's voiced whispered out, choked with emotion, "This heart is yours, my warrior, and it beats for you. Do with it what you will."

- - -

B'Elanna was having such a pleasant dream.

It involved herself, Seven and an old picnic blanket spread out under a huge old oak. Remnants of their picnic was scattered about and the two were cuddled up on the blanket, B'Elanna draped over a very relaxed Seven. The sounds of summer were all around, children playing in the distance, birds singing in the trees, the drowsy buzz of insects. It was a perfect summer's day, warm with a hint of a breeze keeping everything bearable.

Seven's arm tightened around her and B'Elanna snuggled closer, murmuring her contentment, nuzzling her face further into the warmth of Seven's neck. She could feel the throb of Seven's heart under her left hand; the steady beat lulling her into a sleepy state. She felt the soft touch as Seven brushed her hair off her forehead and behind her ears. Her lips curved in a sweet smile at the utter adoration she could feel through that simple gesture. Her skin tingled in the wake of Seven's trailing fingers, across her ridges, ear, cheek jaw and temple. She felt the pause and the gentle exploration of her implant, the extra sensitivity sending a tingle down her spine. She hadn't realised that implants were quite so sensitive. She filed that information away for future reference.

B'Elanna felt the pause in her love's breathing, the tremble that travelled through Seven's body, the interruption in the steady throb under her hand. The sleepy contentment slowly cleared from her mind as she registered the strong emotion running through the body below her.

The feel of Seven's hand covering hers, followed by slender fingers delicately exploring the contours of her hand, slowly pulled B'Elanna further out of the realms of sleep. At this, B'Elanna realised that she wasn't dreaming, at least not any more and she had in fact draped herself all over Seven during the night.

When Seven pressed B'Elanna's hand close over her heart, B'Elanna's hearts skipped a beat.

"This heart is yours, my warrior, it beats for you. Do with it what you will."

At Seven's emotion-filled pledge, B'Elanna's hearts stopped beating for an endless moment, filling her chest with a bitter-sweet ache, before speeding up again to match the throb of the heart under her hand.

An incredulous smile spread across B'Elanna's features, making her face glow with emotion. Slowly, she entwined her fingers with Seven's, pressing the joined hands even closer to that heart.

She lifted her head, joyful brown eyes glistening with tears, to meet bright blue eyes, glowing from within with the conviction of Seven's love for her warrior.

"My heart. You are my third heart. As yours beats for me, so mine beats for you"

With this, B'Elanna pulled Seven's hand over to her own chest, pressing their joined hands over her own eight chambered heart.

"Feel how it beats, beats in time with yours. Yours is mine, as mine are yours. Benal … my Soch … I will treasure this gift you have given me always. I vow never to take this gift for granted."

At B'Elanna's heartfelt words, a tear escaped and slowly trickled down an alabaster cheek. B'Elanna released Seven's hand, gently wiping away the trail of moisture. She lovingly brushed back tendrils of blond hair, then cupped the side of Seven's face, her thumb softly tracing back and forth along her cheekbone.

Seven turned her face slightly into the loving touch, her eyes closing at the tenderness, and brushed her lips across the pad of B'Elanna's thumb.

B'Elanna's breath hitched in reaction to the feather soft kiss, feeling it all the way down to her toes. She raised herself up onto her elbow, still cradling Seven's face, and just looked in wonder at the blond beauty who had the courage to lay her heart bare. Blue eyes fluttered open and met loving brown, so much being communicated in just that one look. Love given back and forth, promises given and made.

On a trembling sigh, B'Elanna slowly leant forward, desire darkened eyes flickering between soulful blue eyes and the moist, slightly parted lips, her intention more than clear. With a tremulous sigh of her own, Seven's lips curved with a sweet, shy smile and she tipped her chin to accept the kiss.

At the first hesitant brush of lip on lip, twin gasps were heard as an almost electric shock sparked between them and raced through both of their bodies. The second brush was sweeter and the third surer. By the fourth, arms were tightly wrapped around each other, each trying to get as close to the other as possible. Lips parted and tongues explored uncharted territory. Love and desire swept along nerves and flowed through their veins, bringing soft flushes to both faces.

Eventually breathing became an issue, even to nanoprobes enhanced bodies, and the two reluctantly parted with many a fleeting kiss. B'Elanna settled her head back into the crook of Seven's neck and inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet scent of vanilla, the faint tang of metal and the underlying scent that was pure Seven, committing the scent to memory, along with the incredible first kisses shared with her Soch.

Seven's arms tightened around B'Elanna as she felt the tickle of her love's breath on her neck and she settled more comfortably, absorbing the feel of her delightful armful.

A peaceful silence lingered as both absorbed the change in their relationship. Obviously, their love was NOT unrequited, unlike both had feared. Tender smiles wreathed both faces as the ramifications of their declarations became apparent. They basked in the glow of their declared love for a while before other thoughts surfaced.

"So, Seven. Since you've assimilated me would that make me Eight of Ten, Tenth Adjunct of the Unimatrix 01?"

The corner of B'Elanna's mouth quirked up slightly as she tried not to laugh as she asked the question and felt the surprised jerk in the body she was snuggled against.

There was a small silence before Seven slowly answered, her feelings clear though she spoke with her most Borg like tone.

"No, I would have to say that we have formed our own Unimatrix. That would make you One of Two, Primary Love of Unimatrix Hansen-Torres."

Seven's answer blew through B'Elanna's mind as she realised that Seven had just declared that, to her mind, they were as good as married. The utter joy and happiness that followed in the wake of this realisation caused her breath to leave her body in a sob. She pushed herself up on her elbow again to meet the sincere blue eyes looking her way with a trace of concern.

"Primary Love of Unimatrix Hansen-Torres … I love the sound of that. Though I think you are the Primary Love of our little Unimatrix."

"We both are. This is a position that can be held by two, with neither being the lesser." Seven's tone was very definite on this point. B'Elanna just smiled, recognising that resistance in this instance would be futile, the look in her eye sparking in her blood.

"I agree. However, Benal …" A quick brush of lips. "… as much as I would love to spend the rest of eternity here in your arms, I think we have things that we need to do that cannot be put off for too long. It is already quite a bit later than we had planned to start our day."

The pout that settled over Seven's face was just too adorable for B'Elanna to resist. After one last, lingering kiss, B'Elanna forced herself to let go of her other half and get up. The soft whimper as Seven lost contact with B'Elanna was almost B'Elanna's undoing.

"Please, my love, I'm trying to be responsible here. We need to gather more food and see what we can salvage from the shuttle to make our stay here as comfortable as possible. You'll thank me for it later, I promise."

"I will comply … not happily, but I will comply."

The sulky tones brought a laugh to B'Elanna's lips. With a quick tug on the hand still enclosed in her own, she pulled Seven to her feet and into her arms.

"Don't worry, we'll get back to where we left off, I promise. I just want to get as many of the worries off my mind as possible. I'd feel better knowing our exact situation here. And when we get back to what we were doing … I plan to take my time. I don't want to be rushed."

The last of this was uttered in such a husky tone that Seven immediately began to blush, tingles having raced through her body in reaction to the unspoken promise in B'Elanna's voice and hooded brown eyes.

Once she got control herself under control, Seven levelled her own sultry look at her love.

"I'll keep you to that. And I never forget a promise."

With a last glance and smile at the flustered brunette, Seven collected the dirty dishes from the meal of the night before and headed to the stream.